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The “content:/” is a web link code that is used to configure or tweak some changes in the default home page of an Android device. We all love our smartphones and we know that Android is one of the leading operating systems in the world. The configuration of the home page, when we buy a mobile phone, is always set in the default mode. But with the help of this particular link, we would be able to make some customization on the home page. To utilize the operating system up to its full potential, users can get into the default settings and make their own personalized changes.
However, some of the bloatware and default features make it quite a task for the user to customize their Android devices. But in order to reach the special accessibility settings in your device, you will need the above command syntax. There is another command syntax available as well for the changes.

What is a Browser?

First, let’s understand the meaning of a browser. It is a computer program with a graphical interface for the world wide web, through this one navigates through different web pages.

What are some of the Best Browsers Available?

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Opera mini
  4. Microsoft Edge
  5. Safari

How to use “content://”?

As the term suggests, deconstructing the syntax will give you the below both ways. content://

Follow these steps to Replace the Default Home Page on this Android browser:

  • Open default browser on your android device.
  • On the top right corner, you will find the menu button and click on that.
  • Tap on the option “Settings” and then click on “Submenu”. After a scroll, you will be able to find the option “Android browser settings”.
  • Tap on it to proceed.
  • Open “General” settings.
  • After that click on the option to “Set home page”.
  • After this, you can set the choice of your default page or you can select the blank option as well.
Or what we can do here is, we can open the Default Android Browser and insert the mentioned URL, that is content:// set. This will directly take you to the setting menu to change the default home page on your browser.

An Alternative Way of Selecting the Default Web Browser:

Changing the theme of the default web browser is quite simple yet an esoteric task for a lot of people. There are always different ways for different browsers to set their themes. Follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Open your default web browser.
  • Visit the homepage of the website that you wish to visit.
  • Now click on the menu button on the top right-hand corner.
  • You can now see the option called “ save as bookmark”, Click on that.
  • In the case of the chrome browser, you can click on the star option available on the top right corner.
  • Now push the menu button and check for any available bookmarks.
  • You should be able to visit the bookmark and access it through the history page as well.

How to Remove Content://

If you want to remove the syntax, you can do that by following the steps below
  • Start the default installed web browser.
  • Then select the menu settings.
  • Tap on the General option there.
  • And then click on the pick Homepage.
  • Type the URL that you want to save to your homepage.
  • Then tap on the save button.
For different browsers, the method is always different. Let’s have a look.

For Google Chrome you need to follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Chrome browser.
  • On the top right corner, there will be three dots, tap on that
  • Search for the Homepage option and then click on it.
  • Tap on it and type the URL to set as your default browser.
However, in some instances, you may not be able to find the Homepage option. In that case, you need to enable the homepage option by yourself. Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable the Homepage option.
  • On the address bar, visit the page Chrome://flags/.
  • Then locate the option force enable Homepage button”.
  • Click on that option to facilitate the Homepage.

For Mozilla Firefox 

Follow these steps:
  • Launch the Firefox browser.
  • Tap on the three dots option and click on browser settings.
  • Select the General option from the setting.
  • After that go to the Home option and configure the homepage.
  • Select the Custom option to do the customization.

For Opera mini Browser

Follow these steps:
  • Launch the Opera Mini browser.
  • On the bottom, you can find the opera icon click on it.
  • You will now be able to see Opera Mini settings.
  • Launch the settings option.
  • Disable the News option on the Homepage.
  • Delete all the speed dial sites.
  • Click on the “+” icon.
  • Enter the URL of the site that you want to open as your Homepage.
  • At last, save your settings.

Why do you need a Homepage in the First Place?

Enable Default Browser in Android

The default homepage on a browser offers plenty of advantages. And content:// has a very practical and useful aspect in it. If you travel a lot and change locations or use different WIFI connections, you would love to have a plug in-browser rather than a Homepage. In these cases opting for different settings would be a wise option. If you do not change or set a default Homepage, you are more likely to receive error messages that your connection is not secured. Configuring apps has now become easier than ever. New technologies like the content:// syntax can make it possible. It makes surfing and browsing experience easier for the user. Be it on Chrome or on Firefox, browsing can be effortless and error-free using the particular syntax. However, everything depends upon the user. Some complaints regarding the particular syntax have been cited which tells that as it can give access to unwanted bloatware and malware links. This may help the user understanding the syntax and using where it is necessary.
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