How to Unblock YouTube at School – YouTube Unblocked Tricks

YouTube is one of the most accessed website today. YouTube is one of the most popular video website today where you can watch lots of videos like songs, entertainment or movies etc. But there are many other videos which are useful and very informatory. But in most of the Schools, Colleges and Office YouTube is blocked because it is taken as one of the most distractive site for every student or office members.

Especially in Schools they use many different securities to block YouTube in order that their student doesn’t get distracted from studies. But do you know there are some ways with which you can unblock YouTube at School. Today I will be telling that How to unblock YouTube at School and some tricks you can use to browse YouTube with your School Wi-Fi.

unblock YouTube at School

As many of the time without YouTube, we feel like something is missing on the internet, so it is important that we get accessed to YouTube. Let’s take a look at the tricks with which you can know how to unblock YouTube at School. Today here I am going to reveal many things about how to unblock YouTube at School. Check out below all the steps to Unblock YouTube in your School.

How to Unblock YouTube at School Easily

Here I will be sharing those steps which worked for me because when my Colleges were not allowing to access to YouTube site I personally used this formula’s to get access to YouTube and you won’t believe that this actually worked. Today I am going to tell you the same formulas that I have used in many places to access to YouTube.

So here it is the genuine steps for accessing YouTube even though you are blocked to access it in your Schools, Colleges or Offices.

Tricks to Access YouTube at your School:

So if you want to access YouTube site with the help of VPN then, first of all, you must know details about VPN like how does it work or how can you use it and in which things you can use this VPN. There are lots of ways with the help of which you will be able to get access to all the blocked sites on the internet, but out of those all steps I am giving here you some of the easy and effective ways with which you easily browse any blocked website no time, you can unblock music site, unblock Facebook.

Best Way To Access Youtube at School

  1. Use Air VPN: First of all, if you are looking for accessing YouTube with the help of VPN system you will need to download Air VPN on your device so that you can use this. You will find this Air VPN for free on the internet easily. Just download VPN in your device and activate, you will easily be able to browse all the block sites at your school which includes YouTube too.

    air vpn

  2. Hot Spot Shield VPN: Just go to the site and download this app to your device and then click on connect. Hence, then you are able to access to YouTube. This is one of the easiest steps you can do to access YouTube.
  3. Kproxy YouTube Unblocker: Yes, this process is also easy, just the thing you need to do is that you need to visit site and then add the URL of the site which is blocked and you want to visit like and the important thing is that you can get their Chrome extension too.


Get Access To Youtube With The Help Of Proxy In Your Browser:

Not only with the help of VPN you can get access to block sites like YouTube. But you can also get access to YouTube with the help of Proxy. Yes, this step is also easy and you will easily be able to use this proxy sites in your browser.

So here below are the steps that you will need to adopt for accessing to YouTube by using proxy sites.

  • First of all, go to Firefox and press Alt + T + O and then go to the advanced settings.
  • Secondly, you will need to go to the network and then click on settings.
  • Finally now port the proxy here in the gap where “http proxy” is written and always take care of the box given below. Don’t forget to tick in the box given below because this is very important.

    Finally, now you will be able to access YouTube by clicking on OK button present below. You can also check that does your proxy works or not because there are many lists of proxy sites you can find out on the internet. So you can try out all the list of proxy sites that you find out on the internet.

I am sure you will be able to access Youtube if you try these methods.These are the best solution for your question how to unblock YouTube at School. I hope you have found out these steps easily, according to me, this is the safest way to access block sites at your School, Colleges or at your Office.

These steps are the best way to unblock YouTube at School and one of the safest way to get accessed with the blocked sites. I hope I have given you all the information about how to access all the blocked sites on the internet. I hope it may have helped you in solving your problems in unblocking YouTube at your school. If you are having any question regarding how to unblock blocked site at schools etc. In the comment section below, down there. Thanks for reading

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