Fix Err_Connection_Reset Problem from Windows PC, Android, MAC


When you are using your browser and suddenly you will find that ‘The Connection was Reset‘ error problem appears on your PC & it can also be failed to run your website page.


Other Errors and their Fix

This is one of the most common error problems that many of the users are facing nowadays on their browser when they are opening any website or a page. So for that users are suddenly get irritated with this problem, & started doing methods or tricks to get rid of it. But they are failed to proceed it & solve it.

So, for that today, we are going to show you that How to easily fix your Error Connection Reset Problem from your browser on your PC.

How to Fix Error Connection Reset Problem

1. Disabling your PC Antivirus

  • Right click on your Antivirus
  • Click on Disable or Deactivate button
  • That’s it, now it will disable your PC Antivirus

This error might cause due to the problem in antivirus, so for that Try to disable your PC antivirus. So that it will fix your error connection reset problem.

2. Clear your Cache & Cookies

  • Go to the Settings option in your browser
  • Open it and click on the History option there
  • Go to History option and then click on Clear Cookies & Clear cache
  • Then, Click on clear it button or OK button to clear
  • That’s it, done (it will Clear it automatically)

One of the simple methods for getting back to any error is to clear your cookies and your cache from your browser to get rid out of it.

3. Reset your IP address

  • Open your Start menu
  • Type Command Prompt & Open it
  • Type ‘netsh Winsock reset catalog’ & hit enter
  • After resetting, restart your PC again to fix

Reset your IP address will also fix your this error problem from your browser surely. So for that

4. Setup MTU (Max. Transmission Unit)

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Type ‘RUN’ & hit enter
  • Type ncpa.cpl there & click on OK button
  • A Pop window will open, there you will see all the networks
  • Then, again go to RUN & Open it
  • Type cmd there, & open it
  • Type ‘ netsh interface IPv4 set subinterface “Wireless Network Connection 4” mtu=1472 store=persistent ‘ there
  • Now hit enter & check it will fix this error problem

5. Clear your Registry from your PC

Clear your registry from your computer. So for that, you can do it by any of the cleaning software to clean your registry.

6. Check Proxy Settings if Using Proxy server

  • Go to the Google Chrome
  • Go & click on the Chrome Settings
  • In the settings, click on show advanced settings & go to it
  • Now, click on the Change proxy settings & open it
  • Then, Go to the LAN settings
  • & in the LAN settings, deselect the ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’
  • That’s it, done

These are the some easy tips and tricks to easily solve your ‘The Connection was Reset’ error problem from your PC completely. Hope these tips and tricks will definitely work for you.

If are facing any other error problem related to this, then comment down the problem. So that we can also fix that error problem surely.

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