15 Best Augmented Reality Games For Android & iOS Devices

augmented reality games

Augmented Reality takes viewers to another world like Virtual Reality and enhances the viewing experience by creating a few elements in the real world. The technology utilizes some features of your device, such as GPS, sound, and graphics to do so. The technology involves real structures in the scenario and allows users to roam in the real world and encounter dangerous enemies that are unreal.

Augmented Reality Games

15 Best Augmented Reality Games For Android & iOS

There are several games available that are based on this technology and provides an ultimate gaming experience. Here in this article, we have listed some of the most popular Augmented Reality games that turn your phone screen into an adventurous world and let you experience the thrill and excitement while playing the game and also stay attached to the real world at the same time.

1. Pokémon GO (Android, iOS)


Well! this is one of the most famous game based on Augmented Reality which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The Game is developed by Niantic, Inc. and is free to download as of now. The users search and capture Pokémon in the real world using the in-built GPS system for their smartphones.

This game was launched in July 2016 and since then it has become extremely popular among people of all age groups. In order to discover Pokémon, you need to travel in the real world. You get alerts when a Pokémon is nearby and you can also determine whether you are going into the right direction or not.

2. Ingress (Android, iOS)


Prior to Pokémon Go, Ingress was launched to give ultimate gaming experience based on Augmented Reality. This game is also based on Augmented Reality and utilizes the GPS system of the phone. It’s a multi-player game in which users join rival secret societies. The aim behind doing so it taking control over the “Exotic Matter” (XM) around the popular landmarks and hotspots.

Ingress was initially launched for Android OS and later on made available for iOS devices as well. It has a science fiction story which is quite interesting and keeps you engaged for a long time.

3.Temple Treasure Hunt Game (Android, iOS)


It is an interesting game which includes suspense and thrill. In the entire game, users search for a secret temple of Lord Shiva. It is important to follow the clues and use the interactive map to do so.

The game utilizes the inbuilt camera of the user’s phone and enhance the scenario of the real world and makes it more adventurous. The game is free to download and is available for Android devices.

4.AR Defender 2 (Android, iOS)


It is a simple yet interesting game which is based on Augmented Reality and offers multi-user functionality. Throughout the game, users try to save their towers by fighting with the opponents. It is necessary to position the defenses in such a way that keeps your enemies away from the tower and allow you to drive back the attack. You can play this game at any place with your friends and family members and enjoy the

You can play this game at any place with your friends and family members and enjoy the high-end graphics. The game gives you the option to choose between Augmented Reality and Classic mode. Users can unlock up to six different characters who fight against 15 types of enemies. The game is free to download and is available for iOS users at the movement.

5.AR Invaders (Android, iOS)


In this game, you need to save our planet from space invaders. You can join forces that defend the Earth by fighting with aliens. The game can be played in two different modes as per your position. If you are sitting then you can shoot your enemies at 180 degrees and if you are standing then it gives a 360-degree angle of viewing.

It is an adventurous as well as captivating game and player can enjoy it for a longer time. Though, it does not allow users to save anything on SD card and drains your phone’s battery quickly. The game can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

6.Real Strike (Android, iOS)


Real Strike is the first and one of the most popular first-person shooter game which is based on Augmented Reality. Alike the previous game, Real Strike also uses the in-built camera of the user’s mobile and turn the whole area into a military base. The game displays 3D animated weapons and allows users to shoot in the real world. The game is available for iOS devices as of now.

7.Skeeter Beater (Android)



It’s a unique game which allows users to take revenge from annoying mosquitoes that disturb a lot, especially in the summers or rainy seasons. Although the game lets you crush virtual mosquitoes on the screen, but still it gives some sort of satisfaction, ain’t it? You need to roam around everywhere in the room to find and hit more of pesky bugs and in case you miss any.

The point will be deducted from your score. The game is not easy to play because the time is always limited. However, people master it with less effort after playing for 3-4 times. The game has free as well as paid version that is available for Android devices only.

8.Zombies Everywhere! The Augmented Reality Apocalypse (iOS)


The game is based on Augmented Reality and offers the immersive thrill. The movement you start the game, you find lots of horrifying creatures around you. They move slowly towards you to eat your brain and you need to kill them using the weapons that are available in the game.

