Tips for Starting Out Playing Lightning Roulette

Online casinos are always devising new ways of approaching the classic casino games. Some of them meet with more success than others, but lightning roulette is one that has really caught on.

This game was invented five years ago and it offers a unique take on the standard roulette format. It was created by top casino game developer Evolution Gaming and it puts some extra spark into roulette through special ‘lightning strikes.’ 

In this article we will look at what the game involves as well as providing some tips for how you can play lightning roulette to make big money.

How Does the Game Work?

Lightning roulette is a version of the game that is a cross between online roulette and a game show. It is offered at most of the top casino sites and is a live gaming option, which means that the play is hosted by a real-life roulette dealer.

Of course there are plenty of standard online roulette games with live dealers. However this game also comes with lightning flash effects, which really add to the sense of excitement, while the actual rules are also slightly different.

The wheel is a typical European one, complete with 36 black and red numbers and a single Green 0. However the pace is a bit faster and there is also the lightning multiplier.

Every game sees a maximum of five numbers on the wheel chosen at random as lightning numbers. These numbers are multiplied by anything between 50x and 500x.

If you have made a bet on any of those numbers and the balls lands on them, your winnings can be multiplied by those amounts. Ordinary wins still pay out too, albeit at a lower level.

Tips for Starting Out Playing It

Roulette is really a game of luck and that applies to variants like this as well, but there are some simple strategies that can improve your chances.

Play Lightning Focus

This is a strategy where you pay close attention to which numbers on the wheel are being struck by lightning multipliers most often and bet on them. Of course that is no guarantee that they will deliver multiplier wins for you, but you at least have evidence that they are the most likely numbers statistically speaking.

Using this method means placing single number inside bets, which is among the highest risk roulette betting strategies. It will make the game even more exciting though and can bring big rewards even without the multipliers.

Put Bets on Every Number

This is the complete opposite approach in strategic terms. It will mean placing fairly small bets on every number on the roulette wheel.

An advantage of it is that you are certain to get a lightning multiplier, but a downside is that you will also lose on the other numbers. To ensure that the wins outweigh the losses, the player must stop the moment they land one of the really big 250x or 500x multipliers.

Set Betting Limits

Setting a budget is as important a tip for new players to remember when playing lightning roulette as any other casino game. It will enhance the experience by making sure that your bets stay fun rather than getting to the point where you need to win.

Some online casinos provide this game for free, which will help you to play for longer on a budget. These demo versions of the game do not involve betting any actual cash, but can help players to get used to the game and its rules without the risk.

Place Straight-Up Number Bets

New players may not realize it, but straight-up wagers consistently produce the highest payouts in lightning roulette. Therefore putting bets on a single number or several will provide a better chance of a really big win than betting on even or odd numbers or on black or red.

Mix Outside and Inside Bets

With roulette an inside bet is one located on the inner section of the betting table. It includes straight-up single number bets, split bets on two adjacent numbers and street bets placed on the end of three numbers in a row.

Outside bets are ones on the outer part of the table and include column bets on a row of twelve numbers and color bets on all red or black numbers. Outside bets are lower risk/reward and that holds true for lightning roulette, but a possible playing method is to place both types of wage.

The idea is that doing so balances out their respective risk and reward levels and improves your chances of hitting one of those multipliers.

Lightning roulette is a fast and fun-packed version of European roulette. It is a game of chance, but it is a chance worth taking.

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