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Are you a bibliophile? Do you love being engrossed in books?

Do you consider books as your best friends and enjoy their company wherever you go?

If so then this article will be of your interest.

Reading books is a hobby for many people but to make books an indispensable part of life is a skill that not all of us possess.

And, if you are the one then go through this entire post, something magical is waiting for you ahead.

First let us see the topics that we will be discussing about in this post:

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Now, let us discuss each one of the above-mentioned things in detail: | Why Not Working? is a beautifully crafted website for all the book lovers out there that offer free books to read.

 There are tons of books that you can read anytime and anywhere you want and that too for Free.

It has the facility of reading and downloading millions of e-books for free. It also has audio books, best of 2021 books, reader’s choice books and many other special books, all for Free

But, being a bibliophile, you should have many Sites like so that you are always full of books. And in this post, we will provide you the links of similar websites that will satiate your book hunger.

Top 9 Similar Websites like

Below is the list of 100% working, trustworthy and efficient sites that are almost similar to and provide you millions of epub files:

1. EpubPuB


EpubPub is a wonderful website and one of the greatest alternatives for Every book here is Free for all the bibliophiles of the world.

It contains more than 10,000 books of almost all genres, whether it is adult, comedy, thriller, horror, romance, fiction or fantasy

2. The Book Disciple

The Book Disciple

The Book Disciple is a beautiful platform that contains thousands of e-books and lets the people read them for free.

The interface of website is very user-friendly, engaging and catchy. Moreover, you can subscribe to this website for news letter and if you are the lucky one, you will get a surprise gift.

3. Steamy Reads

Steamy Reads

Just like, Steamy Reads also offers thousands of books for free. If you are a bibliomaniac then Steamy Reads is made for you only.

You will get a wonderful exposure to the online books as this platform has e-books of almost all the genres known to mankind till date.

Also, check the list of more sites to download free e-books from the internet.

4. Maryse’s Book Blog

Maryse’s Book Blog

Again, Maryse’s Book Blog is one of the finest platforms for reading free e-books online. It has a huge collection of books

Not only it provides you with e-books for free but also gives you daily recommendations for reading. You can also get the reviews of different books with this website.

5. 1001 Dark Nights

1001 Dark Nights

1001 Dark Nights is also a similar sites like and has a very sophisticated and engaging interface for book lovers.

The design and look of the website is really attractive and all the e-books here are free and enough to satisfy your book hunger.

6. Just Read Book

Just Read Book

Just Read Book is again a well crafted platform for book lovers. Here you will get thousands of books to read for free.

You will get minute details about each and every book like date of publishing, author, summary, genre, market cost and total number of pages and so on.

7. Romance.IO


Romance.IO contains over 10,000 e-books of the romance genre, all for free. You can access these books whenever and wherever you want.

This is a user-friendly website that keeps on adding new releases every month for you to read.

8. Bookhooking


Being a home to some of the most beautiful books, Bookhooking is a website that lets you read all its e-books for free.

You can subscribe to this website for the latest updates and new releases so that you can grab your new e-book soon.

9. PDF Scout 

PDF Scout 

PDF Scout is a website that provides free e-books that can both be downloaded and read online without any cost.

You just need to click on the download button and you will get your e-book for free. New releases of all genres are available on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the need of e-books websites?

E-books are much easier to carry and read. You can access these e-books anytime and anywhere you want. Also, they are easily available and of great help when you are travelling.

You don’t need extra space in tour luggage bags for carrying e-books. So, enjoy reading in a hassle-free manner while travelling.

  • Are these websites safe and trustworthy?

Yes, definitely they are. All the above websites are 100% safe and you can blindly rely on them as they all are first tested by us.

We only provide the links of safe and secure websites so that your device gets no harm while downloading content from them.

  • Do we need to pay for these e-books?

No, surely not. You don’t need to pay anything for getting these e-books. All the above websites provide only free ebooks.

All you need to do is to visit the website, search for your favorite book, download it and then read them for free.

  • Are these websites as efficient as

Yes, they are. All these websites have almost similar content and provide all e-books for free.

So, what are you waiting for Bibliophiles? Just go, grab your coffee mug, and download your free e-books and read, read and READ as much as you can


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