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While doing Twitter and some other social networking, you feel the importance of link shortening more than anything. Link shortening makes the thing compact and even effective to match the permitted word count in the box. is one of the best site that gives a free service for that. You might have used the site several time and might have bookmarked it for your daily access. If you are looking for some of the alternatives to Bitly, here is the list of the top five sites that serves as an alternative of They are all effective in similar way, as is. So get through the features once.

bitly alternatives

Best Alternative Url Shortener

This one is a perfect alternative of provides wide access to the users, with the help of which all the bloggers and content developers can create a network of excellence. The site is maintained by Google. So you can understand that the URL that will be resulted, by this tool is going to give you a support of single use. The tiny URL developed will be done for your use only.

This is another great tool for the officials. has been a popular one for two reasons. The first one is the use of it in twitter and the second one is the access of affiliation for the web developers. The site and the HTML can be shared in the websites and the company pays the site owner, for every URL that is shortened. There is a restriction of URL shortening numbers in a day for free users, otherwise the site is completely free to be used. is another popular network and its dynamic too. You can customize the URLs here and that is the biggest difference, that the site creates for the web developers. It is so powerful that, even the URLs of the different popular sites and networking sites can also be shortened. So you can easily make your site viewers click on the common URLs with the aid of this convertor. is a special site for shortening the URLs, for a single reason. You can track the number of users, who will be accessing the shortened URLs. This is not available in even. This makes the site so much special for the web developers and affiliate marketers. The site is also powerful enough and it provides a lead based support for the developers.


Polr provides URL shortening services, like all the alternatives, but along with that, it provides a linking support along with the tiny URL. This is one reason, why the web developers, leaving the other popular options, visit this site for a better access. URL shortening is really simple here and its access is global.

All the sites stated above are accessed commonly by the web developers. They are quite effective and widely accessed. Real time support is sure from the site and you can also access them for affiliate marketing. Just copy the URLs, paste them at the sites and find the shortened URLs. Paste them wherever you like.

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