10 Best Gaming Wireless Headset or Headphones List

Best Gaming Wireless Headset or Headphones List

Headsets have acquired a primary position in our lives to give us the best gaming experience. Yes, those car noises from NFS, the bombs exploding noise from GTA or gun firing sound from counter strike, are valuable to a gamer.

A good wired headphone can do the job effectively, but we don’t want wires to tie us down to the table. While choosing their wireless headphones, a lot of youngsters seem to make the wrong choice and end up getting a headset with no proper sound channeling system, which results in:

  • Loss of money.
  • Bad gaming experience.
  • Depression (mind it! we are gamers. Need the best)We don’t want this to happen to any gamer, so let’s talk about how you can select the best wireless headset within your budget.

How to Choose your Gaming Wireless Headset?

Choosing gaming headset is not as complicated as it seems to be. Nowadays, Wireless headphones have plagued market and only few can be said the best. You just need to take care of the fact that certain principles should be followed while choosing your wireless headset.

  • Sound quality
  • Battery backup
  • Cost

Very few headphones have found the perfect balance with all these traits. Usually, wireless headphones are said to have more technical issues than a non-wired one. If the best one suited for your need Is not chosen then you may end up with a product you won’t be satisfied with.

Most of the wireless headphones lack good battery backup as this is an essential part. So before choosing any one headset just make sure the battery can handle your daily usage stats.

Along with that, make sure the headset is not overpriced. The features and price should go hand in hand. Test the sound quality there before buying the headset. Here we list top ten best gaming wireless headsets that would surely make your decision-making process easier. In simple steps:

  • Make a good comparison of the specs of each headset before buying. You need to check all your headphones regarding their specifications, price and build quality.
  • Select those headphones that fulfill your requirements.
  • Compare the battery life of each headset. The battery is as important as audio output in a wireless headset.
  • Compare the sound quality and other features on its price
  • Do not overlook the built quality. A good build will ensure you headset lasts for a long time.
  • Check out the reviews of each product. Not just expert reviews but also those which are posted by the users.
  • Go through cons of each headset; this helps you to shortlist products that will easily suit your needs.
  • Now that your choice is made, keeping all the above points in mind. You can finally decide on the purchase.

Let us discuss some top wireless headphones that you can consider for your gaming. All the products are listed in the order of their prices.

Best Latest Gaming Wireless Headset List-2018

1. LOGITECH G430 DTS Headphone (Best Selling Gaming HeadPhones)

LOGITECH G430 DTH Headphone

After comparing more than 20 products, Logitech G430 model seems to be the best budget wireless headphone packed with all the necessary features. With prominent bass and proper sound channel, this product beats many wireless headphones with its amazing features.

With this price range, this product seems to provide you with crisp and clear sound with best beat drops at perfect times. Being a budget model, it lacks in many features. The detailed pros and cons are discussed below.

Pros Cons
 Comfortable ear grip: the ear grip provided with the headphone is a good quality durable material that doesn’t pinch your ears as some headphones do. ‎ Surround sound could have been made better.
√ The comfortable ear cups that you can twist and turn according to your comfort.   A better look could have been exhibited.
√ The adjustable headband that you can shorten or lengthen according to your head size.  ‎ The ear cups could not isolate the surrounding sound, and it is annoying.
√ The foam padding in the earpieces makes a listening for prolonged periods comfortable.
√  Lightweight- this headphone is quite light, and while testing the product, it easily sat for a prolonged period without irritating our ears. This lightweight design makes it wearable for a longer period.
√ All these features make it super comfortable to wear for hours at a stretch.
 The sound output for this was satisfying but could have been better. Even with the surround sound feature. With this price range, G430 provides you with Dolby 7.1 surround sound feature that is absent in many premium headsets.

Overall, this headphone is the best budget headphone for actual gamers. This piece is priced at approx. $70. You can get it from this link.

2.Corsair Void Wireless Headset

Corsair void wireless headset

Another budget headphone released by Corsair is the void wireless headset. It is considered as quite an improvement from its H2100. It comes with an appealing design as well as comfortable grip. The void wireless looks and feels quite premium in hand with hinges made out of metal.

It is used as a beginner level headphone for all the novice gamers. The Void Wireless is slightly heavier than any premium headset which sometimes causes discomfort to the listener a well as increases the chances of slipping it off your head while bending forward. One of the best features of this headphone is the top-notch battery life. The Void Wireless is bundled with excellent sound quality on its price in the market. Priced at $80, you cannot get a better budget piece at this price range.

Pros Cons
Excellent built quality– you simply can’t complain about its built. It comes with metal works around its hinges and full metal along the headband that makes it slightly heavy but feels premium. Heavy this headphone is quite heavy which makes listening for a prolonged period uncomfortable. Also, being heavy, this headset slips off your head if you bend you head forward, which is an absolute turn off.
Excellent battery life- this headphone comes with a great battery that can power up your device for approx. 10- 12hrs without any issues.  Mediocre sound isolation system other headphones in this price range have better sound isolation systems than void wireless. It is not very effective to keep noise at bay.
Excellent sound quality- the sound is crystal clear with perfect bass.
Best price- the price is a total killer for this headphone. You can get this headphone at a budget price of $80.

