Reference List of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Enemies

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Enemies Codes

Here is the reference list of Skyrim Enemies Codes which you may find useful. A lot of you will need these NPCs, Item Codes to use with the Skyrim Console Commands. So we have compiled everything individually. So in this article, we bring out to you the Skyrim Enemy Codes. The Base ID is used with a ‘place at me’ command to spawn new creatures in the game and name suggests the type of creature.

Here are the Enemy Codes, you will find the NPCs here.

Base ID Name

000F811E Ancient Dragon (Frost)

000F811C Ancient Dragon (Fire)

00033851 Ancient Vampire

0006D22F Apprentice Conjurer

00045C5F Apprentice Fire Mage

00045C60 Apprentice Ice Mage

000548FF Apprentice Necromancer

00045C61 Apprentice Storm Mage

001091A8 Arch Conjurer

001091AA Arch Cryomancer

001091AC Arch Electromancer

001091AB Arch Necromancer

001091A9 Arch Pyromancer

0006D232 Ascendant Conjurer

000551AE Ascendant Necromancer

00039CF4 Bandit

0003DF17 Bandit Chief

001B0D8 Bandit Chief

0001B0DB Bandit Chief

0001B0DC Bandit Chief

0001B0DD Bandit Chief

000C0037 Bandit Chief

000E1646 Bandit Chief

0001B0DE Bandit Chief (Nord Two Handed)

0001B0E1 Bandit Chief (Nord)

0001B0EB Bandit Chief (Orc)

00039D4A Bandit Highwayman (Magic)

0001E60D Bandit Highwayman (Melee)

00037C35 Bandit Highwayman (Ranged)

00090739 Bandit Leader

00039D58 Bandit Marauder (Magic)

0001E611 Bandit Marauder (Melee)

00037C43 Bandit Marauder (Ranged)

00039D38 Bandit Outlaw (Magic)

0001BCD9 Bandit Outlaw (Melee)

00037C2D Bandit Outlaw (Ranged)

00039D51 Bandit Plunderer (Magic)

0001E610 Bandit Plunderer (Melee)

00037C3C Bandit Plunderer (Ranged)

00039D43 Bandit Thug (Magic)

0001BCDA Bandit Thug (Melee)

00037C2E Bandit Thug (Ranged)

00023A8A Bear

00046E84 Black-Briar Mercenary (Melee)

000AD09C Black-Briar Mercenary (Ranged)

000DC8DA Blackblood Marauder (Beserker)

000DC8DB Blackblood Marauder (Tank)

000DC8DC Blackblood Marauder (Ranged)

000DC8D9 Blackblood Marauder (Magic)

000DC8D8 Blackblood Marauder (Magic)

000F80FD Blood Dragon (Fire)

000E6D73 Blood Horker (Two Handed Melee)

000E6D71 Blood Horker (Melee)

000E6D74 Blood Horker (Tank)

000E6D75 Blood Horker (Ranged)

000E6D76 Blood Horker (Magic)

000DAE86 Blood Horker (Two Handed)

000DAE8C Blood Horker (Ranged)

0003384E Blooded Vampire

0004D8D1 Boethiah Cultist

0004D8D3 Boethiah Cultist

0004D8D4 Boethiah Cultist

0004D8D5 Boethiah Cultist

0004D8D2 Boethiah Cultist

000B0E87 Boethiah Cultist

000F812A Bounty Collector

000BC09F Bounty Hunter (Melee)

000BC0A0 Bounty Hunter (Ranged)

000BC0A1 Bounty Hunter (Magic)

00023A8B Cave Bear

000A5600 Chaurus

00023A8F Chaurus Reaper

000DE517 Companion Ghost (Female One Handed Melee)

000AB102 Companion Ghost (Male One Handed Melee)

000DE516 Companion Ghost (Female Two Handed Melee)

000DE519 Companion Ghost (Male Two Handed Melee)

000DE518 Companion Ghost (Female Ranged)

000AB104 Companion Ghost (Male Ranged)

0006D231 Conjurer

0006D230 Conjurer Adept

000EB876 Corrupted Shade (Melee)

000F5BBB Corrupted Shade (Ranged)

000EB870 Corrupted Shade (Melee)

000F5BB9 Corrupted Shade (Ranged)

000EBA05 Corrupted Shade (Melee)

000F5BBA Corrupted Shade (Ranged)

000E5F38 Corsair

00100567 Corsair

0005B615 Corsair

00100566 Corsair

00045CBF Cryomancer

000EAFB4 Dragon (Frost)

000354CA Dragon

0001CA03 Dragon (Fire)

000CD63E Dragon Cultist

00023A93 Dragon Priest

0010FC15 Dragon Priest

0003B547 Draugr

0004247E Draugr Death Overlord

0004247F Draugr Death Overlord (Ebony Equipment)

0003B54B Draugr Deathlord

00044C5B Draugr Deathlord (Ebony Equipment)

0004247B Draugr Overlord

0003B54A Draugr Scourge

0004247D Draugr Scourge Lord

000ABA9C Draugr Thrall (Melee)

