9 Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car (iPhone & Android)

No Music, no Life for people like me and when you were in your car, music is the best thing to enjoy your travel time. Although you must be having a stereo or music system in your vehicle, and you can play some radio station, CD disk Or if you have upgraded one, it may support AUX or Flash drive. But the new trend is Wireless, you can play music from your phone without any cable boundary.

However, most of the old stereo does not support the Bluetooth to play music wirelessly from your phone. Even some of them do not have AUX and USB option. And if you own any such system, then don’t worry. With a small device name FM transmitter, you can make your car stereo into a smart stereo system. And many FM transmitter apps are also available to control FM transmitter devices.

Fm transmitter range from $15 to $150 with different features and supports for your phone. You will find lots of similar looking FM Transmitter devices with different brand name and price. Selecting the best one is not easy for a normal person. So here after testing and reviewing lots of MP3 player FM transmitter, I come up with this buying guide for FM transmitter and a list of top 10 best FM transmitter for car that supports iPhone and Android.

First thing that you should clear on your mind, these Bluetooth devices can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled phone. So do not worry, all these are compatible with both Android and iPhone. 


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List of Top 10 Best FM Transmitter for Car – Latest Products

These devices will perfectly work on your old cars also which does not have AUX and USB support. You just need a DC Charging port or Cigarette port.

S.NoFM TransmitterUSB Ports Price
1Nulaxy FM Transmitter 2
2GOgroove FlexSMART X32
4Lihan Handsfree2
5Nulaxy KM181
7Victsing FM Transmitter 1
8Mpow Bluetooth1
9JETech FM Transmitter 1
10Aphaca FM Transmitter 2

1. Nulaxy Wireless In Car FM Transmitter Radio 2017 Model

Nulaxy earlier model was one of the best FM transmitter rated by many top sites. Now they have launched its 2017 model with some changes in design. This new model has a very elegant design, with buttons for Mode (Normal, Repeat, Shuffle), Channel/Volume Control, Play/ Stop and Call. It’s available in two colors Black and Golden, you can choose according to your car interior.

This device supports AUX, USB Drives, TF cards and Bluetooth. With card and drive, you can play Mp3/ WMA format. And is compatible with all smartphones like iPhone and Android. Beside one USB reading port, it has one extra USB for fast charging with 5v and 2.1 A current.

It has big LCD screen display of 1.44″ to show you the name of songs played on USB drive or SD card. Also, you can see the name or incoming phone number and FM channel frequency.

It has crystal sound quality with noise cancellation technology. It produces the perfect audio by cutting all car noise. While in your car you do not need to touch your phone to attend the call, you can have handsfree calling with its inbuilt microphone.

It is very easy to install, just plug it into your car DC plug and paired it with your phone to play the songs. It has an adjustable stand to set in your easy approachable position.

Pros Cons
Easy Control Buttons  No Extra Remote Control
√ Wireless Handsfree Calling & Music Streaming
√ Noise Cancellation Technology
3 USB Port
√ Fast Pairing

2. GOgroove FlexSMART X3


This is one of the popular Wireless FM Transmitter that can enhance the overall experience of your traveling. In terms of design, It looks very elegant and is very compact. A small LCD display to show FM frequency.

The buttons are tactile and feel premium. Overall the build quality is superb. It works as a multi-functional device, It can play music from your phone in the car, play FM radio and can also be used to charge the mobile phone or any other device.

In addition to that, there is hands-free calling feature so you can take calls without holding your smartphone. There are universal USB charger and aux-in port for non-Bluetooth devices.

Pros Cons
√ User-Friendly Design ⊗‎ No Extra Remote Control
 Compact Design
√ Hands-free calling


car fm transmitterIt’s a newly launched FM transmitter with the 4-star rating on Amazon. In terms of design its look very classy in only available black color. It transmits your broadcast audio to car stereo system.

However, you can also play music through AUX and TF card. It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phone iPad, iPhone, and other Android phones.

You find a station that is quite nice, evenly flowed static, and tune it in your car. Plugging this device will tune the device to the very same station same station, plug it into your device, and your audio content plays from your cars’ speakers as if it were the radio station itself.

The sound quality of devices is remarkable and there is no echo in the call.

Pros Cons
 Effective USB  Slow find station
√ Great sound  Bit bulky
Small and extremely portable
√ Amber LED digital screen

4. Lihan Handsfree Car Charger & Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The design of the device is different from others, at the top we have two USB ports, and then a small LED display to show you FM frequency, 1 microphone at the left of the display, 1 Multifunction Knob/key and 2 buttons for next and previous songs play.

The left USB is for fast charging with 3.1 A and the right one is just 1A, it can be used for both charging and USB drive reading. With two USB port, you can listen to music from your flash drive while you charge from other port. But you may have plugin issue if your drive width is more because of side by side USB. On the right side, there is an option for TF card also.

