The Role of Television in the Entertainment Industry

Television plays a major role in modern culture, providing entertainment, news, culture, sports, weather and so much more. In terms of the entertainment industry, televisions have played a major role in creating more interest and awareness of shows, movies and acting stars, as well as giving millions of households access to a wide range of content.

Access to entertainment

During the decades that televisions have been a staple part of our homes, they have provided a plethora of entertainment. As technology has advanced, streaming platforms have become a constant source of entertainment and have given people incredible access and choice to high-quality movies and television shows.

With streaming platforms especially, more movies are being produced purely for at-home viewing. With the growth in 4K televisions and fast internet speeds, it’s never been easier to watch high-quality, brand-new movies on our televisions. Not only is this creating more content and entertainment for the public, but it’s also helping the growth of the entertainment industry.

Documentaries and educational content

Not only are televisions important for providing entertainment in the form of movies and dramatic, binge-worthy TV shows, but they’re also useful for educational purposes too. Documentaries are more accessible than ever thanks to streaming services and up-to-date televisions having the power to easily access apps like YouTube. In previous years, the best way to watch documentaries and informative television were on specific channels, such as the Discovery Channel. Now, there are regular entries from the entertainment industry on the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and more, opening up content to much more people.

Spreading far and wide

The main thing television has done for the entertainment industry is push its content far and wide. It has never been easier to consume content of all kinds from the comfort of our own homes, and that is because of the entertainment industry’s ability to produce content for so many different sets of eyes.

No longer do movies have to have big budgets and cinema releases. It’s much easier to push movies out on streaming platforms to get millions of views. Take the recent success of the Netflix film, Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth. A blockbuster-worthy star in Hemsworth, paired with non-stop action, saw 99 million people watch this film. In terms of TV shows, Squid Game has been viewed at least 1.65 billion hours. The ease at which people can watch this content and the advancement of television technology allows streaming platforms to get exact information, to the minute, to determine how successful the content is.

This is another reason why television has been so beneficial to the entertainment industry.

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