Top 10 Most Secure Browser for Secure and Private Browsing

Top 10 Most Secure Browser for Secure and Private Browsing

What is a browser? Well, it is software that works as a medium between us and the vast world of internet. The internet is a huge place. It may contain a large amount of information, but it comes with its fair share of risks. The present day internet is the dangerous place if you don’t have the right tools. Hackers are looking for that perfect opportunity, to detect a flaw in your system, and steal your personal information. Therefore, it is vital to protect your privacy on the internet.

There are many browsers that offer services on the internet, but there are only a few that are actually secure and will help us to surf the internet without any worry. Here is a list of the top 10 most secure browsers of all time.

10 Most Secure Web Browsers for Safe Browsing

So, if you want a secure browser that doesn’t share your info with other companies or cannot be hacked, please have a look at these 10 most secure browsers.

  1. Chrome

Google Chrome dominates the browser market. Recently it has also released a blue version, a special edition of chrome, available for customers who prefer something, out of the box. Google started as a search engine and have a long way since the 90s. The developers are quick to address any sorts of bugs or glitches that may arise on the browser. Chrome also offers many plugins and extensions that help you to optimize the time you spend on the internet. The cloud feature is also very nice.

No matter on what platform you’re working on, tablet, PC or a mobile. You can have access to all your bookmarks and browsing history, by logging into your Google account. The Google account syncs all the user data and stores it in the cloud, to be utilized on any platform.

  1. Opera

The people who use the mobile a lot, are quite familiar with this name. It is the ultimate browser for mobile phones, as it offers decent surfing speeds, even during slow connections. This is known as the mini version. The real opera browser for Windows and Mac also live up to its reputation. Compared to chrome, opera has a quite smaller user base, hence the hackers do not actually put any effort into hacking this particular browser. Nonetheless, the security provided by this browser is also impressive and reliable. It also has the cloud feature, where you can access your saved bookmarks from all around the globe, and on any device, as long as you log into your opera account.

  1. Epic Privacy Browser

The epic privacy browser is the beginning of the best secure browsers out there, which offers sole and undisturbed privacy. After each session of browsing, the cookies and trackers as all but deleted. Also, all the searches are done via a proxy, which is the company’s own server. Hence, your IP is rendered untraceable. A fully encrypted connection is established with the click of a button. The overall speed may falter a bit, but if offer sole anonymity. The only downside is, it doesn’t have any anti-phishing or malware protection.

  1. Comodo Dragon

This particular browser is actually the manifestation of Chromium and Firefox. The dragon browser comes in two versions, Dragon and Ice Dragon. Which one you choose is based upon your previous experience with Chrome and Firefox. Both the reincarnations have the necessities while all the bloatware is claimed to be removed. The most interesting feature of this browser is the isolation from the host system. The dragon browser requires the user to install many other plugins and extensions in order to offer full anonymity. A special domain filtering tech that limits the accessibility to domains that contain malware.

  1. Tor

The Tor browser is built completely on an infrastructure of, so called, hidden servers. It is the pioneer of anti-surveillance. Tor is a privacy browser, and comes with lots of do’s and don’t. It is mainly used for surfing the so-called Dark Web. The domain name used in tor is also different. You won’t be able to open conventional websites on the tor browser. The sites that the tor browser gives you access to, are specially encrypted so that the average user won’t be able to decipher them. It doesn’t provide any secure environment as such, but it offers sole anonymity to the user. But some people says that it’s not safe, you can find your answer for Is Tor browser safe?

  1. Dooble

A chromium-based software, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. This browser is available on multiple platforms. In its default settings, the browser strips a website of all of its bare necessities. Flash and JavaScript are all but disabled in order to deliver a true incognito experience. The browser doesn’t care about anything related to online data. it doesn’t even store cookies properly. It may lack the refinement that the modern browsers offer but, the sheer degree of encryption it offers is astounding. The incognito mode can be accessed just by right clicking on a new tab.

  1. Maxthon Cloud Browser

This software has its origins in China. Though it offers all the basic facilities of all the modern browsers, the on the true place it shines is the cloud storage facility. Strictly speaking, it’s not a security browser. However, there is this basic ad blocking technology, a new tech named AES256, encrypts the synchronization of all the files that are being uploaded onto the cloud service. They say that this encryption restricts the employee access to the user data, but one should know that all the contemporary browsers offer this similar service. This is a below average browser and should be your last choice in the worst case scenario.

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a plugin rather than a browser. This specific software is associated with the Tor project. It helps to assert SSL security wherever possible, on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Its promises to make the tough and gritty tasks much easier and simpler. It’s easy to start with HTTP websites than to be redirected to an HTTP site. This plugin is a small investment that will come handy in the long run.

  1. Cocoon Browser

After its initial launch, the cocoon browser wasn’t much appreciated. It’s during these later years that the browser has truly come out its cocoon and into a graceful butterfly. Now, the browser supports a more advanced form of coding and communication. There is an ad free version as well, available at 20 dollars. The software is military grade, offering services such as anti-facebook tracking, anonymous browsing, better wi-fi security on open hotspots, all with the help of an encrypted end to end connection.

  1. IceBrowser

IceBrowser is a Firefox-only plugin, based on the infrastructure of cocoon browsing. It offers the same security features such as cocoon browsing, but the only difference is that the data flow via servers in Iceland. The only assumed benefit is that the traffic is secured and sealed away from the prying noses of NSA and any other organization that monitors the daily traffic of the public. This service can only be accessed by paying an annual charge of 10 dollars. The paid version of the software showcases some additional features that are otherwise unavailable for the free users.

These are all the best most secure browsers that we came across. All these browsers are available on various platforms including mobile OS too, you can download it according to your preference and browse securely. Happy Browsing.

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