Try out Top 10 Best Free Gimp Plugins

GIMP is one of the best free tool that you need in editing the images. The tool is ideal to do any image corrections and even good to new images. The plugins in GIMP are excellent and they are going to give an excellent touch to the image you are editing. Here is the list of the ten best free gimp plugins that are going to change your image totally.

best free gimp plugins

Best Free Gimp Plugins

  1. Layer copy cut

This one is a free tool that is going to give you an excellent support in copying the layers. The tool is free to access and you will get the support of the tool from the layer. Get to the layer section and access the tool.


This is a great tool for GIMP, which can be accessed to watermark or do other operations like crop or rotate. Use it as many time as you like. It will give you the most practical support, while using GIMP. The tool will give you a preview option of the image as well.


3. Beutify

This is the tool that is going to give you three options. Control the saturation, brightness, and contrast like an expert and give your image a clarity, that is beyond imagination. There are four basic operation controls in the design.

4. Contrast Fix

If you are willing to fix the contrast of your image thoroughly, this is the tool that is needed the most. For all advanced users, this tool is ideal for fixing the contrast in an image.

Contrast Fix

5. Lensfun

This is a nice tool that is going to fix all the lens distortions, including the vignetting of an image and use the chromatic alterations. Just choose the camera type from the list and get the distortion effect instantly.

lensfun gimp

6. Refocus

If your camera captured a blurry image, this tool is going to fix the image instantly. You can also use the preview looks to fix the noise or correlation in the image. If you are an advanced user, fix the gauss effect and matrix size in order to get a better clarity in the image.

7. Stitch Panorama

Are you willing to create a panoramic image? There is no need of a Linux system. You can get the support in the GIMP tool. Use the extension and find the best panoramic images, that you have ever created. All types of blending and matches of distortion is possible in it.

stitch panorama gimp

8. UF Raw

If you are thinking that you cannot edit the raw images in GIMP, you are very wrong. Use this plugin and experience the use of RAW files in the GIMP. All types of works you are looking for, including the temperature fixing and balancing the colour can be done here.

UF Raw

9. Liquid Rescale

This tool is known better in a Photoshop and is for the advanced users. You can get the same support in GIMP. Get the tool under layer section for your assistance.

liquid rescale gimp plugin

10. Watermark

Content theft is quite common in the web. Be careful and use watermark tool to stay safe. This one is a perfect tool o GIMP for advanced users.

These are the best gimp plugins that everyone needs. These plugins will help you to make you work more easier and simpler.

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