15 Games Like Virtual Families and Other Better Alternatives

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If you are a fan of virtual life games than you will like the simple yet interesting game Virtual Families. It allows you to live a virtual life. You do daily tasks and complete various levels of the games. You can choose a pre-built character, choose a house for them and live a life in the virtual world. You have to take care of the character and nurture them in the virtual world. From building a career to finding a partner and raising a family the game has a lot to offer.

Virtual Families has a lot of similarities to the Sims but is a lot more user-friendly. The game can be completed easily in much less time and allows the user to complete tasks much easier. You need to make sure that your character has a proper life schedule and does not run out of food. As your character grows you receive a request for marriage. Once married there is a lot of work to do to manage the family properly. Also, earning money is a primary task in the game and essential to buy many things. Overall you will enjoy this simple game and with the many integrated features, it becomes more interesting as the game progresses.


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