Is Stardew Valley a multiplayer game? All you need to know

Stardew Valley came out eight years ago, but this farming simulation game has lost none of its relaxing charm over the years. Single-handedly developed by American creator Eric Barone, this cosy title has sold 20 million units worldwide. Many new gamers keep coming to peaceful Stardew Valley to become full-time farmers or uncover its mysteries. So, can multiple players settle in Pelican Town to make a life for themselves in the country? Let’s find out. 

Is Stardew Valley designed to be multiplayer?

Have you ever dreamt of quitting your day job to revive a dilapidated farm? If so, you cannot go wrong with Stardew Valley. Inspired by classic franchises like Story of Seasons, this casual game puts you in the shoes of a rookie farmer swapping their big city life for a new rural beginning in laid-back Pelican Town. 

You can start fresh on your own or share the land with fellow farmhands – provided you own a PC, a PlayStation 4, an Xbox, or a Nintendo Switch. As it stands, Stardew Valley is only available in single-player mode on mobile devices. Besides, the game does not support cross-platform, except for PC gamers sharing a game with Mac or Linux-based OS players. 

How to kickstart a multiplayer game?

No server setup is required to get your party started in Stardew Valley. Any host can invite up to three guest players by clicking on the co-op button in the main menu. You may welcome new players onto an existing farm, in which case you shall hit Robin’s carpentry store to build new cabins for your farmhands to settle in. When creating a new farm, you will be asked to choose which setting you prefer. 

The Four Corners farm is a go-to map for multiple players since each quadrant features a tiny pond for every player to draw water, alongside other perks. For those looking to start over, a brand-new farm layout is also on its way as part of the upcoming 1.6 update. While this free update has no release date yet, Eric Barone confirmed it would include tons of new content, from seasonal festivals to new lines of dialogue. 

What’s so special about multiplayer Stardew Valley?

Certain Stardew Valley features are exclusive to its co-op mode. For instance, players can tweak the game’s economy upon making a new save available, opting for selling items for less money. Although money can be shared equally or split individually, each player retains their own inventory and energy bar. Skill levels and relationship status are unique to each farmer as well. Similarly, quest progress is essentially individual. Even so, players can help each other to fulfil time-consuming or demanding tasks, such as collecting all Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island or accessing the desert casino after completing Mr Qi’s challenges. 

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Are there restrictions to playing Stardew Valley in co-op mode?

There is one downside to playing Stardew Valley with other gamers, as players can only join their virtual farmland when the owner is available. Guest players do not need to stay on the same map as the host, though. Additionally, some gameplay decisions you make need to be collaborative. For instance, you must all choose between buying a Joja membership or restoring the Community Centre. 

Regarding marriage, every player has to choose a different spouse. The 14-heart events only happen once per NPC, even if said character has gone through a divorce. If no NPC has conquered your heart, you may also craft a wedding ring unique to the multiplayer route to tie the knot with a fellow farmer and have kids.


Stardew Valley is a game you can easily put hundreds of hours into without ever getting bored, and it gets even better with friends. If you play on PC, you may even check out mods on platforms like Nexus Mods to elevate that co-op experience.

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