You can play music with low power consumption using Bluetooth 4.0, Handsfree Call Function, Voice broadcast etc. It is compatible with all Android and iOS versions. With one multifunction key, you can answer/reject/recall. The Bluetooth has 5-meter range.

According to review on Amazon, the device has good quality sound, but sometimes there is some noise while in call and some connection issues.

Pros Cons
 Unique Design  No AUX port.
√ Wireless Handsfree Calling & Music Streaming   No Extra Remote Control
√ Noise Cancellation Technology
Dual USB Port
√ Fast Pairing

5. Nulaxy KM18 Wireless FM Transmitter

Nulaxy KM18 is the top selling FM Transmitter, though its new 2017 version KM20 is out in the market. This top hit Fm transmitter comes with a big 1.44″ screen that displays your FM frequency, Volume percentage, incoming call ID, Song Name and time while playing through TF card and USB.

A big dial for volume control with a multifunction button for the mode switch. With that you can switch to AUX, TF, and Bluetooth mode and if press long you can switch to loop, repeat or shuffle modes.

Then there are separate buttons for frequency and track control. On the right, there are AUX and TF card slots. With its flexible hose, you can control the position of the device. There is only 1 USB port to charge. No USB reading option.

It is compatible with all iPhone and Android devices. You can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth, pairing speed is fast. Also, handsfree calling is very useful with built-in mic. According to reviews, sound quality is also clear with noise cancellation technology.

Here I will prefer the Nulaxy 2017 model with more features in the same range.

Pros Cons
 Crystal Clear Sound  Only one USB port
√ Wireless Handsfree Calling & Music Streaming   Lower Version Of Bluetooth
√ Noise Cancellation Technology   No Extra Remote Control
Big Display with Caller ID
√ Fast Pairing

6. LDesign Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This is the best in design FM transmitter with a very attractive L shape design and its also name on it. With the very compact design, it has everything that we need. And also it is available in 4 different metallic colors Black, Silver, Gold, and Pink. You can choose according to your car interior.

Easily installed on your car DC port, generally, use for the lightning cigarette. It has one USB port which can act as a charger or can read USB flash drives. One TF card slot on the right and Volume control and channel button on left.

A small led screen to display FM frequency with a multifunction button. With that, you can Answer the call, Redial, Play, pause or power on/off Bluetooth.

Sound quality is really amazing with Bluetooth sound processing A2DP. And its noise suppression technology with echo cancellation gives you clear call sound.

Pros Cons
 Noise Suppression Technology  Only One USB port
√ Wireless Handsfree Calling & Music Streaming   No Extra Remote Control
Echo Cancellation   No Extra Remote Control
√  Compact Design

7. Victsing FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit

This Victsing model is almost similar to the Nulaxy KM 18 model, It has the similar design with a 1.4-inch display and 1 know for volume control with a multi-function button for call answering and mode change. Few buttons for channel and track control.

It does not have the flexible hose like KM 18 but has hinge mount that can rotate up to 90 degrees so you can adjust according to your viewing angle. The screen displays incoming call id, Voltage level, Fm frequency, volume and song name if played through USB or SD card.

The two USB port on the left side can be used for charging, with one USB with 2.1 An output for fast charging and other USB can be used for both reading music files and charging. On the right, you have the option for Aux and TF card, USB and TF card mode supports MP3, WMA, WAV formats. These 4 modes can be changed through your multi-function button.

The device has an inbuilt memory that helps in auto connect your Bluetooth devices and also it is very fast in the pairing. And there is no issue of connection breakage.

You can enjoy the high stereo sound and can do crystal clear hands-free calling from your connected phone with CVC noise cancellation technology.

Pros Cons
 CVC Noise Cancellation Technology No Extra Remote Control
√ Wireless Handsfree Calling & Music Streaming
E Auto Connect
√  Dual USB Charging

8. Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Audio Systemcar fm transmitter

This FM transmitter is very unique in terms of design, it has very user-friendly design, with the cylindrical shape. A volume control knob at the edge with a multifunction button at the top followed by a blue led light to make it looks cool. An adjustable neck that can rotate up to 180 degrees, you can position it according to your comfort.

You have a small LED display to show you track time, FM frequency and Volume. Two track control button near the display and another knob for channel frequency control. A USB port at the bottom for charging.

This device does not support AUX, TF card and I am also not confirmed about the USB drive reading.

But in terms of sound quality, it works best. It has super sound quality with echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. The FM signals are also very stable. And you will also have the crystal clear handsfree calling. NO echo, no noise, and no connection breakage.

If we compare it with other devices it has limited functions, like you can either play FM or play music via Bluetooth. But in terms of sound quality, it is amazing, you will experience no noise in music streaming and Bluetooth calling. Its user-friendly design makes it easily controllable with control knobs and buttons.

