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Hey, are you looking for alternatives sites like Don’t worry here we have collected the list of best sites like is an IP resolver and is used to resolve the Xbox gamer tags.

Xbox-resolver is also used to find the IP address of the player on Xbox Live.

This site helps in resolving the IP address and converting it into a suitable gamer tag.

Xbox-resolver is one of the best sites to resolve the game player’s Id address. But, you should have alternatives too.

In case you face problems with one site, you can go for the next one. Have a glance at some of the best alternatives of given below.

Best Alternatives For Xbox-Resolver.Com

1. is one of the best alternatives of to choose from.

You can go for this alternative if you want a smooth working environment.

This site is one of the best gamer tag resolvers and IP address finders.

You can kick out the people from the party chats or can pull real-time online or offline IP.

Official site: 


This site is almost similar to You can find all the options to track the IP address and gamer tag here. will help you to convert your IP address into a suitable gamer tag.

You will find all the features of the here, on Click on the official site given below to reach the official page for

 Official site: 

3. is known for its best easy-to-use graphic interface. This site is one of the best alternatives known for

You can even boot the IP offline, using this site. will help to find the IP address of Xbox-live within seconds. Go for this site if you are looking for an alternative that has the best graphic interface.

 Official site: 

4. will similarly help you as You can go for maximum options available at

Use this site for the best visual effects and user-friendly graphics. is known for its time-effective searches. This site is quick and displays results within seconds.

Official site: 

Best Alternatives For Game:- Best Free Games Downloading Sites

5. will help you to use some additional features too, like sending DDOS attacks and kicking the players online.

This site will help you to defend yourself too! You can even boot people online and on the Wi-Fi.

Here, you can find all the relatable downloads, forums, and tutorials. will work with games like Call of Duty, Halo Reach, and Halo 3.

 Official site:

6. is one of the best alternatives for You can defend yourself from the DDOS attack and pull the IP address of Xbox-live users and PlayStation.

You can even view the avatar image of various game players too!

Official site:

7. will resolve the IP address very smoothly. This is a time-efficient site and will display the results within a few seconds. will help you find dome tech tips and guides too.

You can find tutorials on the game setting, networking, and much more, that too with step-by-step procedure.

 Official site:


As the name suggests, this site is a ps4 booter and will let you resolve the gamer’s IP address easily.

This site has a good user interface to use. is user-friendly and a quick site.

This site is completely free for users. Go for this site if you are an Xbox pro and showcase your gaming skills.

Official site:

Do You Have Any Questions? Read These FAQs

Q1. What are the services provided by an Xbox resolver?

Ans:- Xbox is helpful in many ways. If you are a gamer, then this software will help you a lot. You can find the IP address of the gamer using Xbox resolvers.

You can even convert these IP addresses into a suitable gamer tag. Have a look at these points to know how Xbox-resolver is helpful.

  • You can find the gamer’s IP address within seconds.
  • Xbox-resolver or similar sites will help you to boot offline or online IPs.
  • You can kick people from third-party chats.
  • You can even go for tutorials and downloads related to gaming and networking.
  • You can boot the IP offline and can obtain GEO locations within a few seconds.

Q2. What are some best alternatives to with a user-friendly graphic interface?

Ans:-,, and will help you to get a user-friendly environment.

Go for these sites by clicking on the available links.

Q3. How can I reach these Alternatives for

Ans:- You have to click on the official links given below each description; you will reach the official site of these sites.

Q4. Are the above-described sites available for free?

Ans:-  Yes, these sites are free of cost. You just need to visit the official sites and start working.

Final Words

So, we have reached the conclusion part of our article. Read this article if you are interested to know about some similar sites like

Choose the best for you for a non-stop gaming experience. We will bring more such articles to guide you through the latest technology. Till then, stay connected with us!

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