Download Indian Rupee Font and Symbol for Free

Did you know how to use India rupee font, do not worry here i will share with you how to download Indian rupee font or Symbol. You can install Indian rupee font on your device in a very simple manner. It’s completely free to use. You do not need to pay any money. Everyone must be aware of using Indian rupee symbol otherwise how can use on MS word. It can support multiple device also. There is a Unicode character for Indian rupee font and it’s like U+230B9. The Indian rupee currency was designed by D.Uday Kumar. Now you can use alt code text to obtain Indian rupee symbol such as like alt 8377 or in case you are using windows 8 then you can type simple alt Gr+4. Would you like to know more about how to type Indian Rupee symbol. Just take a look at below.

download indian rupee font

How to Download Indian Rupee Font and Symbol

Here you will get to know each and everything about how to download Indian rupee font symbol. It’s a very easy and simple. Just it will take few minutes to download then you can use rupee font easily on your computer. This software can support multiple platforms such as like windows7/8/10/vista/XP.  Just have a look here you can get some idea of how to download Indian rupee font symbol.

  • First you need to download Indian rupee font on your computer. There are two font for Indian Rupee symbol, one is Fordian Rupee Font and another one is ITF Rupee Font. Check below links to download Rupee Fonts.
  • After finishing the download process you need to click on install button. That’s it now you can use it.
  • For manual installation in Windows 7/ windows 8/ windows 10/windows vista. Go to control panel > appearance and personalize > fonts Folder 
  • For Window OS / Windows XP/ Select > Control Panel > Font Folder
  • Now move the downloaded font file to this Font folder.
  • Now you need to open MS word on your computer then simple choose rupee fordian on your top down menu and simple enter the “ `” (Grave Ascent ) from your keyboard.

type rupee font in fordian

  • For ITF , there are 20 symbols for Indian Rupee that can be typed with the letters A-T.

itf rupee font

  • That’s it Now you can easily type the Indian Rupee symbol.

Download Rupee Font

As i told there are two fonts for Indian Rupee symbol. So here i am providing the both.

Download Fordian Rupee Font from here.

Download ITF Rupee Font from here.

I hope you have successfully downloaded India font symbol on your device. Just it will take few minutes to download on your computer. It’s a very easy and simple process. If you face any problem while downloading it on your system. Just comment on below. I will try to inform you.


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