000ABAA0 Draugr Thrall (Melee)

000ABAA1 Draugr Thrall (Ranged)

000ABAA2 Draugr Thrall (Magic)

0003B549 Draugr Wight

0004247C Draugr Wight Lord

0016EF0 Dremora Caitiff (Melee)

00016EF6 Dremora Caitiff (Ranged)

00016F04 Dremora Caitiff (Magic)

00023A95 Dremora Churl (Melee)

00025D1C Dremora Churl (Ranged)

00025D1D Dremora Churl (Magic)

00016F6A Dremora Kynreeve (Melee)

00016FE2 Dremora Kynreeve (Ranged)

00016FF3 Dremora Kynreeve (Magic)

00016F40 Dremora Kynval (Melee)

00016F46 Dremora Kynval (Ranged)

00016F69 Dremora Kynval (Magic)

0010DDEE Dremora Lord

00016FF4 Dremora Markynaz (Melee)

00016FF6 Dremora Markynaz (Ranged)

00016FF7 Dremora Markynaz (Magic)

00017ED7 Dremora Messenger

00016FF9 Dremora Valkynaz (Ranged)

00016FFA Dremora Valkynaz (Magic)

00016FF8 Dremora Valynaz (Melee)

00084D15 Dunmer Ghost

0010F9B9 Dwarven Centurion

000C3CB9 Dwarven Centurion

0010E753 Dwarven Centurion Guardian

00023A96 Dwarven Centurion Master

0010EC89 Dwarven Sphere

000C272D Dwarven Sphere

000EED25 Dwarven Sphere

00023A97 Dwarven Sphere Guardian

0010EC8E Dwarven Sphere Master

00023A98 Dwarven Spider

0010EC87 Dwarven Spider Guardian

0010EC86 Dwarven Spider Worker

000132A0 East Empire Dockmaster

0007E5EB East Empire Dockworker

0007E5EA East Empire Dockworker

00056AFD East Empire Mercenary

000CA6D1 East Empire Warden

000F811B Elder Dragon (Fire)

000F811A Elder Dragon (Frost)

00045CC0 Electromancer

000F737C Enthralled Wizard

000F7385 Enthralled Wizard

000F4926 Enthralled Wizard

0003B54C Falmer

00029980 Falmer Gloomlurker

0003B54E Falmer Nightprowler

000B2D35 Falmer Servant

0003B54F Falmer Shadowmaster

0003B54D Falmer Skulker

00045CA0 Fire Mage

00045C7A Fire Mage Adept

00045CBB Fire Wizard

00023AA6 Flame Atronach

0009B2AE Flame Thrall

00043BDC Forsworn

0004430A Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)

0004430B Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)

0004430C Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)

0004430D Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)

0004430E Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)

0004430F Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)

00044310 Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)

00044311 Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)

00044312 Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)

00044313 Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)

00043BF0 Forsworn Forager (Magic)

00043BEE Forsworn Forager (Melee)

00043BEF Forsworn Forager (Ranged)

00044262 Forsworn Looter (Magic)

00044263 Forsworn Looter (Melee)

00044264 Forsworn Looter (Ranged)

00044274 Forsworn Pillager (Magic)

00044275 Forsworn Pillager (Melee)

00044276 Forsworn Pillager (Ranged)

00044286 Forsworn Ravager (Magic)

00044287 Forsworn Ravager (Melee)

00044288 Forsworn Ravager (Ranged)

00043BEA Forsworn Shaman (Magic)

00044298 Forsworn Warlord (Magic)

00044299 Forsworn Warlord (Melee)

0004429A Forsworn Warlord (Ranged)

00023AA7 Frost Atronach

000351C3 Frost Dragon

000F82BA Frost Spirit

0009B2AB Frost Thrall

00023ABB Frost Troll

00041FB4 Frostbite Spider

00104B61 Ghost (Magic)

00104B60 Ghost (Magic)

00104B5F Ghost (Magic)

00104B5E Ghost (Magic)

00104B5D Ghost (Magic)

00104B5C Ghost (Magic)

00104B5B Ghost (Magic)

000D93A2 Ghost (Female One Handed Melee)

000B1F96 Ghost (Male One Handed Melee)

000D93A3 Ghost (Female Two Handed Melee)

000B1F97 Ghost (Male Two Handed Melee)

000D93A4 Ghost (Female Beserker)

000B1F98 Ghost (Male Beserker)

000D93A5 Ghost (Female Tank)

000B1F99 Ghost (Male Tank)

000D93A6 Ghost (Female Ranged)

000B1F9A Ghost (Male Ranged)

000D93A7 Ghost (Female Magic)

000B1F9B Ghost (Male Magic)

000B117E Ghost

000C19F7 Ghost

00023AAE Giant

00023AAB Giant Frostbite Spider

000A350A Glenmoril Witch

00090CE2 Great Beast

00074F83 Hag (Fire)

00074F84 Hag (Ice)

00074F85 Hag (Storm)

