Elder Scrolls 6! All You Want To Know

Bethesda is making us curious one more time with its another flagship game, ELDER SCROLLS VI. It is also termed as SKYRIM by the gamers as it is the sequel of the previous game which was a huge success. Todd Howard the media face of Bethesda gave us the teaser at E3 Showcase 2018 and made us crave for more.

The gaming studio is known for the majorly two games, Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Bethesda has showcased both the games at this event, additionally, it has come with few more games like RAGE2, WOLFENSTEIN: Youngblood, DOOM ETERNAL, STARFIELD, and PREY: Mooncrash.

Todd Howard made one thing clear while making these announcements, “we do not want Bethesda is known for making two games only so we are developing a few other games as well.” It makes sense and I do agree with him but can not help. I am also a die-hard fan of classic games and it makes me curious.

Elders Scrolls 6 | Latest Updates | All We Know Till Now | Release Date

What is Elder Scrolls?

Elder Scrolls is the game which was introduced for the very first time in 1994 but obviously on PC with old graphics which we may not like. The game was made as a sports game and later on the publishers realized, few alterations can be made and ended up making it as a role-playing game.

Elder Scrolls

The basic story of the entire season revolves around a few task and objectives which are to be achieved by the main character of the game. Since then the game has turned into a role-playing game with a series of in-game side quests. It made gamers complete the game and understand the world with free view. This step of designers made the gamers curious about next versions of the game.

Elder Scrolls: ARENA- First Chapter

A game ARENA whose history goes back to the year 1994 and was a big hit. The game Arena was made on a digital hypothetical world map known as TAMRIEL. The game was not supposed to be a Roleplay game but a tournament game in which the main player goes to different cities with his team of fighters and fights with other players in their own Arena. After many levels, the ultimate level was to be the champion of the world’s capital named as ‘ ‘.


Later on, the game was transformed into a role-playing game with the interesting side quests. This step of the designers led the game into one of the first side quests game and since then Bethesda never turned back. The constant change in the game gives us further hints for the upcoming Elders Scrolls 6.

Elder Scrolls 2: DAGGERFALL

After a huge success of Arena, Bethesda planned to bring the second part of the series named DAGGERFALL and work on it began after the release of Arena in 1994. Although arena allowed gamer to customize the character but Daggerfall offered something more in which you could customize the class as well as the background of it after answering few questions.


These answers helped the game to make a past story of the in-game character before being roped. It means Bethesda was willing to make a game after the huge success of the first part in which a gamer can connect himself to the game. It was launched in 1996 and it was hoped to be a different version, yes it was but buggy as well.

The character was supposed to help the emperor with different sets of problems and these were the side quests of the game. Fast Travel was introduced along with the tangible effects. This was the biggest part of the game as Arena had an infinite map and no boundaries to anything, meaning you could walk through a man like a soul. It is said that Daggerfall has the biggest map amongst all the games available, one more thing that fascinated all the gamers was it was the first game to present the different phases of the day.

Elder Scrolls 3: MORROWIND

The game was released on May 1st, 2002, almost six years after the Daggerfall. It was a completely new experience and it is said that it was way too ahead of the technologies available at that time. A new interface was introduced which was the X- Factor of this game and helped a lot to attract new gamers.


The map of Morrowind was named Vvardenfell and it was made with hands, unlike the previous versions which were algorithmically generated. Everything was made 3D in this part to give the real experience of the game. This time the ultimate objective of the game was to defeat a Dark Lord as told by the emperor.


Since the map of the game was not so long, the developers did not allow the character to fast travel which made the gamer enjoy all the floral environment of the game. Todd Howard was the director of this part and as expected he made the game more freeform.


Elder Scrolls 4: OBLIVION

Fours years later, the fourth part was released. As expected it was also a bigger version of its predecessor and it was based on the map Cyrodill which was bigger as compared to Morrowind. The bigger map also brought the Fast Travel and beautiful views with it.

Cyrodiil Map

This part was launched on the 20th of March, 2006. Again the plot was made to help the emperor to find out the assassins and the story goes on, I would not commit the crime of ruining the suspense here. In this game, a few more magic spells were increased with the weapons. The best part was all the characters were voiced, unlike the previous version where only a few characters were voiced. The game was made as per scales, which means the enemy interaction will be same no matter what steps you take.

Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM

The USP of this part was Dragons and it was a bomb for all the gamers. I personally liked the concept of dragons like Game Of Thrones. The main objective was to save the city from the dragons. Again the character was made a prisoner at the start of the game but later-on he was released. That is pretty obvious.

The date of release was the 11th of November, 2011. It was really a big game in every perspective if you exclude the area of the map. The graphics were quite intriguing and made my wait worth, it really did! The best thing is when you are in the combat mode and your special moves knock out the enemy and it feels like OH MAN! I am really a pro. ?


The much-awaited game of the decade followed by Fallout 76. Well, Bethesda might have teased us with a video but the date of release is nowhere near. As stated Bethesda is in no mood to release this game before any other series but one this is sure the teaser is mindblowing.

Elders Scrolls 6 Release Date

If I talk about experts then they are saying, the game is still in the developmental stage and the hiring for this game is made recently which is obviously for this one because all other games in the bucket-list are about to be released. Neither the name nor the release date is announced. In fact, Todd Howard refused to talk much more about this part. No more information can be revealed because the game is not yet made yet, so I would refrain myself from giving away the false baseless information.

It is almost 7 years since last part and we are expecting that the official trailer will be launched in the next E3 2019 only. By the time it will get released I believe the number of years will increase to 9 and I know the wait is going to be worthy because Bethesda never disappointed us whenever it took so long to make the games.


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