How to Find/Check/Get My JIO Mobile Number (Easy Tricks to know Jio Number )

How to know FindCheck my JIO Number

The Reliance JioInfocomm Limited, referred as JIO by many people, is the biggest LTE based mobile network administrator of India. It is an entirely claimed subsidiary of Reliance Industries, headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. JIO gives remote 4G LTE benefit services (without 2G/3G based administrations) and is the main ‘VoLTE-only’ (Voice over LTE) administrator in the nation, which needs inheritance arrange support of 2G and 3G, with scope over each of the 22 telecoms hovers in India. The administrations were first beta-propelled to JIO’s accomplices and representatives on 27 December 2015 on the eve of the 83rd birth celebration of the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani, organizer of Reliance Industries, and later services were economically propelled on 5 September 2016.

This is the speediest increase by any versatile system administrator anyplace on the planet. JIO crossed 50 million supporter stamp in 83 days since its dispatch. JIO has crossed 100 million endorsers as on 22 February 2017. The advent of JIO in India was one of the revolutionary events in the communication history. With its freemium services, it became widely popular with people of all age and financial groups.

It made fast internet access to all.And many users worry about how to increase Jio 4G internet speed so there you can get all tips and tricks. There was a massive turnover, and the idea was an instant hit. Many people have taken up JIO sim including you too and me. Since we have multi SIM phones, it was not an issue. But, the JIO sim was predominantly used for Internet services and free VoLTE calls.

We take up SIM cards of whichever mobile network provides the cheapest plans. So we end up having multiple SIM cards. It’s not anything to be embarrassed about. Even I have 3 SIM cards. It has not been possible to memorize the JIO number as of yet.

How to Find/Check My JIO Number

So what can be done if we are in an urgent need of passing the number to someone? Or if we want to do a recharge? How can you get my Jio number then? There are some ways. I am going to walk you through the ways now. So sit tight and continue reading!

1.By Entering USSD Code:

You can follow this process to get to know your mobile number. The steps are mentioned below.

  • Open the Phone dialer on your mobile phone.
  • Dial *1# and then click on call.

  • A screen appears right after you request the call with your number displayed on the screen.

So this is one of the easy and convenient ways. But many times user notice connection problems while trying this USSD code? How can you know your JIO number then? This remains an issue. 2.Contacting Customer Care: One of the easiest ways to know your number is contacting the customer care by dialing 1800 889 9999. Then, you can follow the instructions, and click on the specified IVR option, which can help you to get hold of your JIO number. But don’t you think it is a long and tedious process? Yes exactly. We shall need simpler ways.

3.By calling another number:

Well, I can’t tell you how many times I have done this and still prefer doing it, as it is the best and fastest way to know your number. You can easily give a missed call to another number to know your JIO number. There are 2 ways of doing it on VoLTE supported and not supported handsets:

  • VoLTE Compatible Phone: You can directly use dialers and call another phone. You can see your number on the other device’s call history.
  • VoLTE incompatible Phone: For this, you have to install the Jio 4G Voice App from the play store. You have to open the dialer like application, and you can now make calls from this number. You can see your number on the other device’s call history. This is an easy and fast method, but it is not convenient at all times. Especially when you are out of balance, or you are out of the network coverage area. It can be a real problem to dial another number in this situation. So what can you do then? Follow the next steps!

4.ByUsing MyJio App:

This app is provided by the JIO service provider for managing your JIO account such as recharging your number, seeing your remaining free balance, the validity of your current plan and so on and so forth. To know your phone number using this app all you have to do is:

  • Install the app on your phone having the JIO SIM.

  • Open the app and open the MyJio tab and wait for few seconds.

  • You will be automatically logged in without any manual intervention. If nothing happens, click on login. Then you can either login with the SIM or your credentials.
  • You can see your mobile number on the top, on its very first page that appears.

This app is useful not only for finding or knowing your mobile number but also for various other functions. I use this app for finding out my number, which I have already memorized 😉 So guys go for this option as this is practically the best. Other Useful JIO Methods you should know There are also various ways to check for balance apart from the MyJio application. One route is to dial *333# that will show the principal balance on your Reliance JIO number on the screen. Then again, you can send an instant message as MBAL to 55333 for no charge and get the balance using SMS. These are the current two best options. Reliance JIO charges you just for the 4G information, and it offers free and boundless calls and messages alongside its plans. You should be aware of the information utilization to abstain from crossing the utmost that is dispensed to you according to the arrangement you have picked. There’s no USSD code to check the data usage on Reliance JIO. However, you can do it from your cell phone by going to Settings and investigating the information useful. Likewise, you can set a data check on your telephone. On the other hand, you can test the information JIO use, each time you turn off the mobile data as you will get an SMS advising the information utilization. Conclusion I hope you are clear on how to get to check your Jio number. It is really easy and a simple process. In the case of any issues, do let us know.

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