Path of Exile – Farming Exalted Orbs Guide

If you have been looking into farming Exalted Orbs, then there’s a few things you should know first. 

The use of currency in Path of Exile differs to how it does in other games. PoE currency is predominantly used with PoE Orbs, one of which is known as Exalted Orbs. This is often abbreviated to Exalts, and can be used to enhance rare equipment with the use of a random affix. They can also on occasion give you the chance to re-roll modifiers on items as well as enhancements In this guide, we will discuss the best ways for you to Farm Exalted Orbs. 

Why Farm Exalted Orbs?

This is a question that you are probably asking yourself, despite their uses for enhancement on rare items. In fact, this is the catalyst as to why you should farm them. Their efficiency makes them set at an incredibly high value, which makes them very sought after for players who are looking to trade. So if you are looking for a way of getting rich in Path of Exile, then Exalted Orbs are the way to do so. 

The great thing about Path of Exile in these circumstances is that the game has been subjected to a number of large content updates ever since its initial release. With that comes more and more ways for you to farm currency in PoE.

Flipping Currency

There is a way for you to get Exalted Orbs in rather simple fashion, by just exchanging your low-tier currency at a vendor. However, this is something you should probably avoid. This level of currency can be put to better use with helping you power leveling up, and doesn’t really bag you the experience to make it worthwhile. 

The only time I would suggest you look into flipping your PoE currency is when you have some to spare. It isn’t currency that you are worried about losing, and it can also free up some space in the process. If that’s the case, then you could definitely go ahead and exchange your currency, just maybe not to the extent where you are losing too much of your Orb stash. 

Grinding Mobs

Path of Exile sets itself apart once again here, by making taking on a mob of enemies a popular way to grind, which is especially useful for Exalted Orbs. Before you get ahead of yourself, the drop rate is very slim for these Orbs, hence why their value is so high. 

Having said that, its certainly a quicker way than the previous method. Plus, there are also areas in which the drop rate is much higher than others. For example, places like the Burial Chambers have a much higher drop rate than others. There is also the Uber Elder for when you get later into the game.

High-Level Players – Endgame Map Farming

If you have gotten to a point in Path of Exile where you can be considered a high-level character, then you should consider map farming. To do this, finish Act 10 and head over to the Templar Laboratory. Here, you will see the workings of similar games, in which once you have put the map inside the map device, a random instance is created. 

As you’d expect, there are different kinds of maps throughout the game that vary in quality, ranging from normal, magic, rare and unique. The higher the quality of map, the greater the risk, but also greater the reward. The feeling amongst the community is that you should wait until you can gain access to maps that are at least level 66. This is because anything lower that isn’t of Magic quality isn’t really going to net you anything worth getting, so by aiming for this threshold and above then you should find a good place to farm.

These are three of the main methods you can use to farm the PoE currency Exalted Orbs. Some are more time-consuming and less effective than others, and will also depend on where you are in the game in general. You shouldn’t really need to focus on farming Exalts at the start of the game, as the best opportunities tend to favor higher level players. 

Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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