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Today most of the population in the world watch dramas and movies online with their phones on laptops using websites like

This way of watching programs online has made life more easy and cheerful. There is a vast variety of websites running over the internet through which you can watch programs.

Today in this article I will tell you about Alternatives to and Sites like

What Is

kayvideo was one of the most demanded websites on the internet for reliable results related to K-pop, K drama, series, movies, news and updates, beauty routine, events and functions, comedy shows, kitchen, etc..

The website was fully enrolled with the Korean programs and updates. People enjoyed this website and this portal became the most popular among people.

Now, this website is dead so I will tell you in this article alternatives to this website which will give you similar and more quality-filled content.

So we have provided you with a list of alternatives for Here is a list of the alternatives for



The is the top portal for watching Korean Drama and other programs online.

If you are looking for a reliable website by which you can enjoy watching the Korean world, you must switch to this website for smooth and fastest functioning.

The program quality of this website is fully HD. Therefore, you can enjoy the smooth HD quality of the K-Drama with fast website functioning.

The best thing to keep in view is that you do not have to register yourself for watching the programs.

You can also watch more Korean Movies from here. 

2. www.hlsplay.comhlsplay

The the other coolest website for streaming videos and audios online whenever you want with least add interruption.

The HLS is specially customised for or streaming the best data wireless with managing the network connection according to the speed of the data.

This gives you the best video streaming. This website is compatible with any device including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and PC.



The Flash Video Downloader is the top notch portal by which you can download any video from any website you want except the copyright videos.

The Flash Video Downloader supports download for flash, audio and video (of MP4, Mov, Fly video, Webm, FB videos, etc.

You can download as well as save videos and audios from the websites. After that you can enjoy watching videos and listening to audios whenever you want.

The plus point of it is that it is free of charge and you do not have to pay for it ever.


jootuneThis amazing website is the next reliable way to watch K-pop, K-Drama, videos, movies, and many other varieties.

The speed and quality of this website is also bewildering. You can enjoy the latest films and other videos on this website.

All the latest videos are updated and displayed on this website.



Due to the growing interest in Korean Dramas and other varieties across the world, many websites have come forward to display Korean movies.

The other popular website which streams Korean Movies is . This website is rated among the highest websites for Korean Drama.

It displays all the famous Korean Dramas including Awaken, Stranger Kim, Kiss Goblin, and many others.

6. korvideo.comkorvideo

The is similar to . So you should visit this website with splendid features in it.

The access speed of the videos launched on this portal is very pleasing. So this website is on the sixth position of the list.

The gives you all the refreshing Korean movies of all types such as romance, comedy, action, etc. 

Last Words

So these were the finest alternatives for, if you want to watch Korean Drama. All the websites mentioned above have amazing quality and speed.

You do not even have to pay any charge for enjoying your company with the K-Drama.

You just need to visit these portals and check out which website is most suitable for you.

After that you can reap the benefits of these websites by watching the movies and other dramas.

The only negative point of these websites is that they telecast the movies without any copyright i.e., illegally. So you should keep your security according to yourself.

However, this article must have given you the top and the most easily accessible websites for Korean Drama. So just go and visit these websites without any delay.


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