92+ Cool & Fun Things to Do or Build in MineCraft Game

Minecraft, the most famous and the second best selling game is just not a mere one for its players. For most, it is a place to construct their creative ideas and turn imagination to a new level. The game has its entire world that no other video game has to untethered. The overall of game it outlined in aesthetic look, so it attracts gamers a lot.

The game offer textured cubes in 3D video game world. It includes exploration, crafting, and combats (which I love a lot.) It has Multiple GamePlay Modes. For example, There is a Survival mode where the player is asked to construct the world and maintain health. One is an adventure mode, where you can play custom maps which are the creation of other stakeholders. It has got a lot to do. The game never lets you feel alone or bored.

Minecraft has gotten a lot of praise from critics, worldwide. Moreover, it has won enormous awards and appreciation. Over 121 million copies of this game have been sold out on all possible platforms. There are many other games like Minecraft that you must also try.

Things to Do in Minecraft Game

The game offers six playing modes. If you are just beginning with the game then you must know about these modes.

1. Survival Mode

This mode comprises of natural material which you can collect for the survival. You need to create houses, buildings, blocks from that collected natural resources. There will be hurdles coming in your depending on the difficulty level you’ve chosen. Adding on the particular modes also include health mode which depletes when any enemy or monster make an attack. Despite this main stream, the game has a lot like, spawn point, hunger bars, despawn, experience points, enchanting tools, armors, weapons, etc. with special game effects.

Below is the series of episodes of things you can do in Survival Mode of Minecraft.

2. Hardcore Mode

The particular mode is sort of variant to survival mode but different from it as in this mode if a player dies, it gets removed from the server. Hardcore Mode is the hardest one, and it is even locked in settings and featured as permanent Death.

Below is the list of the deaths you could face in hardcore mode. Play them real well.

3. Creative Mode

This one is the easiest mode. You just can simply build houses, buildings without any mingle of weapons, etc. This mode is outlined for players just to focus on creating the large project that keep player engaged.

Here are some tricks that can help you in this mode.

4. Adventure Mode

It was added to give the users a different experience. This includes the crafted custom maps and adventures. It is similar to survival mode but has many restrictions which you do not see in survival one. These limitations make the game more enjoyable as these are created by the map creator only. This for the player to experience the adventure in the way. This even lets you interact with different players via server commands.

This you tube series gives you a pretty well idea of what level an adventure mode can take if you’re new in mingling with the game.

5. Spectator Mode

This mode lets the player fly around via blocks and witness the whole gameplay without any direct interaction. The hot bar of the game becomes the menu that permits to teleport with players worldwide.

Below is Glimp of something you can do in this mode.

6. Multiplayer

This is sort of option to players if they want to play with other players. The single players have LAN support that allows the player to join the game on the interconnected computers without a server setup. The player can even run their server or use the hosting provider. Overall, this option has got a lot of technical stuff if you wish to step in and play with other worldwide.

Below is the video of top 10 best servers for multiplying.

Overall Things to Build in Minecraft Game

  • Boat And Travel the SeasMinecraft
  • The Castle
  • A Cobblestone Spawner
  • A House
  • The Huge Farm
  • Statue
  • Tower To The Sky Limit
  • Animal Farm
  • An Entire City
  • Obsidian Farm
  • Obstacle Course
  • Something Underwater
  • Ultimate Fortress
  • Own Igloo
  • Pirate Ship and Have a Cannon Battle
  • Climb the Highest Mountain You Can Find
  • Collect One of Every Block
  • Create a Huge Hole and Fill it With TNT
  • A Lava Waste Disposal
  • A Lava Waterfall
  • Create a Minecraft Skin
  • A Rollercoaster
  • A Treehouse
  • Create your very own Minecraft mod
  • A Mob Trap
  • Catch at least ten zombies in a hole and then jump in the hole and try to survive
  • Cruise Ship
  • Galleon
  • Submarine
  • Spleef arena
  • Market stalls
  • Cottage
  • A giant Christmas tree
  • Your bedroom on a large scale
  • Wind Turbine
  • Spaceship
  • Planets in the sky
  • TNT elevator
  • TNT cannon
  • Traps
  • Walls
  • A dome
  • A giant board game
  • Giant crater
  • An Olympic Park
  • Fake clouds
  • Meteors falling from the sky
  • Retirement villa
  • Your dream house
  • Giant hand/another body part
  • Mountain…with a building inside
  • Tree house
  • The house opposite yours
  • The house on your left
  • The room on your right

Final Verdict

There is a lot you can do in the particular game under all these modes. To get through the whole game, you will require days, months. Still, you won’t get done with the game. The best part of the game, it not a waste. It asks for you creativity, innovative ideas, humor, etc. Whosoever played this, hardly criticized as one gets rolled up after involving.

Each mode consists of its pros and cons. Now it depends on gamer what taste one likes to play on. Getting muck in adventure or adventure survival or play on innovations in creative. Solely one’s choice.

Saftey Tips

  • Try to play in single player mode Foremost.
  • In multiplayer mode play with people of your home via a LAN server
  • Create your multiplayer server in the beginning.
  • Get involved with servers run by people you know or can trust.
  • Practice on the single player in starting ⇒ Then a multiplayer one via LAN ⇒ Then the servers with friends ⇒ Then you can plan for unknowns.
  • It is better if you join a family server.

Happy Gaming. 🙂

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