Keepvid Review – Free Online Video Converter (All Formats)

We live in the age of computer technology and internet. The huge increase in the computing power and its reach has made it the most influential technological platform that has the power to create both good and bad things. A large part of internet traffic is driven by videos.If you like to browse the internet and explore new things it is obvious that you come across many different online videos daily.

Videos are the most effective way to convey a message. Video conversion is an essential task for video editors. For a particular task, a specific video format is suited most. Although there are many software that enables a user to change the format of video files the user has to download and run the heavy software. The solution for this is simple, using an online video converter.

Keepvid is one if the best online video converter that is free to use. Moreover, you do not need any extra technical skills to get the job done.

Keepvid Review – Free Online Video Converter

Keepvid is one of the most popular online tools that allows the user to convert the videos online without much hassle. It can also be used to download videos from websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc. The Keepvid Video converter is great software that allows the user to change the format of any video. Many times we need to use a video for our work or any other similar task. For every specific task, there is a specific file format that fits the work perfectly.

There are many online apps that provide video conversion service directly from a website. But most of them are slow and require the user to follow a complex procedure in order to change the format of a video file. Keepvid offers you a simple interface for video conversion.

Keepvid Video Converter Features

The best thing about Keepvid is its simplicity. It works well both as an online application and you also have the option to download the software on your computer. Keepvid Online Video Converter is available for Windows operating system as well as Mac OS.

With Keepvid video conversion cannot be easier. The process of video conversion is being done online so it does not put additional pressure on your system. Once the conversion is completed, you can download the video file in the format that you chose.

If you want to convert the videos offline go for the Keepvid Video Converter software. Although you can convert to Keepvid Online Video Converter, using the software provides a fast and easy way for video conversion. To convert the videos using the software, go to the convert tab and click on Add Files. Choose the file, now select the output format and quality. Click Convert and your work are done.

To Convert Videos Using Keepvid Online Video Converter Follow the Steps Below:

  • Go to the official Keepvid link Here
  • Click on Choose File to upload the video that you want to convert
  • Below it select the input file type
  • Choose the output video format
  • Click on Convert Now

Final Words

Keepvid is a lightweight and efficient video tool. Video conversion is needed for many purposes and it also optimizes the video quality and size. Considering the features that Keepvid offers, it is the most reliable video converter available online. This works fast and is also suitable for low-end systems.


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