How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View To YouTubers & How Much You Can Make

If you thinking to start your own channel on Youtube and want to earn some money from it. Then before you start you need to know the lot about Youtube. Like How much does Youtube pay per view or per thousand views to Youtubers and How much do Youtubers make with their channels. It’s really important to know that how much you can get the return from your hard work. Or How much you can make on Youtube.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View

If you are thinking that you are going to earn money through publishing or getting hits by subscribers of your 30-45 seconds ads or videos on YouTube Official Video Channel, then at first you have to be aware of processes, terms and conditions and their deals. So that you could earn some money without having any troubles and issues.

In the beginning, you need to know about Youtube CPV, CPC, and RPM . There are lots of factors which decide the actual cost per thousand views. Like Viewer Geo, your niche etc.

But in general, What everyone says is ” You can make $1 per thousand views from Youtube”. This is not the actual cost per view. As I said it depends on a lot of things. So it can be $4-$5 or more or sometimes less than $1.

Confused? It’s little complicated and no one can actually tell you. How much you can make per thousand views, not even Google or Youtube itself. But you will have an idea about it, by the end of this post.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View to YouTubers In 2016

You must have read many success stories of YouTubers making millions of dollars on Youtube. And you just move forward to start your own channel, dreaming of earning $$$$. But you cannot become a great player within one-night preparation it needs years of practice to get reach to the top.

Though there are no such criteria like you should be Youtube star to earn money from Youtube. Or you need to have lakhs or millions of views. You can get paid from the first view that you get on your video. You can be anyone, who can produce great content that people like to watch.

You can do anything that you are good at. Just share your skills with the people and if they love, you can be a Youtube star.

 how much do youtubers get paid

There are many top YouTubers like PewDiePie who are making millions of dollars. They all start from the same process that you are doing. They have also struggled like you in the beginning. But they keep working, learning from their own experience. And now you need to do the same. So let’s begin with the basics of Youtube.

To earn from Youtube, you need to create some unique stuff. Unique means that your video should not contain any Copy Right stuff. Though, you might able to manage to fool Youtube with your video containing Copy Right stuff. But in long, you will regret. Just follow the Youtube policy and everything will be fine. If you want to learn more about Youtube Monetisation. You can visit Youtube Partner program. Let’s come to our main topic and learn how Youtube decide the per view cost.

Basically, Youtube shares its revenue that it get from the advertisers to display their ads on the video. There are many ad formats that you must have seen while watching some videos on Youtube like Banner Ad, Video Ad etc.

YouTube Pay to YouTubers through CPC and CPV. Both are call Cost Per Click and Cost Per View. These are the first things that YouTubers have to know. If any person clicks or visits the ads on YouTube, YouTube charges on that click or per click from the advertisers. CPV is if somebody wants to watch videos on YouTube video channel and when he/she clicks for that video to watch, YouTube pays for per view called CPV.

Its all depend on the Advertiser, Which ads they have opted for CPC or CPV.

1. Cost Per Click [CPC] Processes:

CPC is the main source, that YouTube pays the capital to the YouTubers. If somebody visits or clicks on any of advertisement that displayed on their video, CPC will charge from that advertisers. After that, they add this money to the video’s owners Adsense account.

The whole process totally depends on how many persons or visitors visits the ads or video’s site. If YouTube didn’t get any click on the ads, then there is nothing for publishers or video owners. You have to make your video in very attractive ways to make viewers or subscribers inspire and make them engage. So that you could have as much as visitors or viewers for your profit and popularity. CPC depend on lots of factors like Country, niche.

Like in Tier 2 countries India, you will get around $.04-$.1 for a click. But in Tier 1 countries like US, UK. CPC is comparatively higher than Tier 2. You will easily get $.1-$1 or more. It can be more depending on your niche and advertisers. It is just an approx value that Youtubers are getting.

2. Youtube Cost Per View [CPV] :

CPV is quite familiar with CPC, as you can say both are related to each other. Whenever subscribers or viewers watch any video for at least 30 seconds or half of the video length, whichever is lower. You will get paid for that view. In this case, you will get paid for views only not for the click that viewer made on the ad.

Publicists just get paid YouTube whenever sites or ads clicks by others or look videos about 30 secs. This is the only reason that you can’t attach your channel perspective to dollars. If no one watches or snaps the ads you will not able to earn money and zero percentage of profit. Promoters pay a lot of capitals particularly to get their ads before the top group of observers.

Nowadays people are learning more direct ways, how they could get pay from YouTube. If your video goes viral within few days or week in the whole world through YouTube, then YouTubers will get paid money by YouTube out of your expectation. However, it happens for those luckiest people who gives their best effort on their video to make craziest, funniest and unique and better unseen before.

Another thing is whether your videos is unique or not, it doesn’t matter but it must be unseen and have to be messaging something or inspirable video that never seen before. And also you have to be the first that unseen video maker before the others. After that, it’s easy to earn to get more viewers and visitors. If you have the highest visitors or viewers and if you have reached the top of YouTube world, YouTube pays the worth of YouTubers without having any regret.

Actual Process of YouTube PayPer View To YouTubers: CPC and CPV.

Now for an example, you make a review video of iPhone 7, and gets the maximum perspectives such as around 1,000,000. After that your CTR is about 0.2% or percentage of viewers and clickers. 2,000 viewers or subscribers visits or clicks the ads, that the CPC is about $2.50 or multiply the number of CPC that is $2.50 with clickers that also 2,000 [2000 x 2.50 = $5,000 Google cuts down 32% out of 100% from the total amount. So at the last it stands the amount 68% which is your pay-out.

So if you are inovative and have some skills that you can share with others. Then start your Youtube channel and start making money. In the beginning you might find it hard. As all new work is hard at the beginning. But soon when money start flowing, you will start enjoying it.
Hope you undersatnd that How much Youtubers can make and How much they get paid for per view. If you still have any doubt, let me know in comments.

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