Top 50 Best India Marriage songs List in Hindi

Every one’s  life  marriage is a very special kind of  ceremony. Here i am presenting best wedding songs in Hindi, i think it will make more special on your day. A successful marriage need  falling in love many times , always with same person.These songs may be  help you fall in love with your partner. No matter how busy your days may be, make a time and pick the best song for your wedding. May this new beginning , bring all the enjoy and happiness in your life. Might you always stay in love each other. Here i am giving the best Indian marriage songs in Hindi, by using these bollywood wedding songs make it more wonderful on your wedding day.

Indian weddings are becoming  more eccentric than ever! afar from the Indian traditions that have been followed for years, a lot of new cultures added to make it more beautiful , fun and interesting. one of the most fun part is welcoming the groom.In ancient times, the groom and his family would travel to the bridal’s home town for the wedding.

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The entire town would play host and welcome their arrival  with pomp and ceremony. This is called maaplai azhaippu the baarat in north side. The groom often enters a stride horse, carriage or open roof car. When groom finally arrives at the wedding venue to full sound music and dance filled welcome by the bridal’s family. After that bridal’s entry into the wedding ceremony. This is one of the most favorites event is bridal entry. And it is one of the most awaited moment in wedding day.

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The Groom, families, friends and other relatives wait to catch a glimpse of the bridal  as she enters into the wedding venue decorate with stunning dress, jewels, makeup it would be  every one fall in love with her. Marriage means fun and fun means marriage. in Indian wedding ceremony not only rituals and customs  but also there are so many funny things are there here i will share with one of the most amazing part of whole marriage. After hectic schedule of the wedding, usually the newly wed wife calls her husband for play. it’s called to add merriment  of one and all put together follows list of playful games in the wedding time.

The bride marking the groom’s feet with color paste fanning him, they are showing him a mirror, breaking laddus like thin, roasted lentil flour crisps over each others head, wrenching the betel pack from each others hand, rolling the coconut from one to another as in ball-play, and so on. During these games, the ladies sing songs poking fun at the bride, groom and the in-laws. They will share some most memories in whole life Finally the most emotional send off is called vidai. Vidai marks the leaving of  the bride from her the parental house. the bridal’s family members  becomes so emotional during the send off. It will be remembering day of every women’s life.

Top 50 Best India Marriage Songs List In Hindi 2017

best wedding songs to dance

  • Mehndi laga ke rakhna
  • Raat ko aaoonga mein tujhe le jaunga main
  • Dholi taro dhol baaje
  • Mubarak mubarak
  • Saajan ke ghar
  • Chalka chalka re
  • Mehndi hai rachne wali
  • Balle balle
  • Tere dware pe aayi baraat
  • Lal dupatta
  • Papa main chootiu se badi ho gayi
  • Rab kare tujhko bhi pyar ho jaye
  • Sukoon mila
  • Dil vich lagya ve
  • Jabse hui hai shaadhi
  • Maiyya yashoda
  • Chote chote bhaiyon ke bade bhaiyya
  • Dil main hai pyar
  • Chori chori chupke
  • Mangalayam
  • Kachchi kaliyaan
  • Tujhe dekh ke
  • Kahin pyar na ho jaaye
  • Hona tha pyar
  • Baaton ko teri
  • Phoolon jaisi
  • Phatte tak nachna
  • Gal mitthi mitthi
  • Saj dhaj masum
  • Soniye ve
  • Raat ke dhai baje
  • Adhoore
  • Bole chudiya
  • Yeh ladhiki hai allha
  • Joote dedo paise lelo
  • Aaj hamare dil mein
  • Navrai majhi
  • Radha
  • Rum and whisky
  • Ainvayi ainvayi
  • Baari barsi
  • Tune leke
  • Mauja hi mauja
  • Genda phool
  • Punjabi wedding song
  • Ghani bawari
  • Iski uski
  • Tamil wedding song from 2 states
  • London thumkda
  • Sadi gali
  • Kabir

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There is no more lovely, friendly, charming relationship, communion, or company that a good marriage. Not all brides and grooms are natural dancers, but each couple is excited about making the first dance worth remembering. Dancing brings a couple closer. Just avoid all tension and feel free to choose best song. Rock on the floor with full of energy. Here we have listed top marriage songs in Hindi for all wedding functions.

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