9 Best Ebook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

10 Best Ebook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

Torrents have been the hot topic of discussion for quite sometimes. The officials have been trying very hard to keep piracy in check, but have failed continuously. Torrents are a source for free content ranging from software to songs, from movies to live reality shows, and from games to EBooks.Here goes the list of 10 Best Ebook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books.

For all the other book lovers out there, torrents are a goldmine. In this article, we have tried to find some of the best Ebook torrent sites where you can download thousands of books without paying any money.

We understand the charm of torrents. That is undying. With every new release, we look after torrents of priority to grab it fast.


Best Ebook Torrent Sites to Download Free Books

So, without wasting further time, have a look at some of the most famous and best torrents EBook sites:


Torrent sites for ebook

Founded in 2003, Torrentsites.com is a complete solution for ebooks and various other things. It has the lists of 50+ live websites which provide many ebooks for download for free. This is the best way to read the most selling books for free without buying them from the market.


Another torrent offering site which is specially built for just e-books. You can look for all the popular books here. The website keeps showing the recent books they’ve added. Nevertheless, you can look for books genre-wise. Plus, the website has a quite convenient interface which makes the seeker find books of his/her choice conveniently.



This is a site that has dedicated itself solely to EBooks. FreeEbookSpot has more than 90 categories of EBooks. You can get almost any type of EBooks on this website. There is an option to register on the site.

It’s a free registration procedure, and you can download EBooks once you have gone through the registration process. Science, engineering, programming, fiction are some of the categories mostly used on the website. It’s a library, and one has to see to believe the vast collection offers.


Boasting a decent stock of EBooks, this site continues to grow as it draws in more visitors. Grooving among millions of torrent file, search here your favorite eBook. No matter whatever book you’re looking, get sold in whichever copyrights. You can look it here for free.


The best-known websites for your eBooks. Look for the latest books here. In this age of strict piracy surveillance, it is hard to maintain one’s popularity. However, extratorrent continues to gain more and more traffic as the days go by. The community is also very active and has grown to become one of the most active communities in the whole world. Extratorrent also hosts the ETTV and ETRG release groups.

Both ETTV and ETRG are famous, influential piracy sites. Again, this website is known for distributing the TV shows, and any other media content. Like all other torrent sites, it also has a decent amount of EBooks Collection for the average readers to entertain themselves.


Founded in the year 2009, this website was quick to surpass the former Giant, The Pirate Bay. The seeds on the pirate bay were slowly dying, and kickass popped up at the right time to take the spotlight from the former star. You can look for your favor eBooks here. Now and always.

Kickass manages to remain on the radars by changing their domain names constantly, and although the owner of the website was arrested a few months ago, the website is still up and operational. Some say it is a proxy server, some say it is the reincarnation of the original, but the stock of EBooks on this website is plenty, so who cares? Kickass boasts a vast library of EBooks, your one-stop solution for reading.


This website has been around for the past decade. 2016 has proved to be the most struggling year for almost all torrent sites, and torrent hounds were no exception. It has been on the radar and is also banned in many countries all over the world. Though it was around for quite a long time, IsoHunt has entered the top 10 league, quite recently.

The timing may not be idle for the website, but entering the top ten is a big achievement is many ways. Isohunt boasts a decent amount of EBooks, for casual and as well as serious readers. However, due to the site being blocked over many counties, questions arise about the future of the torrent site. Looking for the proxy is always a good option. So grab your favorite books here.


Demonoid may be considered as a search engine among torrents. It has many torrents to provide by itself. Rather if you search something on the website, Torrentz will give a list of other torrent sites which has that particular object. It’s like the google of torrent sites.

However, at times it gets blocked in many countries and running it through the proxy, as it is the only option you get left with. I decided to include this site on the list because you can search for almost anything, as it gives a list of many torrent sites that has the searched item. So there is a real passivity that you will find the EBook you’re searching.


Like all other old school torrent sites, Torrentdownloads has been around for a long time. The site appeared last in the year 2011. Recently it has yet again shown up on the radars and has managed to wriggle its way into the top 10. The index of torrent downloads is its main attraction.

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Bottom Line

So, these are some of the best free Ebooks torrents sites where you can download hundred and thousands of your favorite Ebooks.

Nothing beats the paperback experience of books. Though, in a digital world such as this, the EBooks have certainly grown in popularity. EBooks are a great way to get your hands on reading materials that are otherwise unavailable in a particular region or are downright too costly to afford. These top 10 torrent sites contain a huge stock of EBooks to explore for the avid readers out there.

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