How to Play Gameboy Games on iPhone using GBA4iOS

For such a long time, games consoles ruled. They were the device of choice for gaming, be it on a handheld or full-size console. But, as mobile devices have improved over the years, our gaming focus has turned to those but, while there are some great games available, none of them can beat the console games. Jailbreaking gave us access to emulators, allowing us to play some console games on our iPhones and iPads but as Cydia is no longer being updated, many are left without that access. With GBA4iOS, the console power is back in our hands.

What is GBA4iOS?

One of the most popular games emulator apps ever released, GBA4iOS provides us with access to hundreds of console games, with support for the Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Nintendo, and many more. It is incredibly comprehensive and virtually all iOS devices are supported on it. While gaming is great on any device, you will get a better console experience if you have at least 2 GB RAM though, as you will be able to play the higher-graphics games. And the best bit about all of this is, it is absolutely free.

Emulator App Features:

GBA4iOS, develop by Riley Testut, is packed with features, including:

  • Quick and easy to download

  • User-friendly

  • No jailbreak required

  • Completely free

  • Supports all iOS firmware and devices

  • Supports Nintendo, GBC, GBA, and more

  • Games to suit all preferences an all ages

  • Support for multiplayer gaming

  • Cloud server hosting – downloads and secure, fast and all game data can easily be synced

  • One-click play support – one emulator, multiple consoles

  • Custom game maps and game controls

  • Lots more cool features

How to Download GBA4iOS:

Downloading GBA4iOS is pretty simple but you can forget looking in the official app store for it. To get it, you need an app called TweakBox. This is a third-party installer, an unofficial app store if you like, that offers us thousands of tweaks for free and a great choice of emulator apps, including GBA4iOS.

1. Follow the step by step guide to download TweakBox on your iPad or iPhone

2. Launch the app from your home screen

3. Tap Apps > Emulators

4. Search for GBA4iOS app and tap the app

5. Tap Install and leave the emulator to install on your device

6. Open it and enjoy

There is another way of installing GBA4iOS; this way will not give you all the other cool content that TweakBox does. You will need your computer, Apple ID, device and lightning cable for this and an up to date version of iTunes – open iTunes and click Help. Click on Check For Updates and follow the directions on your screen if an update is found.

1. Download the Cydia Impactor tool onto your computer

2. Download the GBA4iOS IPA file and extract it to your desktop

3. Plug your iPhone into your computer and open Cydia Impactor

4. When your iPhone has been detected, drag the IPA file over an drop it into Cydia Impactor

5. Click OK if the Expired Certificate warning pops up and then type your Apple ID

6. Wait for Cydia Impactor to sideload the app onto your device and, when you see the app icon, you know it is done.

Fixing Untrusted Developer Error:

When you try to use GBA4iOS for the very first time, there is every chance that an Untrusted Developer Error will appear. This really isn’t anything to worry about; the app is not an official one so Apple doesn’t automatically trust the developer. That is something you can do with these steps:

1. Note the developer name from the error message and then click on Cancel

2. Open your Settings app and go on to the General Section

3. From there, tap on Profiles and all your installed app profiles will load

4. Find the developer name and tap it

5. Tap the Trust button and then you can come out of Settings.

6. Try launching GBA4iOS again and you should be able to go straight into the app.

TweakBox App Won’t Download:

If you struggle to get TweakBox app downloaded, it is probably because Apple has revoked the app certificate. The installer runs on Enterprise certificates that have expired and, while they make every effort to replace the certificates regularly, sometimes Apple gets there first and pulls them. The best way to deal with this is to delete TweakBox and then wait a couple of hours. By then, the developers should have replaced the certificate and it will all work properly.

Also, check that you are not attempting to download a modified ++ version of an app when you already have the stock version on your iPhone. For example, if you are running Snapchat and try to download Snapchat++ – always delete the official app first.

That brings us to the end of this guide; we hope you enjoy using GBA4iOS and find all your favorite games to play on your iPhone.


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