8 Best NES Emulator for Windows PC, Android (Must Try)

Nintendo was one of the first and most popular gaming consoles that entertained the home users for nearly a decade. NES was followed by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which again was a great success. The graphics and gameplay it offered were the best of the time. Although NES is old school now it still has the place in the heart of gamers as their first gaming device. The variety of games that could be played on Nintendo were huge. The controls were smooth and it was the first of its kind to offer a full-fledged gaming experience.

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Best NES Emulator/ Simulator for Windows, Mac, Android

Today video games have come a long way and have more realistic graphics. Online and PC games have become a multi-billion dollars industry with big events and tournaments. For people who want to experience the classic gameplay experience, finding the NES can be a hard task. So, instead, an NES emulator can be used for the purpose.

What is an NES Emulator?

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Nintendo was the 8-bit console which offered many new features and innovative games. It was released in 1985. After its release the company allowed third-party developers to make games for the console. Talking about the specs of the original system, it had an 8-bit processor clocked at 1.79Mhz. The RAM was 16 Kbit and Video Ram was 16 Kbit.

An emulator program is a computer software that recreates any other OS or software or game which is available on any other device. You can find iOS emulators for Windows and iOS emulator for Android, Android Emulator, and if you like XBOX games you can check best Xbox emulators too.

The Nintendo Emulator allows the user to run the software used on NES and run all the games made for it on your Windows, Linux or Mac Operating System. Smartphones are the most used tech gadget that everyone carries, so NES emulator for Android is also available.

Games like Super Mario, Batman, Ducktales, etc can be played with the help of these emulators on windows, mobile platform or any other device. You can download the app to different platforms here. The NES emulators specified here are selected based on the ease of using the software and how correctly it emulates the original games.

Top 8 NES Emulator

1. MSEN Emulator

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It is one of the most used software to emulate Nintendo Entertainment System. It supports all games that were present in the original console. The additional features offered by it makes the gaming experience awesome. You can use inbuilt cheat finder, video upscale, and much more.

It also saves your last played stage automatically and gives the option to load the state directly. The features and accuracy of MSEN emulator make it the perfect choice for enjoying games on your device. It is available on Windows and Linux OS. You have to opt for other option if you are using Mac OS.



best nes emulator

It was formerly known as FCE Ultra Emulator. This one works fine and lets you run all the original games. It packs a lot of hidden features that will let you refresh your childhood memories of Nintendo. It is available on Windows operating system only and is one of the best options for it.

Download Here

Platform – Windows


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The JNES is a wonderful app that is embedded with genuine qualities. It puts emphasis on managing the games in an optimal way. It enhances the gameplay by providing good graphics and simple controls.

Download for Windows

Developer: Jabo
Price: Free+

Platform – Windows, Android

4 Retro Arch

Finding the Android NES Emulator is hard as there are limited choices available. The biggest advantage of using Retro Arch is that it supports Android OS. The compatibility it offers is best for all. You can get it from the Google Play Store easily. For Windows also it is easy to run.

Platform – Windows, Android

Developer: Libretro
Price: Free

5 RockNES

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If you are in search for an NES Emulator that comes with great game support and stability then go for RockNES. It is compatible with all the games that were present on the console. Playing it on the RockNES is fun and thrilling as it gets the job done with ease. As a bonus, it contains the Eagle Mode which boosts the graphics and sound.

Platform – Windows

Download Here

6 Nestopia UE

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The Nintendo was unique in many ways. It provided a large number of games that were unavailable before that. The games it contained are still very popular. Its emulation is a good way to rediscover the games. The Nestopia provides a good platform for the purpose. It is lightweight and fast. For an old PC, this is the best option.

Platform – Mac OS

Download NES Emulator for Mac

7 FCEultra

For people playing games on Play Station and have the love for the evergreen games, this can help them to emulate NES on their PlayStation. You can use your PS controller for playing the games. It is easy to use and provides an easy interface.

Platform – PlayStation

Download Here

8. Nostalgia.NES

The Nostalgia NES is optimised for Android mobile os. It will transform your smartphone into a virtual Nintendo. Download it from Google Playstore in order to play NES games on mobile.

Platform – Android

Here are the best NES Simulator software and apps. Download them from the link given or visit the playstore link to install the app on your phone. There are other choices available on the internet but the emulators specified here are easy to use and offers best features. If you have any other NES emulator in mind kindly let us know in the comment section below.


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