New IRCTC Refund Rules and Cancellation Process

IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corp. Ltd.) carry on an approximate of two crores of daily passengers. The number of passengers traveling is increasing day by day for sure, so Indian Railways plans out to facilitate the public with convenient traveling and refunds. This generated the need of “IRCTC Ticket Cancellation and New Irctc Refund Rules.”

Passengers can make up to 120 days of advance reservations in any traveling class. It can be made from anywhere via the ticket counter or online. However, the e-ticket cancellation can occur only online while window tickets can get the response from online as well as from window.

In the current scenario, the train tickets can get canceled on ticket window, on 139 or via IRCTC website. The reservation amount can be picked from the ticket counter with valid proofs. Indian Railways has to say that if the ticket gets canceled within the allotted duration then refund could be made across the PRS counter. To get the refund amount one must submit the original ticket.

Similarly, the train ticket which is canceled from 139 or the IRCTC website can get the refund from the counter after submitting the original ticket within the fixed duration.

However, the E-ticket case is different. One gets the cash credited directly in the bank account in 2-4 working days after the cancellation has been made from the mobile application or IRCTC website. If the ticket has been canceled from the ticket counter than the cash amount will be paid at the very same counter within the period of 7 days.

Note**– The refund at counters cannot occur if the tickets are booked using credit or debit card on Pos machines.

Another method of getting a refund, if the passenger could not reach the counter within the given period of time then he can file the TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt)  within which the passenger will be allowed for the CCM for the fare refund. TDR refund comes in or around 90 days. Moreover, TDR can only be filed in just natural disaster Condition or any valid and explainable calamity.

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation and New Refund Rules

Irctc Refund Rules

  • No refund will be granted to the confirmed tatkal tickets.
  • No e-ticket will get canceled if once the chart is prepared, the only solution which left after it is TDR. The TDR procedure can be used to track the refund status via IRCTC tracking service.
  • If amount getting debited from the customer account and ticket not issued, IRCTC will refund the entire Fare and
    IRCTC service charges electronically (as the credit to the relevant credit /debit card account used for the
    transaction), but the bank/card transaction charges are likely to be forfeited.
  • More rules and regulation regarding cancellation, you can refer to IRCTC refund policy.

The main aim behind implementing the new rules is to plug the misuse, facilitate the passengers with mobile ticketing or paperless ticketing which is anyway part of Digital India and most secure and easy method of ticketing. This will even discourage the touts on black-marketing of the tickets.

That all about the new refund rules, for more information on technology, keep rolling to our website.

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