3.LOGITECH G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

LOGITECH G930 wireless gaming headset

Coming to another budget headphone, LOGITECH G930 seems to solve many problems all at once. Priced at $84, this headset seems to kill the competition with its great surround sound and flawless wireless functionality. The LOGITECH G930 is absolutely the best when you consider gameplay audio. The LOGITECH G930 seems to provide a great gaming experience with the best audio output system.

The best surround sound system makes it easy to tell what is going on in the surround with the games like counter strike. The microphone provided with the headset is crystal clear and audible. Also, LOGITECH gives you the feature to voice modulate or use a different voice for the different game.

Even better: Connecting the headset is incredibly simple. Also, the G930 comes with 10 hrs of battery life with this you can play games for extended periods without plugging in for a charge. And at the same time, connecting the headset to your PC or play station is simple. Its pros and cons include:

Pros Cons
Excellent audio output Tight ear cups make it uncomfortable for longer durations of usage.
√ The comfortable ear cups that you can twist and turn according to your comfort.
Great price range
Good battery life
Comfortable design and grip
Easy to set up wireless features
Good software

4.Lucidsound LS30 Wireless Headset

Lucidsound LS30 wireless headset

If you have a bit more budget on your hands, then Lucidsound LS30 might be the best choice for you. It is comfortable to wear for the longer period as well as comes with a decent battery life. Its basic design includes a large amount of foam padding in the leatherette pads which fits well over your ears.

The headband is padded and provides you with a slight pressure over your head. An audio dongle significantly enhances LucidSound LS30’s most essential gaming features. Just plug it into your play station or PC, and it acts like a sound card for your device. Apart from that, the dialogue clarity of the headset is significantly affected by poor bass and its control.

You are going to miss out on some good audio if you use the LucidSound LS30 with a handset. Those who aren’t much bothered about their surround sound, this headset will sure to appeal them. Overall, under $100, this can be the best choice for some serious gamers who are least bothered about surround sound.

Pros Cons
√ Great price Unavailability of in-line remote for mobile phones
Excellent performance   No surround sound system which is a major turn off for heavy gamers
Great design and premium look  Sound quality could be improved
Sound can be customized according to individual requirements


5.LOGITECH G533 Wireless Headphone

LOGITECH G533 wireless headphone

This model of LOGITECH Wireless headphones is a large and relatively heavy headset, but in any case, it doesn’t go back on sound quality. This model comes in shiny black color which has no extraordinary design features. It is simple in design and comes with excellent functionality. Its design comprises of black, glossy comfortable earcups which provide a comfortable grip throughout your gaming.

This headset is quite heavy but the fact that makes it wearable for a longer period is the fact that weight is evenly distributed throughout the headset. The ear cups are of mesh fabric which feels soft and comfortable for ears. The LOGITECH G533 has some great features like monitoring battery life, turning surround sound ON or OFF, modifying equalization options and also linking profile settings with games.

The biggest con is that you can’t use it for any other purpose other than gaming. The G533 is designed for gaming use only. It generally handles every genre of game efficiently and features excellent wireless functionality. The price is quite within the budget and better than many headsets that lack even these functions. The only issue seemed to be is that it is simply not designed for music and regular use. So buy it only if you are a heavy gamer. Also, it doesn’t possess a 3.5 mm audio jack which results in restricting its usage to PC only.

A 3.5 mm Jack would have ensured its functionality beyond PC. Particular Gamers can go for this piece but those who want an overall headphone with which they can be multi-use, then this is the not the best choice. It is priced at approx. $130 in the market.

Pros Cons
Good battery life No audio jacks so you can only use it for PC
Great range of wireless connectivity ‎ Simple design, nothing extraordinary
√ Great range of wireless connectivity
√ Availability of 7.1 surround sound
Good software
Great customizable audio system
Excellent audio output for a budget headset


6.LOGITECH G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Headphone

LOGITECH G933 Artemis Spectrum wireless headphone

This model serves as an update to its former model G930. The G933 sports the same look as its predecessor. It has added an extra feature of RGB lighting which certainly adds to the gaming aesthetics of the model.

The larger than usual ear mugs give the sound a lot of space to move around in both gaming and non-gaming situations.

Music sounds shockingly great as well. The G933’s amplifier’s recurrence reaction is excellent; however, the mic catches more background sound than desired. It is priced to be around $135 and is considered to be one of the “worth it” devices in the market.

Pros Cons
Proper position of buttons makes it appealing The mic picks up unwanted background noise which is annoying.
√ Excellent audio output   Battery life could have been a bit better keeping in mind that it takes $150 to own one.
Good grip over the ear  Sound quality could be improved
√ Sound can be customized according to individual requirements


7.SteelSeries Arctis 7

SteelSeries Arctis 7

The Steel Series Arctis 7 is a premium wireless Gaming Headset which is comfortable as well as compatible with a varied range of devices. It ensures stylish and sleek design at a reasonable price, thus setting a standard for a high-end gaming headset. The headset enumerates qualities of a perfect gaming supporter-versatile, functional and practical.

