Top 50 Best Telugu Marriage ( Pelli ) Songs List

Everyone’s life marriage will be a special day, it’s a dream come true. Here we are presenting best marriage songs in Telugu. Specially first dance with a partner how we can sit like cool we have to give our best. We can see all of the customs and traditions in Telugu weddings. If you are living in Andhra, you should know the basics of Telugu Weddings, so let’s dig inside the Telugu weddings.

In Telugu scripture, marriage is meant to unite the bride and groom firmly so that they may pursue their life together. They take that marriage is for long lasting. And if it’s true love, then Hindu is reborn with your better half in each cycle of reincarnation so that the bride and groom may both be together forever in every generation.

Isn’t it such a beautiful culture, While the costumes of Hindu marriage and more interesting where the bride and groom come to the venue commits to remain faithful to each other and repeat the pledge in front of the Fire God called as Agni. Then they take seven rounds together committing to seven marriage vows to each other. Then the family members and relatives and friends bless them as a couple and wish them a very happy married life. Here i am posting best Telugu marriage songs list.

marriage songs in Telugu

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Pujari recites the mantras, while the bride and groom garland each other. The pujari makes sure to explain them the rituals of the wedding. In Hindu wedding kanyadanam is a very important ritual, it means giving away from the bride’s mother pours holy water into bride’s palms which flows into grooms and then into bride’s palms, it indicates the continuity of life and passing of the family heritage to the next generation. specially most famous tradition is . where groom wears bride’s neck with mangalsutra, a necklace indicates the love, good luck and friendship. Then groom puts kumkum on bride’s forehead.

Top 50 Best India Marriage Song List In Telugu

  • Sree Rasthu Shubhamasthu- Download
  • Dharma ardha kamamulalona-Download
  • Setaramula kalyanam chudam-Download
  • seetha kalyana vaibhogame-Download
  • Gowri kalyana vaibhogame-Download
  • kalyana vybhogamee nade-Download
  • Kalyana vynhogamee-Download
  • Andala bommaku-Download
  • Rarandamma rarandi-Download
  • pelli ahaha pelli-Download
  • melathalalatho-Download
  • edadugula sambandhalu-Download
  • chellayi pelli koothuru rayenu-Download
  • konchem konchem bidiyalu-Download
  • kotha kotha pelli koothu ra ra-Download
  • aha na pelliyanta-Download
  • pelli muhurtham kudirinda-Download
  • aunty kuthura-Download
  • Alanati ramachandrudu-Download
  • Sathamanam bhavathi-Download
  • Yedey yedeydey vayari mogudu-Download
  • Pelli Pusthakam song from pelli pusthakam short film.
  • Aidurojula pelli-Download
  • Chukkalanti song from abhindana-Download
  • Suvi suvvi suvalama maga masam vachanama-Download
  • Thandam ade shivude-Download
  • Akasam pandiri vesindi-Download
  • Mate mantramu-Download
  • Manusu manusu kalisipoi-Download
  • Pelli kala vachesinde bala-Download
  • Sirisirimuvvala sithakokamma-Download
  • Tajaga mainta peeli bhojalu mogai-Download
  • Lite tisuko babu-Download
  • allo nerello-Download
  • telugu vari pelli-Download
  • Attarintiki tisukoni-Download
  • Anadamanda maye-Download
  • seethamma vakitlo sirimalle chettu
  • Meghaallo-Download
  • Patala pallakilo-Download
  • kalyana vaibhogame-Download
  • Devatalaara randi-Download
  • Sree lakshmi kalyananiki chirunavvu katnam
  • Gorinka pusindi gorinta pandindi-Download
  • Oka devata velisindi nee kosame nee mungata nilichindi madumasame
  • Taralu digivachina vela
  • Baby he loves you so much
  • Aidurojula pelli
  • Chukkalanti song from abhindana
  • kodanda ramayyaku kalyana
  • kala kalalu
  • pallakilo pellikuthuru
  • manasicchina maaraje maguvadina subhavela
  • anuragame mantramga
  • changure hungama
  • nalo nuvvu oka sagamai
  • Dhol dhol baje
  • Gulbi kallu rendu mullu
  • Bavagari choope
  • Adaradara kottu
  • Nari nari
  • Kanulanu taake
  • Charuseela
  • Super machi

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These are the best marriage songs in Telugu. Make it your first dance worth remembering on your wedding day. Make it your day more special with your spouse. I hope you enjoy the above post. These are the best Tollywood songs for all wedding functions.



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