Openload Alternatives | Best Sites Like Openload in 2022

OpenLoad is one of the most popular names amongst movie heads. It has gained immense popularity in the past few years and with its great services offered, it has managed to create a unique name for itself. Here in this article, we will tell you the best Openload alternatives in the market and also why Openload down?

Why Openload Down? And Best Openload Alternatives

OpenLoad Movies is named after a server called OpenLoad which is also used by several other websites that also stream movies and media content. OpenLoad is often considered to be one of the best websites for streaming movies or media content because of the vast variety of choices it offers to its users. Not only can you find the latest movies on this website but you can also watch many cult classic movies which were released decades ago. It also provides its users with several unique features using which they could mark some movies as their favourite and create a playlist of their favourite movies. However, users had to create and login to their account to use several of these features. However, because of the streaming services OpenLoad used to offer, it faced several copyright issues because of which OpenLoad is currently not working. However today we will be providing you with a list of the best Openload Alternatives websites which offer streaming services more or like OpenLoad so that you do not miss out on entertainment at all. Following are the best Openload alternatives:

1. 123Movies:

  I would find it hard to believe if you say to me that you are a movie buff and you have never visited 123Movies. This website is probably one of the most visited websites all over the world by people who want to stream any movie line free of cost. 123Movies has been a favourite amongst people mainly because of the services and features this website has to offer. Movies are categorised in different categories on this website and you can select the genre from which you want to watch movies. Check the Best 123Movies Alternatives here. Official Link: 123Movies

2. FMovies:

  I was really torn between FMovies and 123Movies because I could not decide which one of them deserved the top spot. Both these websites are one of the most visited websites over the internet by people who want to watch either movies or TV shows or web series. FMovies has got a really huge collection of movies to choose from. Not only that, but it also categorizes your favourite movies on the basis of IMDb ranking and their Genre. You can also watch your favourite TV show or Web Series here without paying anything. This website is constantly updated with the latest content so that users do not miss out on entertainment for even a single second. That’s why we call it the best site like Openload. Link: FMovies

3. XMovies8

OpenLoad Alternatives

  XMovies8 is another famous website like Openload amongst movie buffs who are looking for their favourite movie over the internet. One of the major reasons behind its popularity is it’s really simple and easy to use interface. It also has an extensive collection of movies, and one would not find it difficult to find their favourite movie on this website. However, you might get annoyed by the frequent ads and pop-ups which often appear on the screen. This might interrupt your viewing experience. Link: XMovies8

4. Movies123

  Movies123 can be considered to be the mirror image of 123Movies and Openload, a website which we have already talked about previously. Movies123 is one of the most frequently updated websites that stream movies online for free. There is a very high chance that apart from movies, you can also find your favourite TV shows on this website as well. You can also get important details about your favourite shows or movies on this website which is a great thing in our opinion. Link: Movies123

5. PopCornFlix

  PopCornFlix is one of the earliest websites that started streaming services for movies and TV shows without charging their users anything. There are thousands of movies on this website and to make things easier for you, you can sort movies on the basis of their Genre or you can watch for your favourite movies using the search bar provided on the website. One of the best parts about this website is that it has multiple mirror links spread all over the internet. This means that even if one of the websites is down due to any issue, there are several other websites which can be used. Check the list of Best Popcornflix Alternatives. Link: PopCornFlix

6. Soap2Day

OpenLoad Alternatives

  Soap2Day, as the name suggests, is a free streaming website which streams movies in HD quality with a great resolution. It has a huge collection of movies which is updated frequently. However, beware of the ads and pop-ups because they can be really annoying at times. Link: Soap2Day

7. BMovies

  BMovies is a great streaming website because of the huge collection of Movies and TV shows on this website. Users can sort their favourite movies on the basis of the Genre they fall in or they can search for their favourite movies using the title bar on the website. Link: BMovies

8. MovieStars

  If you are someone who loves to binge-watch movies or TV shows, you should visit MovieStars once. Because apart from providing users with high-quality movies and TV series it also provides a list of the most-watched movies in the current week or month. Apart from that, once you have finished streaming any media content, it would also suggest some other movies or TV shows watch based on the current movie you are watching. And if you want to download the movies for later watch this site come first, and it is a best Openload alternatives among the list. Link: MovieStars

9. ConTV:

OpenLoad Alternatives

  CONtv is another great website for watching great Hollywood Movies and TV Shows. It has one of the largest collections of movies, and it has a spotless interface without a lot of advertisements. You can also watch Live TV Channels on this streaming website. Link: ConTV

10. Classic Cinema Online:

  Classic Cinema Online is one of the oldest Streaming Websites of all time and this is the reason why it has a database like no other streaming website mentioned on this list before. It has one of the largest collections of movies and TV shows where users can select their favourite movies on the basis of their Genre or their IMDb ranking. Link: Classic Cinema Online

Final Words:

All of the websites mentioned on this list are great and these were the finest Openload alternatives when it comes to streaming online movies and TV Shows. All you need to do is to find out which website serves your needs the best and then start streaming your favourite movie on the same. Just select your favourite movie, grab a tub of your favourite ice cream or popcorn and enjoy the movie. It’s that easy.

However, one needs to note that these websites stream these movies and TV shows illegally. This is why many times they have to face several copyright issues because of which the website can be taken down.

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