How To Call Someone From a Different Number For Free In India

There is an App that let you call someone from a different number for free in India. With this caller id faker app, you can quickly change caller id and change it to any number. It is the best caller id changer in India. It’s very simple process you can understand very easily just follow step by step instructions that’s it. In this app, there are so many applications that you can use very simple manner. Voxox is the messaging app that lets you call and message anyone in the world for free, even if they don’t have Voxox app on their mobile. Just we need to give $1 worth of calling and SMS credit every month.

caller id changer and faker

How To Call Someone From a Different Number For Free In India

So now here I will reveal a trick through which you can make the fake call, yes you can call from any number to anybody. I have made fools of lots of people with this trick. I played lots of prank by faking my caller id. You can also do this with my new caller id changer app.


Caller Id Changer for iPhone

Caller Id Changer for Android

Phone Caller Id Faker and Changer App

change caller id app

  • Free Calling & Messaging – Calls and text messages with other Voxox users are always free and unlimited
  • 100% Free calling to any phone in the world
  • There is another interesting thing is you can make Group Messaging – Chat and share photos, videos and more with groups of your friends and family who are also Voxox users.
  • Another important thing is Language Translation – Voxox can automatically translate the text messages you send and receive to/from dozens of languages.
  • Visual Voicemail makes it easy to get your messages it.

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How to Change Caller id by Using Voxox App.

I think it’s an interesting thing, to make someone surprise or Fake call. In a simple way you can call anyone in the world with a different mobile number instead of yours.

caller id faker account

  • After Downloading you need to sing up for a Voxox account.

Caller id faker app settings

  • Just go to the Settings >> User.

change phone number to another

  • Next, go to Caller id and just click on the number.
  • Enter the number which you want to call.
  • That’s it you have done the process.

call somebody with other fake number

  • No Go to Dialer and Call anyone you want, he will be fo0lled my this fake caller id.

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It’s a very easy way to change caller id by using Voxox App. There are so many features that you can use by downloading this vox box app. I hope you enjoyed the above post for Change Caller id by Using Voxox App. So just call somebody from a different number or by changing caller id and enjoy.


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