The device ensures a lag-free functionality with the usage of DTS Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound. It is considered as for having the best mic for Gaming. The Clear-Cast Microphone uses and exclusive bidirectional design delivering unmatched voice clarity and background sound cancellation.

The device inculcates the Ski Goggle Headband which uses adjustable elastic fabric which perfects contours with the shape of the head and evenly distributes the weight throughout, thus eliminating all pressure points. The device also uses soft Air weave cushions that keep the portion covered cool, dry and comfy to let yourself indulge in some more hours of Gaming. It is priced at $150 in the market.

Pros Cons
The device is Light and easy to handle. The excessive bend in the headband and earcups which are intended to provide comfort creates discomfort instead.
The product is available at a reasonable price.   Weak Bass system
Comfortable to use for extended hours
Produces high-quality audio  Sound quality could be improved
Wireless and seamless   Fine-tuning music needs some significant working over it

8.Razor Man O’War

Razor Man O'War

The RAZER’s latest contribution to the world of gaming and headset’s is this wireless gaming headset. As the name justifies, this particular device is dominating the competition of being one of the best performing wireless headphones in the $151 price range.

The headphone produces lag-free wireless performance audio with wireless 7.1 virtual surround sound for pinpoint precision on PS4 as well as PC. The device reflects a strong battery backup i.e. 7days of wireless gaming on a single charge. The use of a fully retractable mic wit that can be swiveled 90 degrees provides uncompromised vocal clarity. The device surely defines easy handling and comfort with quick action controls for on the fly video adjustments.

Unlike other gaming accessories, the ManO’Wars’s lighting is subtle and thin, and it features customizable LED lights which can glow in any of 16.8 million colors. The headset is super comfortable with thick and spacious leather-coated earcups. You can customize your audio via company’s super robust Synapse app.

Pros Cons
√ Super comfortable to use Build quality is not satisfactory, Bulky design
√ Impressive Battery life   Microphone could have been better
√ Impressive wireless performance No wired audio option
 Chroma Lighting  Expensive
√ Active virtual surround sound
 Crisp microphone


9.SteelSeries Siberia 800

SteelSeries Siberia 800

Steel launched its high-end product called The Siberia 800. Comes with simple design but focuses more on its functionality. The whole headset is black in color, with a retractable microphone. The problem with this headset is the enormous amount of steps taken to set it up for your PC or Play station.

Rather than Bluetooth or USB, this device is launched with a large amplifier that acts as the central connecting hub to connect to various devices. The major drawback is connecting with the apparatus. Once connected, you won’t face any major issues after that. The audio output is crystal clear and crisp. You can customize, modulate or modify its audio settings to get your desired result.

Unlike individual headphones, Siberia 800 can handle both gaming and music efficiently. This is one of the pricey headsets, and the price is mostly to due to excellent audio output, various features and good battery life. It is priced at $270 approx. In the market.

Pros Cons
Smooth, glossy premium finish over the body Overpriced as for the same specs you can get Logitech G933.
Interchangeable battery   Lack of suspension headband makes it uncomfortable to wear
Retracting microphone- it is an excellent premium design
Good battery life

10. Astro A50 Wireless Headset

Astro A50 wireless headset

The Astro A50 is a combination of two components-a well weighted wireless headset and a USB base station, which is made up of plastic and at the same time it also acts as the headset’s charging dock. It is a premium wireless gaming headset with a much sophisticated look worth of $300 price tag. It ensures a healthy competition with a battery life of 15 hours.

The design is super comfortable and is easy enough to clamp according to the shape of your head. The mix amp is built right into the right ear cup to ensure quick adjustments between a game and chat audio. The headset comes with Dolby 7.1 surround sound with three EQ Modes, out of which, Astro is the most balanced mode, and Pro mode doubles the bass output while studio mode seems to control the treble.

The A50 also works as a dependable pair of multimedia headphones. The raw audio quality of A50 is quite impressive. The 40mm driver with neodymium magnets do a great job in recreating the subtlest of sounds and contribute for a unique listening experience. The device has up to 30ft wireless range. It works on PC, MAC as well as PS4. The design is quite practical.

Pros Cons
Sturdy construction Unappealing design
Super comfortable   Head gripping force is on the higher side
 Modular components ⊗‎Companion app can be overwhelming
 Useful base station ‎Expensive
 Good battery life ⊗‎The microphone is not that good
Extremely light weight and easy to use  Sound quality could be improved
High surround sound


There are lots of debates on whether you should go for wired headset or wireless. Wired seemed to be the preference for most of the users as the battery in the wireless doesn’t give you a continuous flow of usage. While some wireless head phones to provide you with the desired results, some still need to keep up the trend.

And as it is said, if you don’t choose carefully you might face a greater loss. Choosing a headset becomes a headache when you do not have the right amount to spend. You get confused as what should you buy. There are lots of options as well as great features to choose. Hence compare your headphone properly before buying one to get the best for your needs. This list is aimed at helping you choose the best for your budget.


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