Now Passenger Can Change The Name In The Confirmed Ticket Of IRCTC

IRCTC is making rapid changes in its interface. The goal is to enhance the convenience of Indian public plus promote the digital India project. We’ve witnessed the changing scenario expeditiously, people use to travel miles to book the ticket and even after that they used to be in misery whether the ticket has gotten confirmed or not. But now so far, we can look up to all the details on IRCTC website. To facilitate more, IRCTC now allows the change Passenger’s name in the confirmed ticket of IRCTC.

It often happens that ticket gets confirmed and then the traveler wants to switch. To avoid more of inconvenience, new rules and regulations implied. According to them, a passenger can change the name in the reservation only by the permission of  Sr.Divisional Commercial Manager of the, particularly concerned division.

If any particular division does not have any Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager then the power goes into the hands of Divisional Commercial Manager of the particular division. It can be done only through the written requisition with all the valid and necessary documents which is required under the rules of IRCTC, that is to file before 24 hours of scheduled departure.

Passenger name change- Points to kepp in mind:-

(i) Any Government servant going on the duty or have any appropriate authority makes a written request in 24 hours before scheduled departure can be granted the permission.

(ii)  With all the valid proofs one can switch the ticket to any family member with valid proof of being in blood relation with the passenger, i.e. father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, and wife. One needs  The Station Manager will be competent to permit all alteration of reservation under the rules. The traveler must carry the “electronic reservation slip” while traveling.

(iii) In the case of the group traveling, group’s written request should be
tendered in writing 48 hours before the scheduled departure of train and change of
name is not permitted in excess of 10% of the total strength of the group/party.

The above rules are confirmed by official IRCTC website

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