Top 10 Best Minecraft Seeds You Must Try (Latest List)

“Games”, the only legal place to kill stupid people, live crazy lives, build the stronger building and roaming in different worlds. Minecraft is adored across the globe. It has gone through a lot of updates and changes and thus it is the most loved game worldwide. It gives the user another glance to think and build. Showing creativeness in the different world, different modes of the game keeps the user highly active and engaged. Minecraft seeds easily direct you to its different world.

The random unique values which appear in form of seeds work like a barcode to travel a different world. However, the new changes made by the player in a world will never appear in the newly created seed. The privilege is, the user will not spawn for every seed in the same location Or the player can spawn in different places of the same world.

Like every other games’ tips and tricks. Minecraft seeds also followed up with a bit of sensitivity. You always need to look for the seed code while entering, that is exact or not. It is very easy to find out Seed ID. One just needs to type “/seed” in the chat bar, and you’ll have your result. Moreover, always see that structure generator should be on otherwise it will temple, ocean monuments and dungeons won’t spawn on the map. Let’s give a look to some seeds.

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Best Minecraft Seeds

1) 6 Diamonds and Desert Loot (1.9)

(SEED CODE: -2579494896997723047)

Gamer will spawn just next village near the desert. Their user will witness Blacksmith’s chest, it will be containing three diamonds in it, with a bit of iron armor. Thereafter, a temple will be visible, some 50 blocks ahead. Its loot contains Enchanted Golden Apple, Golden Apple, a Power II Enchanted Book, and other three more diamonds.

2) Fossil At Spawn (1.12)

SEED CODE: -999595225643433963

The gamer will enjoy the crazy traveling, across the rivers and double ravine. While in the on-going scene, the player will witness the fossil which he/she need to dig very carefully. Keeping a strong streak on the track and traveling to north through deserts, the gamer will see a village within which he will see the desert temple, which is hidden under the sand around 100 blocks ahead.

3) Two igloos, one with the secret basement

SEED CODE- 3500229128833691836 (1.9)

The seeds will take the player somewhere within the wintry forest where the one will find comfortable igloos, which harbors the secret basement. The gamer will witness the secret basement under a rug. One needs to enter very consciously as down there a secret workshop has a zombie lying to grab the gamer. One needs to get rid of it.

4) Giant Floating Island feat. Ominous Abyss

SEED CODE: frt7g5

There comes a floating Island where the gamer will be bloating in Ominous Abyss. Near around, one will witness the river and pretty scenes. How there is village nearbuy this giant floating Island where the gamer will move in search of the treasure which is surely as drastic as it should be.

5) Flower Forest and Ice Plains

SEED CODE: 4837753214958088255 (1.8.3)

It can be called the perfect setting of Adventure Time Tribute. The icy spikes are rare variants of Tundra biome which features a huge sculpture of pillars of packed Ice. On either side, you’ll witness oceans lapping and the other side a frigid is is looking closely to paradise.

6) Village Surrounded by Snow (1.8.3)

SEED CODE: 870685196012565250

The seed takes to most elegant NPC village scene of Minecraft ever. You’ll see a friendly neighborhood, calm life and thawed patch of cold swampy moist forest. Near around, there is the farm for food. The player will be eligible to seek the diamonds. More, it will show a sucker for a snowy backyard. Ain’t the great one?

7) Minimalist Survival Island

SEED CODE: 3366408241916580461

The survival island takes you to the calmest of all the world and places, the pared down setting might provoke for some soul-searching. You will find no supplies of essential. All you got to do is take help from nearby squid. You’ll feel it as the best surviving seed as survival is tricky.

8) Beautiful Mesa Forest (1.8.3)

SEED CODE: 3971121552768171949

You’ll witness the background with most colorful clay. Mesa seeds boast upon several interesting quirks. One can start the journey within the thick clusters of oak trees grow. You’ll see a wide-ranging mesa forest with a great depth surrounded by deep lake craters. All you need to do is find the rim of the crater. This goes super tricky as you get dropped into extensive underground tunnels.

9) Mysterious, lone resident (1.9)

SEED CODE: 1480351183376464763

The seed will drop you to very mysterious yet simple and unique place. You’ll see a cottage with lone resident. The librarian, an endless satisfying building, and fortress. It is surrounded by greenery and horses which candy to the eye. More reasons to have this seed is satisfaction of calm place.

10) Outskirt of a huge desert village

Seed: 8678942899319966093

Spawning in an array of prissy clip-clops around the huge desert village is better to a Minecraft world. The seeds in the world offer equestrian sort of the ideal starting point. You need to seek everything and run off into the sunset. Inside the village, there are chests which are packed with great diamond horse armors, gold ingots, obsidian etc.

Wrapping Up

So here go the most beautiful, thrilling and just perfect Minecraft seeds which will direct you to the very beautiful gaming world. Whether it be oceans, or forests and lone library. We have opted best 10. There are enormous seeds available on the internet from Minecraft 1.0 to 1.12 showing the best of all the versions. Here are just a few to give you the glimpse of best. Enjoying playing each seed.

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