Usually, when you shoot Zombies from a distance, they don’t die and you can aim the shot when they come closer so timing is very important in this game. You will come across the different type of creatures while playing the game and in order to survive, you need to encounter more powerful Zombies. You can unlock various types of weapons by killing them. The game is available for iOS users only as of now.

9.AR Race 2 (iOS)


The app features the training option for flight, which can be used to pilot the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 so that users can take aerial still photos or videos. Users need to connect their AR Drone to the Wi-Fi of their phone and after that, they can fly it in an easy manner. There are two modes available for gaming timed race and free flight.

If you decide to play the game at a place which is surrounded by buildings and trees, then they also become a part of the scenario and appears on the track. The game is very easy to play and provide full control to the user using the built-in camera of the phone and the app. It is free to download and is available for iOS users only.

10.iSnipeYou (Android)


It is an Augmented Reality based Sniper game which allows users to target real people and shows dynamic blood splats. The game turns your phone screen into a Sniper Rifle and lets you target people around you.Game features various reticule styles so that the users don’t feel bored.

The game provides real-time face detection and the aim drift is based on accelerator sensor. Realistic graphics increase the fun level and users can take a screenshot of the scene as well and later on post them on social networks. The game has free (Lite) and paid (Full) versions that are available on the Android platform as of now.

11.SpecTrek (Android)


The game looks a bit similar to the Pokémon Go. However, you need to hunt ghost instead of Pokémon in this game. The game uses the camera and GPS of your mobile and displays virtual ghosts in the real world.

It is quite captivating and users can enjoy playing for hours without being bored. The game is available for Android devices only.

12.Paintball Arena (Android, iOS)


It’s a cross platform game and is available for both Android and iOS devices. The game is multi-player and is based on Augmented Reality. When users accomplish a mission they earn currencies that can be used to unlock weapons (paintball guns and grenade launchers). The game requires Wi-Fi connectivity and can be played at any location.

In order to start the game, you need to choose the specify the colour of your rival’s shirt so that he/she can be detected. Then choose the time limit or select the unlimited time and the game will be started. You can reload the weapon by shaking the phone.

13.Toyota 86 AR (Android, iOS)


If you want to test your driving skills then this game is recommended for you. The controls of this game are easy to use and usually, people don’t take much time to master the track. In order to play the game, first of all, you need to visit:http://www.toyota86ar.com and download Made to Thrill marker, then take a print of it and put it on the floor. It works like a track for the Augmented Reality game.

The graphics of the game are impressive and provide a good gaming experience. Users can Make their Toyota 86 AR videos and upload them on YouTube as well. It is a cross-platform game and is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

14.ARBasketball (Android, iOS)


It is dedicated to Basketball lovers and is based on Augmented Reality. The game creates artificial Basketball Hoop in which users need to throw the ball by swiping the screen and get points. Users can see their progress through global leaderboards. The game supports retina display and integrates social networks. Interested users need to print the marker first which is free to download, then the application will show you the Hoop at the same point where the marker is placed.

The application offers three different game modes including the multi-player mode, which is more challenging than the single player mode. The graphics and sound quality of the game are nice. In case you leave the application due to any reason or receive a phone call in the midst of the game then it saves your progress automatically.

15. Parallel Kingdom (Android, iOS)


The Parallel Kingdom was the first location-based role-playing game for iOS and Android platforms. The game can also be played on Windows and Mac computers. It is a multi-player game which utilizes your Google Map and fills it with adventurous kingdoms and castles.

Alike any other RPG, users get enough chances to upgrade their level during the game. This game is highly popular and has been nominated for some awards as well. The game allows users to go into the PvP mode and fight with other players too. It is one of the best Augmented Reality based games which uses the GPS location of the phone and let users enjoy a whole new virtual world at the top of the actual world.

Hopefully the list of best Android/iOS augmented reality games we have provided will let you find the game you are looking for. Feel free to share your experience about the above-mentioned game with us. We also appreciate those viewers who give their valuable feedback.

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