Top 5 Best Alternatives to Photoshop, Latest Photoshop Alternative

Photoshop is one of the tools that is often treated as the only tool for the video editors. There are different options for you if you are searching for an alternative. All the functions, you get in Photoshop, are available in these tools. You will have to check the features and select the right alternative. You might have to study a bit about the tolls, before downloading them. Here are the details of the best five Photoshop alternatives, that are going to help you in your choice.

Best Alternatives to Photoshop



Gimp is a free tool that is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. The system is highly compatible and is having all the functions that you get in a Photoshop tool. The best thing in this software is the editing of the images. If you are a professional and know the use of Photoshop, you are going to make the maximum use of this too. It is compatible with Windows 7 and upper versions only, in case of Windows.

2. PixelMator


PixelMator is one for the best tool for editing images in MAC. Some of the features that you will find in the editor is not even there in Photoshop, but the most important thing here is the compatibility of the tool. Even a novice can use the tool, for the easy functions it is having. Clarity of image and layer creation is as simple as GIMP, in this tool. The tool is not a freeware and you will need a license for using it.

3. Sketch


Sketchapp is another great tool, but it is confined to MAC only. The tool is also having all the functions, but there is need of going through the manuals, especially if you are looking for advance editing functions. The tool is not a free ware and it is to be used in the MAC system only. The functions that you will get in the tool are all updated with regular patches.

4.Corel Paint Shop

Corel Paint Shop

Corel Paint Shop referred as the only complete alternative of Photoshop. The functions that you will get in this tool is so advanced and updated, that you might find it as a better tool than Photoshop itself. The tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and it is a paid tool, available in two versions.

5. is another free tool for all versions of Windows. The tool is having the best features and is equally compatible to the Photoshop tool. The most important feature in the tool is the free support and the layer distribution in this tool. You will get this as a perfect alternative to get high quality images, without a Photoshop. This is the magic this tool is going to do for you. Just use once and you will find the difference.

All the above tools are having specific functions and they are generally used by the professionals. You can get the best support from the tools, if you know the functioning and operation of Photoshop. Just go through the user manual and find the details from there.

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