5 Normally Difficult Tasks Made Easy by Mobile Apps

We often take mobile apps today for granted, but that only shows just how intuitive many of them are. Long before mobile apps, we had to do things the hard way. When you look back, there are so many examples of things that used to be far more difficult than they are now. 

Just a few examples: 

  • Checking our bank balance involved logging into a website or phoning the bank. 
  • We had to own an expensive computer to perform many tasks online. 
  • Communicating with friends and family meant typing out SMS text messages at a cost.

Thanks to mobile apps, there are so many tasks that have become easier. We can do online banking via apps, online shopping, booking flights, and booking a taxi. Tasks can be done with nothing more than a few taps on the touchscreen on your mobile device.

Below are some of the more common tasks or activities that have become massively simplified thanks to mobile apps.


Travelling is extremely difficult at the moment but we will not go into that as you all know why. However, before mobile apps came around and when the world was not in its current turmoil, travelling used to be a chore. We had to scour the internet to find the best deals for flights and hotels, make our reservations and then keep our itineraries in our email inboxes ready for printing out.  

Nowadays, there are apps that can find you the best deals instantly, apps to help plan your itinerary, apps to convert currencies, and even apps that can tell you what you need to pack depending on your destination, time away, and the activities you have planned. Travelling has essentially been made easy.

Sports Betting

Another task made easy thanks to apps is sports betting. Before the internet and specifically mobile apps became a thing, placing bets on your favourite sporting events was not an easy thing to do. You either needed to have a home computer and use the actual websites of sports betting companies or make the journey to a high street bookmakers. 

Today, all you need is a mobile phone. There are apps that can allow you to compare the best odds offered by major sportsbooks, and sports betting apps that make placing bets simple. E-wallets also offer apps that allow you to transact with those sports betting apps far more efficiently.

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Working From Home

For obvious reasons, working from home is a lot more common than it has ever been before. While it sounds easy to do, it actually comes with a lot of downsides. There are distractions to deal with, the fact that you have to stay focused, and the need to keep in communication with your bosses and colleagues. 

If you work from home, there are tons of apps that can make this far easier. You can use apps for team communication, to cut out distractions when working, to access your computer from any device, and to keep track of deadlines. In fact, there are not many work tasks that are not easier thanks to mobile apps.

Working from home will always be difficult for some but with such a plethora of apps to help, for the rest, it will be the best thing ever.

Online Gaming

Remember when you had to own an insanely expensive computer or the latest gaming console to enjoy good quality gaming? Not any more. Mobile gaming has now overtaken all other forms thanks to the ever-improving tech that is being used in our smartphones and tablets. 

The great thing is that unlike consoles and PC’s, most of the games are free. You just download them and play. Of course, micro-transactions can aid your enjoyment but this is completely up to you. And all you need is a mobile device to start playing – something that you will need to buy anyway if you want to phone people or browse the internet.

Summing Up the Brilliance of Mobile Apps

For those of you old enough to remember life before the internet was completely different. The problem was that the internet was a luxury at first and used only by those who could afford the expensive subscriptions and desktop computers needed to surf it. 

Now with mobile technology, Wi-Fi, and apps, the world has taken another step towards complete convenience. Most people now have a mobile device and thanks to much lower data costs, have access to the internet. They also have the ability to make use of thousands of different apps that were designed to make the tasks and activities we do each day, more simple and efficient than ever before.

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