Pros Cons
√ High Quality Sound ⊗‎ No AUX, TF, USB reading
 CVC Noise Cancellation Technology
√ Wireless Handsfree Calling & Music Streaming
 Echo Cancellation

9. JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit

This is one of the best budget FM transmitter device but has very limited features. But if you are looking to play music through AUX only, then this device can work the best. The device is completely different 1 USB port for charging, a small display to show you FM frequency.

Two frequency control buttons and an AUX cable to play songs from your phones. It supports both Android and iPhone devices. You can connect it to your car DC port, or cigarette port. And to play music you can either play FM radio or songs from your phone.

Sound quality is really good as it works with wired AUX cable only.

Pros Cons
 Aux Supported  No TF Card, USB Drive support
√ Work with All Android and iPhone devices   No Bluetooth
Long Aux cable   1 USB port for charging
√  1 USB Charging

10. Aphaca

This is one of the best sound quality FM transmitter device but has very limited features. It works with most Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Tablet and iPad etc. You can also insert U disk or micro SD card to play the MP3 file

It comes up with CVC Technology which creates full duplex sound and noise cancellation technology, for most crystal sound quality. The only way car can loop on noise is due to radio frequency interference, it is almost impossible for any transmitter to produce a perfect audio.

Sound quality is really good as it works with wired AUX cable only.

Pros Cons
 Crystal Sound Quality  No exact guide for device
√ Smart Car Locator
Long Aux cable
√  Dual USB Charging

FM Transmitter Buying Guide

Now after seeing so many variants of FM transmitter, you must be confused which one to buy. FM Transmitter comes with different features from different brands, as per there is no big brand like Samsung, Apple that makes these devices. But some brands have made their name like Nulaxy by providing the quality FM transmitter devices from years.

But it’s not always that we go for the brand, some other new companies also provide the good product at low price. Here I am writing this small buying guide for FM transmitter for the car that can help you select the best.

What Should We Look for While Buying FM Transmitter

What we are looking cannot be clear until we know our requirement. As after analyzing all the available FM transmitter device, I found out that all FM transmitter need your car DC port or Cigarette port to the plugin.

Your DC port generally has a connection to your stereo, so when you plug in the device like FM transmitter, it can transmit music files to your stereo and it also provides power to your device.

Now before buying you should whether your car has this port or not, well all car whether new or old has this port at the center of your dashboard.

Now you have located your DC port, now you need to look that your hands reach to that port comfortable while driving or not. Then according to that, you can choose your device. Like we have some options, flexible hose, fixed or long cable. If the port is comfortably accessible you can choose the fixed one or flexible. Well, I prefer flexible hose as you can position the device according to your need. But if it is far from your hand, then you can choose the long cable.

Other basic things that we need to look into a Fm transmitter device are

  1. No Of USB Ports: More the no of USB port, it will be beneficial for us. As we are engaging our DC port for the device, so we need alternative USB port for charging. Well, all these devices come with at least one USB port(Hybrid). Can be used both for a charging or reading media files from flash drives. But you can use one function at a time, either charge or play music with the drive. So it is good to have more no of USB options, so we can charge while we play. Some devices come with 3 USB, two for charging and 1 for reading. Also, you must look for the output current for fast charging.
  2. Media Streaming Options: We always want more, and many companies providing all that we need in these compact devices. AUX, Bluetooth, USB, TF card these are the basic requirement. You got multiple options to play music on your car. For Bluetooth just check how fast is the pairing, auto connects option and connection breakage.
  3. Handsfree Calling: It’s very useful feature, you must check whether your Bluetooth device comes with a mic and handsfree calling or not. This is the required one, as with this you can attend your calls without touching your phone. You must also check about voice clarity and echo cancellation. As some device produce echo for the user on another end of the call.
  4. Audio Quality: In the car, there are lots of surrounding sounds with your car sound. Now your device should work to cancel all these noises to give you crystal clear audio. It will enhance your music experience.
  5. Well, there is no end of the features, but these are the basic and required ones that an FM transmitter must have. And if an FM transmitter comes with a remote then that can be a plus for you.

Final Words Wrapping it Up

After analyzing the market, you must have found lots of options, choosing the perfect one that has all the required features and good performance is not an easy task. That’s where this list will help you. It is curated after researching all the requirement of customer and reviewing the performance of the devices and of course the money thing.

We hope we have covered everything that you need to know about this device. Now we have also placed our recommended product with editor choice marks on the list. Also, you can use our buying guide to select the right one according to your requirement. And there is no end to the list, as there are many manufacturers, but at latest we have covered the best FM transmitter for your car. And if you think we left out any, or have any query, just comment below.


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