How to Make an Invitation Video in 8 Steps?

Online invitations have garnered a lot of popularity in the last few years. Where people would earlier prefer messages and e-invites, the trend is now shifting towards video invitations. You can now easily make invitation videos using invitation maker tools available online. 

Video invitations are gaining popularity due to the fact that they seem much more personal. You can send out personalized invitations without having to visit the attendees physically. This not only makes them feel special but also ensures that they participate in your event. 

You can make a video invitation for any event you plan to host, be it a wedding, a professional event, a family get-together, or a birthday party. 

If you are interested in creating such invitations for your upcoming events and parties, follow these 8 steps. 

1. Select a Template 

The style and design of your video invitation is its most essential component. The professional video invitation maker tool has a number of free templates that you can choose from. You can choose between different styles – bold, modern, elegant, traditional, and many more. 

A very compelling design and theme can help take your invitation up a notch. These templates will not only help you choose your background but will also help in setting a direction for the entire video. 

An attractive template and design are a must when making a video invitation. Make sure to find one suited to your event. 

2. A compelling story 

A story is the most essential feature of a video invitation. People prefer making video invitations because they can easily encapsulate their entire message and story in the form of a narration.

The main drawback of written and other formal invites is that the story cannot be told. Even if your entire message is written out, there is no guarantee that the recipient will want to read it. This can be easily changed with a video invitation. 

You can write out a script on how you want your story to be presented in the video. The next step would be to successfully execute the story. Make sure that the story is narrated in a pleasant manner. The theme of the video and the story must tie in together so that the guest can also feel connected to the event.

3. Choose videos and images.

An amazing advantage that video initiation provides you is that it can incorporate numerous images and videos into it. This helps enhance the invitation and make it stand out. 

After your story is finalized, gather all the images and videos you want to add to your invitation. Once everything is finalized, make sure all the videos and images are added in the right spots in a sequential manner. 

You can also lookup free stock images that match your event and add them to your video. Pictures of cakes, champagne glasses, food, and a party setting go with most of the events. Using such stock images and videos can help add in an extra aesthetic touch at no cost, especially if no personal images are available. 

4. Add in a personal touch

Written invitations and e-invites can turn out to be quite impersonal. This can be changed using video invitations. 

You can add in a personal touch and messages through the invitation video. This can also be changed depending on who is the recipient of the invitation. An online invitation maker will help you customize each video with a personal message. This will make the recipient feel special, and it will help you convey your message effectively. 

Adding extra messages in a few invitation videos will help make them all the more special, making the guests feel included in the event. 

5. Music is key 

The audio and music of every video are very important. The same is also true for invitation videos. Add in music and audio that matches the overall theme and style of your invitation video. 

For instance, if you are sending out wedding invitation videos, make sure your background music is romantic and portrays your feelings. For a birthday invitation, the music can be upbeat, and for a formal meeting or business event invitation, the music can be mellow and professional. Make sure the music you choose is appropriate for the occasion and displays your theme clearly. 

You can look up free background music and audio online to add to your video invitations. Every event that is music-related can be found online to add to your invites. 

6. Add in the details 

The main motivation of video invitations is to invite people to an event. After all other details regarding a video are finalized, add in the event details. Make sure you mention the date, time, and venue of the event clearly during the video. This can be done in both a written and spoken manner so that every guest is clear with it. 

Make sure to mention any additional details about the event as well. This can include a dress code, dietary requirements, and special rules if needed. This will help prepare your guests in advance and reduce any last-minute confusion. 

7. Close It Out 

Add a nice little ending to your video. This can include the presence of all the members involved in the event. If it is a wedding invitation, make sure to include the bride/groom to add in a closing call. 

The ending of the video is also the time to add in special messages and requests. You can also ask your guests to RSVP immediately after they finish the video. This way, they will RSVP on time and eliminate last-minute reservations and cancellations. 

The last segment of the video is very important as it sets the theme for the event. Make sure it closes out well and that no important information is left out from the video. 

8. Add finishing touches and edit

After everything is set and the video is complete, make sure to add in some final touches. These include special effects, extra information, personal messages, and creative visuals. 

Once everything is set, make sure to edit your video in a pleasant manner. Do not stuff it with too many details, and make sure the editing is easy on the eyes. 

Video invitations are becoming extremely common due to their innovative and personal nature. You can use numerous online invitation makers available to make creative invitation videos.

Make sure your invitation has a clear story and narrations. Apart from that, add in relevant music and images. The entire video must come together in a legible manner and be a pleasant watch. Make sure to follow all these steps to create a unique and memorable video invitation online.

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