10 Games like CaesarIA and its Alternative Games

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CaesarIA is an open-source remake of Caesar III game released initially by Impressions Games in 1998. It is a clone of Caesar III also known as openCaesar3. It was remade with an aim to expand the possibilities of the classic city-building simulators and to add new and advanced features.

In this game, Players take on the role of a Roman governor, tasked with building up a grand Roman city, in which they must ensure their citizens have their needs met, that their city is safe and profitable, while achieving various goals set for them and dealing with multiple disasters, angry gods, and hostile enemies.

The game has different modes and to complete the game, players must reach set requirements in each of the following:

  • Population – The number of citizens living in the city; drawing more means ensuring taxes are fair, city mood is right, plenty of food is available and that there are jobs available.
  • Prosperity – The wealth of the citizens and the quality of their housing as a result, alongside the city’s ability to turn a profit; a town with a large community of tents and shacks is considered less well-off than one of equal size with more luxurious housing.
  • Culture – The level of literacy, enjoyment, and religion available to citizens.
  • Peace – The region’s level of safety; by default, it rises each year if no damage is caused by invasions, rioting, insurrections or theft.
  • Favor – The player’s effort to impress the Roman Emperor. A significant rating to maintain, as, by default, it falls slightly every year, dropping more if the city goes deep into debt, calls are missed, or a player is under-performing or drawing a salary from a rank higher than currently are at. Increasing it means meeting requests for goods or soldiers, and sending out gifts. Extremely low favor can result in Caesar attacking the player’s city until they restore favor with him.
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