Best Credit Card In India With Less Charges and More Benefits

Looking for a credit card? Credit cards are great to have as they allow you to spend without actually spending your money. The market today is laden with a huge number of credit cards which can be confusing at times as each card offers excellent benefits at various sections. To ease your choice, we have brought to you the best of the bests so that you can decide which card is most needed by you. All the credit cards we have included are from India as we are creating a list of best credit cards in India. If you looking to go for a credit card, check out all the best credit cards in India that are selected on the basis of customer reviews, service and features.

10 Best Credit Card In India

  1. Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card

All of us buy groceries and we need it every month. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone gave us cashback on the groceries we are buying? Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card provides you with 5% cashback along with every purchase of groceries or also with every online purchase you make. It also provides you with redeemable reward points which amounts to around 1% cashback of the total spending done on the card. Although the card comes with an annual fee of Rs 999, in most cases it is waived of which brings Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card under the category of best credit card in India with no annual fees. Anyone and everyone who can provide them with a payslip of their salary can apply for the card which gets approved easily.

  1. ICICI Instant Platinum Card

Without any loans against your name or without having used any credit card earlier you will not have any kind of credit score against your name. Your CIBIL score will be derogatory, but you don’t need to worry. With ICICI Instant Platinum Card you don’t need any of that, all you need it a fixed deposit with the bank and you will be eligible for applying for a card. It has no annual fee and is the best card to have, in case you are a housewife or a student or the owner of a small business. It provides various waivers on fuel surcharges and a 15% savings on 800 restaurants across India. It also provides Rs.100 off on movie tickets twice every month. You can also collect and redeem reward points on the amount spent via the card.

  1. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card

If you are looking for a credit card that will give you all round benefits on various things, then definitely go for Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card. This card has no annual fees and hence is one of the best credit card in India 2016 for salaried person. If you are a salaried individual, then your application will get an easy approval. The benefits of this card include various reward point returns on dining, fuel refills and other spending you do through the card. An additional 1000 reward points will be given if you transact within the first 60 days of receiving the card. You will also get 500 reward points to redeem if you are transacting though an online bank account of Standard Chartered.

  1. SBI SimplyClick Credit Card

Go ahead and apply for SBI SimplyClick Credit Card if you love online shopping. This credit card is a bliss for people who are addicted to online shopping. Using SBI SimplyClick Credit Card provides you with a benefit of 500 points from Amazon on getting the card. Transaction on Amazon, Cleartrip, Foodpanda, BookMyShow, FabFurnish, OLA, Lenskart, Zoomcar with your SBI SimplyClick Credit Card will provide you with 10x credit points and any other online shopping site will provide 5x points. You will also enjoy a 2.5% waiver on fuel surcharges and if you spend up to Rs.100000 per year, you will also get 200 points on your Cleartrip account which you can spend on your travel related awesome plans. This is why it is also considered to be one of the best credit cards in India for online shopping.

  1. Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card

What makes Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card one of the best credit card in India? The fact that it allows you many offers when you book movie tickets and also pay your bills via online methods. It also provides users with 5% savings on a monthly basis. It also offers 5% cashback on payment of telephone and utility bills via the card. You will also get benefits on booking movie tickets. Other transactions provide a facility of 0.5%. But the only problem with Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card is that you need a CIBIL score for the application and the application process is very complex if you are doing it online. If you already own a credit card, this card will definitely provide you with multiple benefits.

  1. American Express Gold Card

Yet another card which is amongst the best credit cards in India for online shopping. American Express Gold Card is not exactly a credit card, but is a charge card which provides users with 1 reward point for spending Rs.50 on online shopping. American Express Gold Card also provides you with various offers when you use it in various restaurants all over India. It is also beneficial for people who will renew it for a second year as American Express Gold Card gives them 5000 reward points as a gift on renewal. They also offer 18 carat and 24 carat gold collection to redeem from in case you want to redeem your reward points earned on various transactions. You will also get 1000 reward points for using the card 4 times every month and spending more than Rs.1000.

  1. Citibank Premiermiles Card

Do you have frequent travel needs? Looking for a credit card which will provide you benefits every time you arrange your travel plans using the card? Try out Citibank Premiermiles Card and I can assure you that you will not regret the choice. Citibank Premiermiles Card proves to be the best credit card in India for people who need to spend Rs. 200000 – Rs. 300000 on travelling every year. It will provide you with extra miles on every ticket you book with it. The only drawback is that you need to have a great credit score in order to apply for the Citibank Premiermiles Card. On joining the Citibank Premiermiles Card you will be rewarded with 10000 miles which you can redeem on over hundreds of airlines. You will also be permitted to redeem these miles up to 3 hours before your flight.

  1. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

If you are a salaried person whose job requires frequent travelling, then try out American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card. This proves to be one of the best credit cards in India for 2016 for salaried person. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card comes with special benefits from IndiGo and Taj. You will get vouchers worth over Rs. 10000 on each of Taj and IndiGo if you make frequent transaction with your American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card. Frequent traveler with IndiGo are the ones who will benefit the most as they allow maximum redemption from reward points. The credit limit of your American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card is dependent on your spending habits which are tracked via the card.

  1. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Regalia Credit Card is probably one of the best cards that HDFC has to offer to its customers as it offers reward points on the smallest of transactions. HDFC Regalia Credit Card offers rewards even on recharging your mobile phone through it. But HDFC Regalia Credit Card is only offered to customers who have a high value and good relation with the bank. It also offers card holders with a special membership for Taj Epicure Plus Card and it also offers HDFC Regalia Credit Card holders with Priority Pass Membership. If you are transacting via this card you will earn reward points on all your transactions which you can redeem at the rate of Rs. 0.75 for every single point. Although HDFC Regalia Credit Card has a very strict approval process, you can also benefit from the lower version of it if you have a annual salary of Rs.10 lakh or more.

  1. SBI Signature Credit Card (Elite)

When you are looking for great benefits from a credit card which are offered by a government owned card, nothing can go wrong with SBI Signature Credit Card (Elite). With over Rs. 30000 as benefits from receiving the card, you will have innumerable benefits to choose from when you perform a transaction with the card. A welcome gift of Rs. 5000 and annual benefit of Rs. 30000 you will definitely be in profits. You also get additional profits or reward points on crossing a spending of 2 lakh and 5 lakh respectively. You will also get free movie tickets every month and SBI Signature Credit Card (Elite) offers dining benefits along with various shopping benefits in departmental stores. You will also have Signature Contactless Advantage with SBI Signature Credit Card (Elite).

These are the best credit cards that you can apply for when you come from India. These cards will provide you with some of the best benefits that you can expect from any credit card companies. With these 10 credit cards you just can’t go wrong. But make sure that you choose the cards carefully as each card gives favorable benefits depending upon the kind of transactions you make.

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