Google’s Fuchsia OS To Get Android App Support

We are hearing about Google’s Fuchsia OS from 2016 from GitHub’s project. Fuchsia OS can run on embedded devices, smartphones etc. It is based in microkernel which is the Magenta Kernel in Google’s language and nowadays it is known as Zircon. Talking about Android OS then it is built on open source Linux Code.

However, sources left us with the thoughts and expectations which states that the new UI by Google is completely reimagined UI which will display the attributes of highly optimized, first mobile 2D rendering engine.

Now, the bigger picture shows that the fuchsia OS will come up with the native support for Android Apps. We got to know all of it through Mishaal Raman’s tweet, who is editor-in-Chief at XDA Developers. He has mentioned that Fuchsia OS has appeared with Android Runtime(ART). All of it completely gives hopes that Google can bring the support to Android Applications with the new OS.

With all of our research, it is clear that Fuchsia OS wa built from the scratch that it is surely not based on Linux code like Android Os. Software testing appears to be very difficult due to the chaotic interface as they have no app catalog for the OS yet. This got Google to offer the native support for Android Applications on the Fuchsia OS. This will be done by the integration of Android Runtime(ART)

Google has spotted developing a whole new standalone OS for all the cross-platform devices in the name of fuschia. The OS is in its beginning level and spotted with the online progress this year. Plus the above images clearly expresses that Google is likely to port Android Runtime to work independently on Fuchsia by Zircon Kernel.

Quite a lot of information is expected on May 8th with the upcoming Google I/O developer’s conference. Since Fuchsia is still hot fuss, surely there will accurate statements which we can expect from it. For more new details, Stay Tuned to us. 🙂

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