The Kukri Knife: Newest CS2 Knife?

CS2 consistently keeps its community on its toes by introducing new weapons, knives, skins and other items. In this article, we’ll focus on one of the latest additions to the game – the Kukri Knives. While these knives have garnered popularity in various gaming communities, CS2 recently decided to have them in the game. Curious about their appearance, how to acquire them, and more? Don’t worry; we’ll cover all the details in separate sections, even providing specific commands for you to experience them firsthand in the game. 

Additionally, we’ll share codes for all other knives in CS2 if you’re eager to explore different options. Explore some different options; ultimately, it’s the variety that adds excitement to our lives and games. Enjoy your game!

How to play, test, inspect the kukri knife in CS2?

Want to truly grasp the feel of a new CS2 item? There’s no better way than experiencing it firsthand. While these descriptions provide valuable insights, holding the item yourself elevates the experience to a whole new level. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to obtain, play with, and inspect the knife on your own. Just try to follow each step precisely to avoid errors while writing codes.

Getting the Kukri

So, you first you need to enter a custom game  and open the console. After that, you need to have ‘sv_cheats’ enabled to proceed further. Enabling this gives you access to commands that would normally be restricted to prevent abuse or misuse by players. You can enable it by typing sv_cheats true in the console.

You will need to drop your current one to test a different knife in CS2. This can be achieved by entering mp_drop_knife_enable true in your console. To avoid typo, just copy and paste it to enable the ability to drop your knife. You will need to enter another command 

Once you dropped you knife, you will create a subclass by typing subclass_create 526 in the console. As the console responds to your command, nice kukri knife will appeat on the ground just before you. Last comand you need to write is subclass_change 526 to replace your original knife with kukri. Here you are. Run towards the Kukri, and your character will automatically  grab the knife.

But keep in mind that manipulating items through commands should be done responsibly and in accordance with the game’s rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Inspect the knife

To figure out if you vibe with the knife, just give it a quick inspection. Take a moment to appreciate its design and details. To inspect, hold down the default ‘F’ key and watch your character closely examine the knife. Pay attention to the blade pattern, handle texture. 

Additionally, consider the skin applied to the knife, as it can significantly impact its aesthetic value. CS2 offers a diverse range of knife skins, each with its distinct style and rarity. Skins in CS2 can be obtained through different avenues. For example, you can open CS2 cases, purchase them from the Steam Market, or use services provided by third-party marketplaces. In other words, the choice is yours!

Codes for all knives in CS2

In general, each type of knife provides a unique and tangible experience that is best understood through direct interaction in CS2. As we just showed in the previous case, thankfully, there is a method to freely explore any other knives, enabling you to thoroughly examine your preferred type before making a purchase. In other words, exploring different weapons in CS2 is as simple as entering a command line. You can repeat the same process as before and experiment the other options. Just type the below-mentioned codes one by one and see which suits your playstyle and preferences best.

Knives Codes
Bowie knife subclass_change 514
Survival knife subclass_change 518
Talon knife subclass_change 523
Ursus knife subclass_change 519
Bayonet knife subclass_change 500
Gut knife subclass_change 506
Butterfly knife subclass_change 515
Skeleton knife subclass_change 525
Falchion knife subclass_change 512
Flip knife subclass_change 505
Navaja knife subclass_change 520
Huntsman knife subclass_change 509
Karambit knife subclass_change 507
M9 Bayonet knife subclass_change 508
Shadow Daggers knife subclass_change 516
Nomad knife subclass_change 521
Paracord knife subclass_change 517
Stiletto knife subclass_change 522



In essence, CS2’s constant updates, such as the recent introduction of the Kukri Knives, shows the game’s commitment to keeping its community engaged. In this article provided insights into the appearance and acquisition of the Kukri knives and  shared specific commands for players to experience them firsthand. Additionally, we’ve provided you with codes that allow you to inspect and test the knives before making a purchase. Trying out new additions as they come up, in this case, the Kukri Knives, will bring more excitement to the game. Enjoy your gaming experience! 🙂

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