10 Top FM Transmitter App For Android You Must Try

The fun of a long drive or highway trip goes even higher when Music is implemented in the event. Music is always a part of us whether you are alone or in a company. FM radio is one of the most popular and old sources of music and another entertainment element. As the world digitalizing ragingly over the time, technology has brought to us many new things, besides developed-customized the old ones, stepping ahead with the modern generation; to the Future.

Today, Smartphone is one of the strongest proofs of highly advanced technology. It is the handiest and user-friendly electronic device ever created till this current era. People are about to forget many essential devices like Wrist-Watch, Radio, etc; as of, Smartphone has everything in it.

Now, diving into the topic “FM radio”, most of us human beings listen to FM radios using a Smartphone, which is certain. Through various FM channels we get many hit music plays, fun shows, news, etc. We can listen to FM radios during leisure or spare times back home

If you are a true admirer of music and entertainment, you would not like to bind the fun of music within the four-walls. A long journey along with music could be a route to paradise if you want to get escaped from this busy life, far away from stresses. And an Android phone with FM transmitter app installed is just perfect to create an extra pleasing environment inside your ride.

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Now, many of you must be thinking “what is FM transmitter ?“, many already knew what the heck it is. Yet all of you need to read this article, read for the complete idea of what this FM transmitter is, how does it work, and which are the best FM transmitter app for Android devices in the current Android market

About Radio Transmitter

What is FM Transmitter?

A frequency modulated transmitter is a device which allows you to play any audio tracks from portable sources on FM radio devices like a Car Stereo. FM transmitter is a portable electronic device which is specialized to convert certain audio point into audio signal. An FM transmitter can vary such as Portable Media Player, Compact Disc Player, Satellite Radio System, etc. Each radio transmitter covers a certain area ranging from 9 to 23 meters.

How Does it Work?

The converter feature receives the audio output from external sources, and then converts those data into analogue audio signals inside the FM transmitter. Then the FM modulation feature converts the data signals into FM signal once again. You can simply turn the radio frequency to catch the signal, and listen to music on the Car Stereo.

Why a FM transmitter is Essential?

I would not say FM radio is the only way to play music in your ride. We know many other ways too, such as portable drive, disc etc. But the Fun of listening to FM radio is different than any other. That’s why millions of Radio Stations and RJ’s over the globe are getting paid for their work.

FM transmitter app also allows you to play the music sources from your phone, while the audio output will be your car stereo loudspeakers. So that, whatever you play on your Smartphone, whether it is from stored music tracks or FM channels, you can always have fun of loud music plays with high definition output.

It is also worth mentioning that, using Smartphone is much easier than the Car Stereo device for playing, skipping, stopping, making the track list. So, if you have a FM transmitter in your Smartphone, you can simply use your phone as a remote control with advanced technology.

S.NoFM TransmitterUSB Ports Price
1Nulaxy FM Transmitter 2
2GOgroove FlexSMART X32
4Lihan Handsfree2
5Nulaxy KM181
7Victsing FM Transmitter 1
8Mpow Bluetooth1
9JETech FM Transmitter 1
10Aphaca FM Transmitter 2

Top FM Transmitter App For Android Devices

If you look into Google Play Store or any other online portal, you will see many apps for certain purpose. But, all of those apps are not certain when comes to efficiency and convenience. And trying them all one by one just measuring the user rating and reading user preview would be too much time and data consuming.

So, it would be best, if you just follow my lead and have a look into the following list of top FM transmitter app for Android and iOS devices. The apps I am referring here are best in what they meant to be. Pick up any of them as you wish.

1.TuneLink Auto

TuneLink Auto
TuneLink Auto

TuneLink Auto is one of the most advanced FM transmitter app for Android. This app can connect your any Android device to your in-car audio solution via Bluetooth. It can operate over FM or directly connected to your car auxiliary input.

There are some specific accessories that you need to buy to convert your phone into a real FM transmitter, this app can do the software part but for the transmission, you need some device. You can check this recommended FM Transmitter device.

Tunelink Auto is a device that can convert your stereo into Bluetooth stereo. You can then connect your Android/iOS phone to it via Bluetooth to play music using your car speaker. I am recommending this as this has it’s own FM transmitter app.

Features of TuneLink Auto 

  • Very Easy to Pair/ Connect and play Music.
  • Auto Play/ Auto Reconnect to your device.
  • USB Port to charge your phone (2.1 A for Fast charging).
  • Also Supports AUX cable.
  • Excellent Crystal Clear Sound Quality
  • TuneLink Share mode allows you to share music with your friends.

2. Quick FM transmitter

Quick FM transmitter

Quick FM transmitter is another best FM transmitter app for Android. The app works on IS01, IS05, IS03, and Arrows ef. Though the app lacks some useful feature unlike other apps I have mentioned above.

Quick FM transmitter
Quick FM transmitter
Developer: funa
Price: Free

3. Wireless Audio – Multiroom

Wireless Audio – Multiroom

Samsung’s Wireless Audio – Multiroom is the best in transmitting audio signals. Using this app you can enjoy your favorite music tracks from an audio source in any room of a house, also in a car. Everything can be controlled by the app.

4. Smart Connect

Smart Connect

This is an official product from Sony. Smart Connect lets you to link your Smartphone or Tablet to any audio output device like car stereo, music player, etc. From the app, you can control the music player, turn off Wi-fi or GPS.

5. Car Music Connector

Car Music Connector
Car Music Connector
Developer: Alexander Shakhov
Price: Free
  • Car Music Connector Screenshot
  • Car Music Connector Screenshot
  • Car Music Connector Screenshot

Car Music Connector app lets you to connect your Smartphone with your car stereo via Bluetooth. You can select several actions to automate while connecting your device with car. Once the device is connected, the app will automatically do its job.

6. AllConnect – Play & Stream

AllConnect – Play & Stream

AllConnnect is much more than just a FM transmitter. It can stream all kind of your music, videos, photos to your Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast, and more. It can stream music tracks from your Android devices to any of your audio speakers.

AllConnect - Play & Stream
AllConnect - Play & Stream
Developer: Tuxera Inc.
Price: Free

7. Car Music Player

Car Music Player

Car Music Player is design to minimize the risk of accident while you are driving keeping you less distracted. With is app, you can pay all your music tracks from phone whose interface is easier to use than the car stereo.

Car Music Player
Car Music Player
Developer: Luis Teixeira
Price: Free

8. App Remote

App Remote

This is another incredible app for the people who love music while hitting the road. Fully Synchronized Function Integrated with car Audio device controlling your music from your Android device.

App Remote
App Remote
Developer: Sony Corporation
Price: Free

9. Podcast Radio Music – CastBox

Podcast Radio Music – CastBox

Podcast Radio is the complete package for music freaks. The app features include music streaming, FM transfer, iTunes podcast for android, and many more.While the app lets you to play your Android device music on your car stereo, it also has a huge collection of modern music such as POP, ELECTRO, ROCK, and more.

10. Simple Radio

simple radio

It is called to be the simplest way to listen to your favourite FM stations from around the world. It has a clean user-interface, buffering free streaming. This is the perfect tool to implement an extra soul to your road-trip with music.

Simple Radio: Live AM FM Radio
Simple Radio: Live AM FM Radio

So these are the tools with best FM transmitter app for android devices like Smartphone, or tablet. Whether you are alone on the ride or accompanied, a good music with open window car ride is a trip to paradise.

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