5 Tips for Marketing NFTs

In 2021, Collins Dictionary announced that NFT was its word of the year. This left many people wondering what exactly an NFT was. So, what is an NFT?

An NFT, otherwise known as a non-fungible token, is a digital asset that represents a real-world asset. They are purchased and sold online, usually with cryptocurrency, and are typically unique. One great example of an NFT is the Charlie Bit My Finger video, which was purchased for over $500,000 last year. 

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed more and more people buying and selling NFTs, so much so that the NFT marketplace is awash with many projects. However, this can cause problems for people wanting to sell their NFTs as it’s hard to get attention. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to make your NFT stand out from the competition. If you want to market an NFT, then here are some of our top tips to help you: 

  • Choose a Good Marketplace

If you search online, you will find many marketplaces that allow you to list and sell collectibles and artworks, including the NFT Marketplace at OKX.com. However, not all marketplaces are the same. If you want to market your NFT successfully, you will need to choose a marketplace that accommodates the attributes of your piece. 

  • NFT Calendar

If you really want people to get excited about your NFT, it might be a good idea to advertise it on the NFT calendar. The NFT calendar is the first place NFT buyers look to find new and interesting NFTs to purchase.

The good news for sellers is that it doesn’t cost any money to advertise your NFT on the calendar. You simply need to complete a short form that includes this information:

  • The name of the NFT
  • When it will be released
  • A description of the NFT
  • Who created it
  • Which platform it will be sold on
  • Consider Hiring an Influencer

Another great way to market your NFT is to hire an influencer to sell it for you. This is because people believe in influencers more than anything else in today’s technological age. Hiring an influencer could help you to gain a tremendous amount of traffic, along with a lot of attention. 

  • Use Social Media Promotion

Research has shown that social media promotion is one of the most effective ways to promote NFTs. You should start by marketing your NFT on Twitter before putting it on cryptocurrency-friendly platforms like Telegram and Discord.

  • Be Educational

Although NFTs have grown in popularity over the last few years, very few people still understand what they are. Thanks to this, it’s important to be educational when marketing your NFT. Not only do you need to explain what it is, but you also need to talk about the benefits of NFTs. 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen NFTs increase in popularity. In fact, thousands of people buy and sell NFTs each year. However, while this may be true, many sellers are unsure how to market their NFTs successfully. If you want to market an NFT, make sure you follow our advice above. 

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