Google One’s Dark Web Report: How to Use ?

Google has recently expanded its Dark Web Report feature to Google One subscribers in India. Initially introduced in the US, this feature aims to provide users with a protective shield against the potential threats lurking in the dark web.

What is the Dark Web Report?

The dark web is known for being anonymous, so hackers and other thieves like to hang out there. They do illegal things, like trading private personal information. The goal of Google’s Dark Web Report is to help people keep track of their personal information in these secret parts of the internet. If a user’s information is found on the dark web, they are quickly told so they can take the required safety measures.

How Does It Work?

User Data Monitoring: Users can input and select the specific information they want to monitor, such as their name, birth date, phone number, and email address.

Notification System: If the tool detects any matching data on the dark web, it alerts the user about the breach. Along with the alert, users receive guidance on how to secure their compromised information.

One-time Check: Regular Google users have the option to conduct a one-time dark web check for a single email address. However, continuous tracking and fresh search alerts are exclusive to Google One members.

Extensive Monitoring: Google One members can use the Dark Web Report to monitor their name, date of birth, up to ten email addresses, and ten phone numbers. They can also activate real time dark web tracking to receive updates on new findings and get recommendations on protective measures.

Privacy Assurance: The data stored in a user’s monitoring profile adheres to Google’s stringent privacy standards. Users have the flexibility to delete or deactivate their tracking whenever they wish.

Google One: Scan the Dark Web for Your Email Address


1. You must possess a consumer Google Account. Google Workspace accounts and supervised accounts are ineligible for the dark web report.
2. A paid Google One membership is required to access specific features such as:
– Continuous monitoring of the dark web for your personal information.
– Providing results for data other than your email address.
– Receiving notifications for new results.

Features Comparison:

Feature Google One Member Non-Member
One-off dark web scan No Yes
User-provided personal data for dark web scanning or matching SSN (US only), name, date of birth, address, up to 10 emails, up to 10 phone numbers 1 email address (Google Account email)
Review results Yes Yes
Receive actions & guidance Yes Yes
Notifications of new results Yes No
Create & manage monitoring profile Yes No

Countries or Regions Availability

The specific countries or regions where the dark web report is available are not mentioned in the provided content.

Steps to Scan the Dark Web for Your Email Address

1. Ensure you are signed in to your Google Account.
2. Visit [] 3. Under the “Dark web report” section, click “Try now.”
4. Click “Run scan.”

Why does it matter?

Cybercriminals can use personal information as a tool to steal identities or steal money. With the number of data breaches going up, it’s important to have tools like the Dark Web Report that add an extra layer of security. By letting users know about possible threats, they can move quickly to keep themselves safe online.


Google’s plan to make the Dark Web Report tool available to its Indian users is a good step towards making the Internet safer. As cyber threats continue to change, users need to be cautious to protect their digital footprints.

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