Top 5 iPhoto Alternative Image Storage and Organizer Tool

Iphoto is a great tool, that you can use, if you are looking to place all the images at one place and share that online. It will just use your account, with email id or social network account. There are some of the iPhoto alternatives, that you will like to know and use. They all are excellent apps and are ready to install on your PC. They are having some of the features, which are better than even the main tool.

Top 5 iPhoto Alternative


This tool is really a smart one, where you manually add images and it can feed its gallery with folder selection. Small edits, like correcting hue, brightness or sharpening your image through this tool, before sharing your image online can be done easily. So, enjoy using the free tool. Get this tool optimized in your own browser, since it can be installed in all the popular OS. So, use this tool. Easy interface of this tool makes it even more popular than all other compatible tools.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

If you are looking for the smallest tool for your gallery creation online, choose this tool. It is really going to give you everything that you need. It will understand all your folder segmentation and will update the sub folders, similar to that of Picasa. So use this tool with an ultimate ease. Friendly user interface and all OS compatibility makes this tool even more simply. Login to the profile and create an online image gallery. You can use your social networking account or can login using mail account.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Official Website


One mail account, multiple sub folders in your computer! Want to share them online? Use this tool. It will synchronise all the images in your PC, just when you will open the tool on your PC. It is having excellent image editing support. So remove the red eye spots and increase colour saturation in the images, before you upload them online. The best feature in this tool is the cloud storage. Due to this facility, you can free your PC space, by deleting them. The tool gives an excellent gallery maintenance support and it is a free tool. So use the app free. Here is the Lyn Official link.



This app is not at all different from that of Picasa, the only difference being its potentiality. Picasa is having a better interphase and clarity of image is more there. Otherwise it’s a perfect alternative of Iphoto. Official Link.


Picasa is one of the best tool for creating photo gallery. It is the tool that comes with Google package, having wonderful picture editing support. You can easily create an updated image gallery, since it can auto update its collection, once the root media folder is added to the tree. You can easily add the images online and share those with a Google account. Finally, this one is a free tool and small in size too. So, it is too easy for your use.


All the five apps, stated above are classic tools and can be used by anyone. There is no need of professionals and no need of extra training to use this tool. So, use them for your fun and enjoyment.

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