What Song is This ? 5 Best Song Identifier App’s for Android & iPhone

What Song is This 5 Best Song Identifier App’s for Android & iPhone

Recently I visited my grandfather’s house, and my grandfather was radio lover. Still, he used to listen to radio daily. It’s a part of his life, and Suddenly I heard one of the old songs on that radio. It was the very beautiful song; I loved it. But I do not have any idea about what song is this, then finally I found out by using Shazam app.

There are so many apps available that you to enables find song by lyrics, It does not matter which language it would be, you can easily get to know song lyrics, music director, singers names, etc.

Here I will share with best song identifier apps for Android and IOS mobiles. It’s completely free to use. It’s available for different platforms. What all you need is simple download on your smartphone. Even you will get extra benefits by using these apps. Just have a look here you can find out best song identifier apps for Android and iPhone.


What Song is This? 5 Best Song Identifier App’s



Shazam is most famous song identifier app in the world. Now you can quickly search song by lyrics.  What you have to do is simple download Shazam app on your mobile. Now it takes just two minutes to identify the song. There are millions of people using this app for song recognition. Now you can discover your song lyrics very easily. It can support multiple platforms such as like windows, mac, windows phone, IOS, Android, Android Wear and Apple Watch. Even you can find out new songs, albums, watch videos, etc. You access whenever you want. You can simple download from here.

Key Features of Shazam

  • You can enjoy songs and lyrics from YouTube
  • You may get new updates about videos, albums, single, etc.
  • You can preview new songs and albums and added them playlist
  • You may check Shazam app by using Google okay.
  • You can follow worldwide artists from Shazam
  • It’s available freely
  • It can support all types of platforms
‎Shazam: Music Discovery
‎Shazam: Music Discovery
Developer: Apple
Price: Free
Shazam: Music Discovery
Shazam: Music Discovery
Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free

2.Sound Hound


Soundhound is one of the best music reorganization apps in the list. You can quickly identify the song being played around you. By using this app, you can instantly get to know which song it would be. You can search for other ways also like by humming or singing into soundhound. It’s available on your favorite devices such as like Windows PC, IOS, Android, Android tablets, Apple watch and Blackberry. You can explore music that you love; here you may get more options like favorite songs, albums, news about music, etc. If you want to use this app on your mobile just simple click here to download.

Key Features of Sound Hound

  • You can easily get to know about latest music albums and news
  • You can preview new album songs and lyrics
  • You may save and add your Spotify playlist
  • You may share your favorite songs and music albums to social media through sound hound
  • You can watch your favorite videos from this website
  • You can know more about your favorite songs biographer and latest brand info
  • It’s available freely
SoundHound - Music Discovery
SoundHound - Music Discovery



Musicxmatch is one of the best lyrics catalogs. There is no one cannot replace this app for music recognition. You can easily find out songs and lyrics with your favorite tracks. Around the world, there are millions of people using this app on their mobile. It’s also available more than 32 languages in different countries. You can enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics in a unique way. You may enjoy songs and lyrics together in the more convenient way. It’s available for different platforms such as like android, android tablet, Windows, IOS, and windows phone. You can download here

Key Features of Musicxmatch

  • It can support android Wear and Android TV
  • You can search any song lyrics
  • It has advanced features such as like sleep timer and equalizer
  • You can create and share your favorite lyrics
  • You can quickly identify songs that playing around you
  • You can watch YouTube videos  also
  • It’s available freely
Musixmatch: lyrics finder
Musixmatch: lyrics finder
Developer: Musixmatch
Price: Free
‎Musixmatch Lyrics Finder
‎Musixmatch Lyrics Finder



Spotsearch is world’s largest song identifier app in the list. You may find out the song by the snippet of the lyrics. It can support both Android and IOS mobiles. It works on more friendly nature. This app is used by more than 30 millions of people on their smartphone. You can easily identify music, lyrics, artist name, etc. What you have to do is simply download this app on your mobile. You can get daily updates about your favorite singers, albums, and band information. You can enjoy new songs, albums, videos from this website

Key Features of Spotsearch

  • It’s available freely
  • You can watch YouTube videos also
  •  You can search song by lyrics
  • You can get more information about music
  • You can preview songs and albums
  • You can launch Pandora radio
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
SpotSearch - Premium
SpotSearch - Premium
Developer: ThunApps AB
Price: $0.99

These are one of the best song identifier apps for Android and IOS mobiles. I am the biggest lover of music, and I am enjoying as much as I can. Even you can get to know more information about music, albums and band info.  You can easily find out whatever song it would be.


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