OSRS – The Most Underrated Items You May Not Know About

There are such a vast amount of items in OSRS, so here is a few that you may have not noticed. 

There is a seemingly endless amount of items in Old School Runescape. With such a high amount of loot for you to get your hands on, or spend your OSRS Gold on even, its easy to see how some fall by the wayside. This means that you could be missing out on some hidden gems so to speak here and there. With that in mind, here is a handful of items that you should know about when adventuring through the vast world of the long-lasting MMO. 

Beacon Ring

If you have come across other lists or discussions on what the more underrated items are in Old School Runescape, then the odds are that the Beacon Ring has popped up at some point. That’s because there is a few advantages to using one, and its also free. Don’t be fooled about its price however, as it poses Magic and Defence bonuses, and you can get as many as you need to. Even though the ring is one-time use, it is easy for you to get. 

If you would like to get your hands on the Beacon Ring, then you can do so during the What Lies Below quest. Though some may consider it underrated, for a free ring it certainly has a lot going for it. 

Holy Wrench

We mentioned that there is often reocurring items on lists such as these, and along with the Beacon Ring we often see the Holy Wrench. This is because the wrench just seems like a normal item, but it can be very useful when used with Prayer Potions. The reason being that they have an extra 2% effect using the Holy Wrench with them. 

There are a couple of way that you can obtain the wrench tooll. You can get one from the Rum Deal quest, which is a recommended way since its a simple quest to complete. You could also get your self a Prayer Cape which has one accompanying it. 


Players won’t struggle to get their hands on the Ectophial. Like the Holy Wrench, you can get the Ectophial by completing an easy quest, this time with Ghosts Ahoy. Having said that, it is an incredibly useful item despite how easy it is to claim one. 

You can use a one-click teleport with the Ectophial, and is accompanied by an eye-catching animation. It can also refill itself, which is another handy feature to think about. You can also use it to get yourself to Morytania, which is a very helpful location for new players, with it featuring training areas and questing. 

Ring of Wealth

Often on overlooked item, the Ring of Wealth has a number of benefits. In order to make one, you will have to cast the specll Lvl-5 Enchant on a Dragonstone Ring. To do this is, you will have to have level 68 Magic and give 78 experience. If you still need to make a Dragonstone ring, then you can do so with 55 Crafting and mixing gold with a cut Dragonstone at a furnace, where you will need a ring mould.

You can gain a number of rare drops from the rare drop table if you wear the ring whilst killing monsters. What’s more, you can charge it at the Fountain of Rune which allows you to teleport to different places based on wealth. 

Crystal Shield

The Crystal Shield is perhaps one of the more underrated items that exists on this list. You can get your hands on it through the Roving Elves quest.

One of the reasons that it is more underrated than others is because of the accolades it has.  In fact, it has the highest Range Defence for its slot at +80, which makes it a bit of an unsung hero. There is also decent Raw and Magic Defence, and it doesn’t lose stats when it degrades. If it does degrade, then it won’t cost you too much to recharge it either. 

Infernal Axe

The Infernal Axe is something that will be very appealing to someone who spends a lot of time woodcutting. This is because it allows you to train two skills at once. Whilst cutting, using the axe actually burns a third of the log, meaning that you are training both woodcutting and firemaking at the same time. 

This overall improves the speed of your cutting, albeit sacrificing some of the profit since the logs are burnt. In any case, if this sounds appealing to you then you will need to get your hands on a Smoldering Stone and a Dragon Axe. You will also need to be at +85 Firemaking in order to create the Infernal Axe. 

Zamorak Godsword

What makes the Zamorak Godsword an interesting choice on lists about underrated OSRS items is that it was once a near useless sword. Thankfully, the sword was buffed to make it much more of a contender. 

It can now rub shoulders with the rest of the Godswords in OSRS. It has incredible accuracy, and a special move known as Ice Cleave which temporarily freezes your opponents. Traits such as these can make it a very handy choice in PvE and PvP, whichever you prefer. 

The majority of these items are pretty easy for you to get your hands on, but when used correctly they can have great effects. Whilst some may not seem like they are overrated to everyone, but they could have been missed here and there when out obtaining similar items. Its often important to know what items you are working towards, especially when you buy OSRS Gold.”. Hopefully, this list has given you an idea of some items that you were unaware of to have such an impact. 

Have you found any of these items in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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