00023AB0 Hagraven

00035B5E Hired Thug

000D783C Hired Thug

000D783B Hired Thug

00023AB1 Horker

00045CA1 Ice Mage

00045C7B Ice Mage Adept

00045CBC Ice Wizard

00023ABF Ice Wolf

00023AB3 Ice Wraith

0005AE91 Insane College Wizard

00079915 Magic Anomaly

0010E752 Malfunctioning Dwarven Sphere

0006D233 Master Conjurer

000551AF Master Necromancer

002E098 Master Vampire

0002E12A Master Vampire

0002E1B1 Master Vampire

0002E1B8 Master Vampire

000CE082 Mazgak

000252AA Mehrunes Dagon

0007EB38 Mercenary

000C0113 Mistwatch Bandit

000D3BDF Mistwatch Bandit

000C0115 Mistwatch Bandit

000C0124 Mistwatch Bandit (Beserker)

000C0125 Mistwatch Bandit (Tank)

000C0116 Mistwatch Bandit (Ranged)

000C0114 Mistwatch Bandit (Ranged)

000C0126 Mistwatch Bandit (Magic)

00021875 Mudcrab (Giant)

000E4011 Mudcrab (Large)

000E4010 Mudcrab (Medium)

000551AD Necromage

00028502 Necromancer

000551AC Necromancer Adept

0009F35F Northwatch Archer

000C07C2 Northwatch Guard

00027F78 Northwatch Guard

0009F360 Northwatch Interrogator

000C4EB1 Northwatch Mage

0006D22E Novice Conjurer

00044CD7 Novice Fire Mage

00044CD8 Novice Ice Mage

001092F5 Novice Necromancer

000548FE Novice Necromancer

00044CD9 Novice Storm Mage

00045CBE Pyromancer

00023AB5 Sabre Cat

0002A3D8 Shor’s Stone Guard

000AA08A Silver Hand (Ranged)

00108BBC Silver Hand

00108BBE Silver Hand

00108BBD Silver Hand

00108BBB Silver Hand

00108BBF Silver Hand

000A9548 Silver Hand

0002AB87 Silver Hand (One Handed Melee)

0006466C Silver Hand (One Handed Melee)

0002AB89 Silver Hand (Two Handed Melee)

0004499F Silver Hand

0002AB88 Silver Hand (Ranged)

000C7410 Silver Hand (Ranged)

0003680A Silver-Blood Guard

000622E1 Silver-Blood Mercenary

00023AB7 Skeever

0009192C Skeletal Dragon

0009362B Skeleton (Magic)

00104176 Skeleton (Magic)

0002D1DE Skeleton (One Handed)

0002D1FD Skeleton (Shield)

0002D1E0 Skeleton (Two Handed)

0002D1FC Skeleton (Ranged)

00023AB8 Slaughterfish

00023A8C Snow Bear

000829B6 Snow Fox

00023AB6 Snowy Sabre Cat

0023AB9 Spriggan

000F3905 Spriggan Matron

0009AA3B Spriggan Swarm

00023AA8 Storm Atronach

000045CA2 Storm Mage

00045C7C Storm Mage Adept

0009B2AA Storm Thrall

00045CBD Storm Wizard

000C5676 Summerset Shadow

0010516F Thalmor Justiciar (Armoured)

0010516E Thalmor Justiciar (Armoured No Helmet)

000B5E11 Thalmor Justiciar (Mage)

0002B124 Thalmor Soldier (Melee)

000728AC Thalmor Soldier (Ranged)

000728AD Thalmor Wizard (Mage)

00023ABA Troll

00032FE8 Vampire

00032FE7 Vampire Fledgling

0003384F Vampire Mistwalker

00033850 Vampire Nightstalker

00042267 Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002EB0B Vampire’s Thrall (One Handed Melee)

0002EC1B Vampire’s Thrall (One Handed Melee)

0002ED6B Vampire’s Thrall (Two Handed Melee)

0002ED6D Vampire’s Thrall (Two Handed Melee)

0002ED6E Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002ED86 Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002EE9D Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002EE9E Vampire’s Thrall (Beserker)

0002EED0 Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002EED1 Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002EED2 Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002EED3 Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002EED5 Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002EED6 Vampire’s Thrall (Melee)

0002EED7 Vampire’s Thrall (Tank)

0002EED8 Vampire’s Thrall (Tank)

0002EEDC Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0002EEDD Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0002EEDE Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0002EEDF Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0002EEE0 Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0002EEE1 Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0008E2F7 Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0002EEE5 Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0002EEE6 Vampire’s Thrall (Ranged)

0002EEE7 Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002EEE8 Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002EEE9 Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002EEEA Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002EEEB Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002EEEC Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002EEED Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002EEEE Vampire’s Thrall (Mage)

0002E1BF Volkihar Master Vampire

00033852 Volkihar Vampire

00023ABC Werewolf

00023ABC Werewolf

000A092E Werewolf Beastmaster

000A092C Werewolf Brute

000A092B Werewolf Savage

000A092D Werewolf Skinwalker

000A092F Werewolf Vargr

0002C3C7 Wisp

00023ABD Wispmother

00023ABE Wolf

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