Best Mac Encryption Software to Secure Data and Privacy

best Mac encryption software

The expansion of computing power has led to a huge increase in the new innovations and technological advancements. In today’s time, we all need a computing device to accomplish the day to day tasks swiftly. We all carry a smartphone that enables us to stay connected with the fast-changing online world. But for doing the official or academic work the need for a laptop or desktop computer is inevitable. It allows us to keep our data stored in a single place for increased convenience. However, the security of this data needs to be taken care of to keep it away from the reach of online thieves and hackers. Encryption software is the best way to keep our data safe.

You might be using an operating system that best suits your needs. The Mac OS is best suited for the multimedia work, internet browsing. It gives an interactive user interface with some great animations. The Windows operating system gives you more flexibility to install different types of software. Then comes the different distros of Linux OS. Linus based operating systems are best for programmers and tech enthusiasts.

best mac encryption software

Best Mac Encryption Software List

Talking about the security of these operating systems the Linux stays at the top with easy encryption. It is also safe from the virus and malware attacks. Windows is most prone to virus, hence an easy target for hackers. Mac OS stays somewhere in the middle. With a little awareness and use of top end encryption software, the Mac OS X is as safe as it could get.

If you are looking for the best mac encryption software to keep your data away from the reach of cyber criminals and hackers, we bring you the list which reveals you some best options.

1. Concealer

Best Overall Mac OS X Security

For Apple MacBook, there are many options available that offer the files security and hard disk encryption. The Concealer offers you a full-fledged security solution for the mac os. It not only encrypts the files present on your computer but also provides additional features like online security, buying protection, email encryption etc.

The simple and minimalistic interface gives it the top position in the list. It uses top grade AES-256 bit security encryption. It hides your personal account information, sensitive files. When you do online shopping it is necessary to keep the credit or debit card information secure. Concelertakes care of the online security. You also have the option to hide any type of files or folders, so that only you can have its access.


  • Files and Folder Hide
  • Account security
  • Autolock
  • AEC-256 Encryption
  • Master Password

2. Data Guardian 3

Top Class File Encryption System for Mac

best mac encryption software

Computer security is a huge challenge in front of the cyber experts. Every hour many new viruses or malware or hacking attempts are blocked by the antivirus companies. The data we carry on our hard disks is essential to us. It might carry the important work, media files, and many another type of important data that need to be taken care of in order to keep it away from the reach of hackers.

Encryption is the best way to secure any type of digital information with the use of a computer algorithm. Data Guardian 3 offers you the top grade encryption protocol that is hard to crack for the hackers. It uses 446-bit Blowfish encryption. This gives you ultimate security for your device.

Best Features

  • 446-bit encryption
  • Data Backup
  • Password Generator
  • Cross-Platform Support

3. Espionage

Minimal and Efficient Data Security

best mac encryption software


The Espionage encryption tool for Mac is easy to use basic software that works efficiently to provide you a wholesome encryption approach towards the digital security. It contains a minimal outlook and easy to use functions. This tool does not consume huge system resource which makes your system slow.

Espionage 3 uses multiple layers of security with the use of AES-256 bit encryption. With the help of Applevault, you have the option to keep your data secure. It will lock any specific file or folder

Best Features

  • Folder Encryption
  • Apple FileVault
  • Spotlight Integration

4. Hider

Top Class Encryption for Higher Security

best mac encryption software

Hider is an efficient and reliable Mac encryption tool that works on the OS X 1-.8 or higher. It provides an easy solution to keep the sensitive information and files securely. You also have the option that locks the folder that contains any type of valuable information.

It is ultra-portable and easy to configure software for OS X that works great for tech geeks as well as newbies. The easy interface gives you drag and drop feature for the files that you want to put into encryption. It uses AES-256 bit encryption which is widely used in the security industry.

best mac encryption software

Best Features

  • AES-256 bit Encryption
  • Minimal System Impact
  • Hide Folder
  • Easy Interface

5. Protect Files

Best Lightweight Mac Encryption Software

best mac encryption software

With all the other Mac encryption software that are described here, you have the features that let you do more than just the basic file encryption. In addition to the hardware encryption, it also saves your personal information, login data, software vulnerabilities and other types of security essentials. But if you are in the need of a tool that keeps the things simple and basic, the Protect files is the best choice for you.

The Mac OS has the encryption options built in. The Protect files encryption software will enhance the already existing security features with an additional layer of software encryption. This type of approach makes the fastest and most reliable encryption tool currently available online.

Best Features

  • Simple Interface
  • Fast Performance
  • Minimal Resource Usage

Final Verdict

As we see there are different types of tools which can be used for an increased file security on OS X. Each one of these contains some unique features. You can consider anyone depending on your needs and system ability. While choosing the best OS X encryption software it is very important to take into consideration some factors.

First, you need to determine the level of security that you want. Second, the ease of usability of the software should also take into account in order to get the most out of a security tool. If you like any other software for your Mac other than the ones describes here, tell us in the comment section below.


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