Lilly Card Activation | Activate Lilly Card – Step by Step Guide

Lilly Card Activation process is mentioned here in this article. After you received your Lilly Card your first task is to Activate Lilly Card.

There are two different ways to Activate Lilly Card: Online or Over Phone Call. Both methods are very simple and easy to complete. Follow the steps as mentioned and complete the process.

So, read this post and get knowledgeable about the Lilly Card Activation process. Just follow the procedure to successfully Activate your card.

lilly card activation

Activate Lilly Card Online

Check out the below mention steps to Activate Lilly Card Online. Follow the steps as mentioned and activate your card.

lilly card activation

  • First, click here to enter the official website.
  • Now, there are several details you need to fill as shown in below image.

lilly card activation

  • After you entered the information correctly press the “Submit” button.
  • Now, complete the process successfully.
  • Your card will be activated successfully.

Lilly Card Activation Via Phone Call

In this method, you need your registered mobile number to make a call. Follow the steps as mention and Activate your Lilly Card.

  • Using your registered mobile number dial 1-866-923-1953.
  • Now, listen carefully and select the language to proceed.
  • Now, you have to enter your card number and personal information.
  • Follow the instructions given carefully and complete the process.
  • Your card will be activated successfully.


Go through this article and get complete information about Lilly Card Activation. Check out the two different methods to Activate Lilly Card. Follow the procedure as mentioned and Activate Lilly Savings Card successfully.

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