Importance of Email Marketing for Law Firms

Many businesses that successfully get and retain customers online have an email marketing strategy as a ‘must have’. Nowadays, the marketing world offers many different ways law firms can market their services. And one of the very effective ways of reaching out to the target audience is through email marketing.

In this blog post, we will share the benefits of email marketing for law firms, and tips on creating a successful law firm marketing strategy for emails.

Advantages of Email Marketing for Law Firms

A Personalized Message

The huge edge of email marketing is that you can customize the content for different types of audiences. This customization comes from the ability to make custom email campaigns and run these campaigns for different audience segments. Maybe your law firm is looking to create educational content with the intent of gaining new customers. Or it might be that your goal is to engage the existing clients in order to retain them. Depending on your intent, you can distribute the target audience into segments, and send out customized content that’s relevant to each segment.

Share What Matters

As discussed in the first point, audience segmentation helps you to create highly personalized content for your audience. You may want to create your law firm’s brand awareness among people who visited your website and subscribed to your newsletter. Or it can be that existing clients with specific types of legal cases should receive educational content that’s relevant to their circumstances. With email newsletters, you can separately address your segmented target audience according to their needs. This way, the content you create is interesting, engaging, and valuable to the reader – and your services seem more authentic and trustworthy.

Generate Website Traffic

If a law firm creates quality content, it is equally essential to notify clients and leads via email. Email marketing helps law firms a lot in boosting traffic to their website. In between, or at the end of an email, you can insert clickable buttons like a CTA (call to action) or a resources button that directly takes the reader to your website. With valuable and helpful content, you get a great opportunity to entice the reader to take the desired action i.e to visit your website and contact you. This way, email marketing is a highly effective way of turning leads into visiting customers.

Boost Sales for Services

As mentioned in the points above, email marketing is a low-cost way of generating high ROI for your law firm. Email campaigns can be customized to cover content for many different topics – helping your firm to effectively reach its myriads of marketing goals. A big benefit of emails is that you get direct access to the inbox of potential leads – bringing opportunities for brand awareness, services growth, and revenue generation. In fact, according to a survey done by a reputed organization, 59% of respondents stated that email marketing played a significant role in nurturing leads and revenue generation.

Now we’ve explored the benefits, let’s now explore tips to create a successful email marketing strategy.

Set the Goals

For your email marketing strategy to make sense, you need to set certain goals. Without goals, there’s no point in doing email marketing. Here are a few goals you might want to reach:

  • Boost the visibility of the firm and offered services
  • Increase leads
  • Launch a new initiative
  • Make the recruitment process better
  • Enter a new market or introduce a new area of service

Goals can be myriads. But, you need to outline them first, in order to create expectations.

Do Email Segmentation

As an effective email marketing practice, you should do marketing audience segmentation to dynamically group contacts based on different criteria. To name a few, you can do segmentation based on:

  • Potential leads
  • Leads in the initial consultation phase
  • Status of clients
  • Type of case
  • Location
  • Gender and age

These are some of the indicators among many others you can use to segment target audience for sending error-free emails to.

Choose the Befitting Email Marketing Platform

You need to choose an email marketing platform that suits your law firm’s requirements. From pricing and frequency of emails to advanced features, you need to compare email marketing platforms and see which suits your goals and budget the best. In this regard, it is good practice to read email platform comparison reviews on Google before making a purchase decision.

Create a Content Calendar

You need to plan out in advance the content topics and ideas you intend on which content will be created. It is important to decide all this in advance so there’s no halt in the regularity of email sending. Be it newsletters, new offerings, or plain educational content, it is essential to chart out the content topics in advance. This way, you know exactly what topics you need to do research on for a specific day, week, or month.

Below are a few types of people you would want to send out emails to:

  • Clients
  • Previous clients
  • VIPs
  • Alumni
  • Law student recruits
  • Leads in the pipeline
  • Referrals
  • Prospects

The above discussion shows why doing email marketing the right way is proven to add a lot to your law firm’s success. 

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